Business Reputation Management – A Definitive Guide

According to studies in June 2021, there are over two billion daily active users on Facebook alone. Not counting the other handful of popular social media platforms, billions of people are constantly in touch with each other exchanging ideas. This is what this century is all about – the exchange of ideas. More often than not, these ideas explore businesses and brands, such as which company is the best for ordering online groceries and which brand is the best for …

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Learn How to Create Your Own OTD (On-Time Delivery System)

The primary measure of efficiency in supply chain processes within your company is OTD (on-time delivery system). It’s a measure of your ability to encounter customer demands in the matter of the delivery date requested (RDD). Failure to fulfill your customers’ needs can have negative consequences. Every company must commit itself and deliver on time to fulfill client requirements. The 2020 MHI Annual Industry Report reveals that 4 of the 6 top challenges facing companies relate to customer expectations for …

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Things You Should Know About Growing a Small Business

Opening and growing a small business takes some planning and know-how – here are some tips and advice on what you need to know. Understand your customers It is only possible to develop services and products that are successful when you pay attention to what your prospects and customers need. The easiest way to find out what your customer base really needs is through surveys and research. You should constantly invite or encourage them to offer honest and in some …

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How to Build a Great Culture in Your Software Development Team?

It’s easy to code a program, but difficult to create a work culture within a software development team. You will not be able to see the culture in your eyes. But you will most certainly be able to feel it in every department in an organization. Culture is a set of values, principles, norms that are accepted by an organization. It is felt and practiced by team members within a software development team. How to build this culture is not …

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Importance of Video Production in Business

A well thought corporate video production made especially for your business is not only the best way to communicate with your audience, but it can also increase conversions. It is a strategy that is increasingly being utilized by businesses around the world. The year 2020 saw almost 90% of businesses include video in their marketing campaigns. A global internet forecast report has predicted that by 2023, 82% of all internet traffic will be video traffic! Time spending online Since the …

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Entrepreneurial Growth: 6 Strategies and Plans to Help You Go Further

A business is a transformational diaphragm from expectations penned in the business model to the practical establishment with the biggest rate of survival fundamentals. In this journey, the boulders encountered while walking forward with iterations, to break free, and to leaf out of the competition most healthily is what entrepreneurial growth is. Is starting up tough and 100% worth it? As per research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approx. 20% of the businesses fail to survive within the first …

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Top 10 Tasks You Can Outsource This Year

Managing a business is a time-consuming and tedious endeavor, and attaining success means putting in the time and effort for important activities. However, you may be putting too much focus on repetitive administrative tasks. While these tasks are critical to running and growing a business, you may be spending too much time on them instead of building networks and expanding to new markets. Savvy business owners know that outsource helps them automate their back-office operations and retain more time for …

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COVID-19 Impact on Omnichannel in Retail Sector

The retail sector has branched itself out in all directions in order to cater to the demands of customers. The current group of customers (Gen Z) demands convenience and quick delivery in an organized manner. The fickle minds of these customers coupled with older demographics have led to retail chains developing strategies for omnichannel. Omnichannel refers to the presence of retailers on all available channels such as brick-and-mortar and digital and caters to their needs. The COVID-19 pandemic has overturned …

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Interesting Ways to Thank Your Customers on Social Media

A strong customer base is the backbone of any business. In order to increase the ratio of repeat customers, there are plenty of ways, but thank them on social media sites is one of the best techniques to express gratitude. Yes, appreciation is important to customers; it makes them valued and remember your brand. Today, almost every business is active on social media because billions of people are using social media sites to connect with their peers, family, and favorite …

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7 Tips for Groundbreaking Post-Pandemic Digital Innovation

Technology touches every aspect of our lives, for good or for ill. The business landscape of the post-pandemic world is set to change. Throw out your preconceptions of digital innovation because not only have the markets changed but we have changed. With 200,000 extra businesses closing during 2020, there are opportunities. As the old saying goes, you need to adapt or perish. Let’s take a look at how you can grasp digital innovation and use it to uplift your business …

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