Top 5 Advantages of Business VPN for Your Organization

HQ or physical office no longer defines neither corporate nor small business enterprise. It’s the agile employee network that can access company resources from any point in the world. Organizations quickly adapted this established mindset change after realizing that business continuity depends on teams’ readiness for any scenario. Therefore, company resources must be available with maintained security levels to prevent any harm to the organization from cyber threats. Virtual Private Network (VPN) for business proved useful in this case, so what are the advantages of such a solution?

What is Business VPN, and what is its role?


Business VPN is inherent in remote and distributed teams that need secure access to company resources and applications. Since network access from various locations and unprotected networks carries a high risk of exposing company assets to unauthorized users and threats, encryption hides online activity and data traffic from the public eyes.

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Advantages of Business VPN


Besides encryption, business VPN carries out other features beneficial for organizations.

1. Extend organization network limits


Besides hybrid work policies, many companies operate with several branches in different locations or have international teams worldwide. Business VPN helps collect all business units wherever they are under one secure umbrella that advances company network accessibility making it not strictly available only when on-site in company HQ premises. A single tool provides integrity that is easier to manage and supervise team security centrally.

Moreover, VPN solutions allow an exchange of hardware to software applications that don’t require direct maintenance, considerable investments, and overcomplicated deployment. Straightforward integration and launch within a few clicks is a modern company approach to scaling and flexibility defined by fast-changing technology and economy environments.

2. Enable distributed employees


Real-time connection to company systems and applications is mandatory for remote workers to operate sustainably and perform their day-to-day tasks continuously. Without direct access, delays and miscommunication may lead to service or product disruptions for customers or affect internal processes efficiency. A business VPN solution enables remote teams to connect to a company network and information assets to eliminate undesired scenarios.

Business VPN employs security features that help manage user authentication, ensuring company data won’t be accessed by unverified actors or via untrusted devices as an organization controls access rights provided to its workers. It’s particularly beneficial if direct user verification is impossible due to distance and out-of-office work environments.

3. Browse without delays globally


One of the leading VPN capabilities is the elimination of country borders by undergoing geo-block and Internet service provider (ISP) restrictions. Such service is essential for some companies regarding their business nature or organizations with traveling and international teams. If frequent browsing through foreign websites is one of the daily-basis activities, eventually, users get flagged due to suspicious activity of website owners limiting their access to the resource.

Whether a user connects from a public or private gateway, VPN assigns a close-to-the-resource IP address to reduce the suspicions. It hides user identity and distributes traffic load from a single IP address to avoid restrictions and maintain high connection speeds. Latency controls correlate with an extensive provider server network; the more, the better.


4. Secure company data


Company information assets protection is one of the reasons to use a business VPN. VPN provides end-to-end encrypted tunnels to secure sensitive data and important information transactions. Locking out company information resources makes unvalidated access impossible to breach due to Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, wiki) 256-bit encryption.

Assignment of a dedicated server adds an extra layer of security as a company can configure it according to organization requirements. Adding different gateways allows segmenting what kind of data and information can be accessed by particular teams and users, giving more control over exposure to data breaches.

5. Save on network security expenses


It’d be hard to argue that VPN is the only security solution for businesses with remote teams and sensitive information assets. However, there’s very little room for discussion on whether a VPN solution is cost-effective and user-friendly to mitigate known cybersecurity threats at the organizational level.

VPN is an application that doesn’t require additional people and time resources to deploy and keep it. Third-party provided software is usually under the service provider’s responsibility, who offers support and makes it simple to implement and manage the product. No additional specialists or skills are required to help save on expenses and quickly create and test business cybersecurity development strategies.

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Find the VPN the best fit for your business


Business VPN is undoubtedly the go-to solution for a company network solution due to its many advantages. Whether the use case in an organization, a virtual private network demonstrates its benefits being simple, robust, and effective with little effort to have and utilize the solution despite the size of an enterprise.

However, it might be challenging to find the best solution provider to match the listed VPN advantages your company needs. Therefore, value-for-money solutions like NordLayer for modern businesses of all sizes provide B2B VPN service. A combination of integral security features for the best network protection approach is the most likely to help establish straightforward and effective network access and security management.

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