5 Most Valuable Career Boosting IT Certifications You May Not Know

If you’ve been working in IT for a few years, chances are you’ve climbed a certain number of rungs up the ladder, but you may have reached a plateau. To get the really big bucks you need something fresh, something that helps you stand out. If you’re really looking to boost your salary, one of the best things you can do to improve your resume and chances of bagging that promotion is to get an industry leading certification that proves just how valuable you are.

Well, the good news is there’s no shortage of high-quality certifications to choose from, but make sure you study for the right one for you is a must if you want to add to your resume with complementary skills.

Keep reading to see the current top paying IT certifications. Let’s jump right in.

Here are the top 5 most valuable IT certifications according to GlobalKnowledge.com:

  1. Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT).
  2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate.
  3. Project Management Professional (PMP®).
  4. AWS Certified Developer – Associate.
  5. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

The exams


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1. CGEIT – Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT

Career Boosting IT Certifications - Point 1A CGEIT demonstrates that you have advanced knowledge in IT governance and a commitment to professional development. You’ll offer great value to potential employers with proven expertise in the governance of enterprise IT.

In order to obtain the CGEIT certification, there are strict prerequisites set by the provider ISACA, that you must meet. In addition to actually passing the exam, you need to have five a minimum of five years’ experience in a management, advisory, or oversight role within an enterprise, specifics can be found here.

Salary: $121,363

2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Career Boosting IT Certifications - Point 2AWS is one of the most commonly used enterprises IT platforms in the world. As a result, qualified solutions architects are in high demand. The certification demonstrates the holder’s expertise in identifying solutions to customer needs and implementing robust applications using AWS technology.

To be eligible for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification, candidates should have at least one year of experience working with AWS systems, along with a good knowledge of how AWS systems operate, best practices, and an understanding of the basic architectural principles behind AWS. Full details can be found on the AWS website.

Salary: $121,292

3. Project Management Professional (PMP)

Career Boosting IT Certifications - Point 3The PMP is the number one certification for project managers around the glove, and whilst there are 750,000 certified project managers, estimates suggest that more than 4.5 million project managers are needed across the globe.

The PMP demonstrates to potential employers that you understand project management from a global perspective, and are more likely to complete the project on time and within budget (PMI (2015). Capturing the Value of Project Management).

The requirements for the PMP combine education and work experience and can be found here.

Salary: $114,473

4. AWS Certified Developer – Associate

Career Boosting IT Certifications - Point 4Our second certification from AWS is the AWS Certified Developer – Associate. Holders have demonstrated the training and expertise to develop and optimize applications integrating AWS SDKs with services.

There are no formal prerequisites to obtain the certification; although you will need to have plenty of experience working with AWS and a good level of programming knowledge. Check the webpage for full details.

Salary: $114,148

5. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Career Boosting IT Certifications - Point 5With cybersecurity seeming to be the words on everyone’s lips these days, it should come as no surprise that one of the top-paying IT roles is security. The CISSP demonstrates an expertise and superior understanding of security principles, and the ability to effectively design, implement and manage enterprise-level cybersecurity systems.

The requirements for taking the CISSP certification include a minimum of five years full-time work in security, or a combination of work experience and education, and agree to the code of ethics as set out by (ISC)², Full details can be found on their website.

Salary: $111,475

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Preparing for the IT Certification Exam


The above certifications are the very pinnacle of training and will often help take your career to the next level. And possibly it will also provide a welcome salary bump.

Of course, before you take the exam, you’ll need to undergo a lot of training and studying. For training at home, resources such as ExamTopics provide practice tests for a large number of certifications, including those listed above.

Following that, it can be very helpful to enroll in a course either online, such as those offered by Udemy or even in-person at a local college. Just make sure you’re very comfortable with the concepts and requirements of the certification before spending any money on taking the test.

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