Getting the Most Out of a Capterra Dataset for Business Growth

Capterra datasets include all commercial product information like name, parent company, location, etc. Having access to this data enables businesses to define and map new product offerings. Find out what type of data points you can gather from a Capterra dataset and find out how to utilize them for business growth.

What is a Capterra dataset?

A Capterra dataset withholds B2B software data from the website in an organized type of collection where you can find information about the software products listed on the website, user reviews, software features, pricing, and other related data. The data can be used in various business industries for research, market analysis, and countless other data-driven processes.

Capterra is a software review website that withholds reviews and rankings for over a million software products in over 700 categories, starting from beauty salon booking systems to wide accounting software. Capterra shared that more than 5 million business software users engage with their website every month, which just shows how much data is being produced monthly.

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The advantages of using a Capterra dataset rather than scraping data from the website

The advantages of using a Capterra dataset rather than scraping data from the website

Using a Capterra Dataset, obtained through reliable sources, can offer several advantages over scraping the Capterra website directly:

  1. Data coverage: The type of data coverage that you get with a dataset is hard to reach using even the best scrapers. Information from such websites isn’t always accessible with scrapers.
  2. Data consistency and quality: Data from a dataset is known to be high quality, well structured, consistent, and regularly updated, unlike scaped data which can have missing details and outdated information.
  3. Resource efficiency: Acquiring a pre-compiled dataset is quicker and cheaper than maintaining a web scraper and organizing the data. Web scraping requires consistency and can be complex when keeping up with website structure and code.
  4. Licensing and usage rights: Scraping websites can get tricky due to rights and ownership, whereas a dataset comes with clear licensing terms and usage rights, ensuring you use the data for its intended purposes.
  5. Maintenance. With an official dataset, you can access regular updates and support, which is excellent when you need to address any issues with data.

What type of business data can you get from a Capterra dataset?

“In a world where massive amounts of data are being created every single day, it’s only natural that businesses want to utilize it to improve their operations and chances of success.” – as mentioned by Tom Wilson, the content editor at Coresignal, in one of his recent blog posts.

Since the Capterra website is based on reviews, a dataset is full of information about software products and solutions that are listed on the platform. Specific data and collections can vary from the dataset and the provider. Here are some common types of data points you can find in a Capterra dataset:

Basic software information

  • Software name: The full name of the software product or solution.
  • Company: The name of the company that produces the software or solution.
  • Short description: A prime description of software functionalities, features, and versions.
  • Category: Categories of industries where the product can be used or what it was made for.
  • Keywords: Keywords that are associated with the product, which allow users to find relevant reviews faster and easier.
What type of business data can you get from a Capterra dataset?

The main features and functionality

  • Catalog of features: A detailed list of all features offered by the software and their descriptions.
  • Feature rating: Ratings for each feature found on the website, either by experts or users.

Reviews and ratings from industry professionals and thought leaders

  • Organized reviews and comments left by users who are usually professionals from various areas and have actually used the software or solution. They can also leave star ratings in reviews, which allows other users to skim the text and quickly understand the overall idea or experience of the review writer.

Pricing range

  • Pricing Groups: Various prices are offered by the vendor on platforms.
  • Trial Availability: Information on whether the software offers a free trial and for how long.

Operating system requirements

  • Compatibility: Information about which software supports the product or solution and what operating systems are needed.

Additional vendor details

  • Contact information: Contact information of the vendor or company.
  • Vendor website: A website URL of the software.

Usage metrics and popularity in the market

  • Number of users: Estimate numbers indicating the number of users or customers using a software or solution.
  • Popularity: Engagement metrics, download count, and more.

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Capterra dataset features that make it stand out

Capterra dataset features that make it stand out

With many review websites and datasets out there, there are just as many thoughts and preferences. Here are some unique features that our Capterra dataset offers that can help with your decision when choosing a dataset.

  • Global coverage. As we have already discussed you can find a wide range of data points in a Capterra dataset, data about more than 1.6 million vendors and companies. Since 61% of the B2B market works online now, a dataset with such a global coverage is a great solution for them.
  • New and relevant data. You won’t have to worry about wrong details since most of the Capterra dataset information gets updated on a monthly basis. Old information gets replaced, new details get added, and possible wrong details get removed.
  • Historical data. Many companies have problems with historical data, to be exact a problem with organizing it, such companies scrape new data and forget about the old. Whereas the Capterra dataset can offer over 21 months of historical data that can be used for analysis, comparison, and trend identification.

How Capterra dataset can help elevate your business operations?

The information that you can find in a Capterra dataset is limitless, just like the opportunities to use the data in your business. Here are several ways a software review dataset can help a business in growth efforts:

Market analysis and competitor review

B2B software data allows businesses to perform comprehensive market analysis and competitor reviews. With a Capterra dataset, such businesses can better understand the market, what’s popular right now, and what is valued and learn new software solutions. As well as review their competitors, how they are performing, what new software they introduce, and how they do business.

Extensive product development

Analyzing a Capterra dataset will provide insight into what customers desire, like, and dislike the most. By setting straight their needs, pain points, and feedback, businesses can prioritize development and make better investment decisions.

Competitive pricing range

In a business industry, you are constantly comparing yourself to other companies and vendors, especially when it comes to prices and features. For example, if you are offering a better and more advanced set of features than your competitors you can analyze their pricing range and set your prices a bit higher since you have a better product.

How Capterra Dataset can help elevate your business operations?

More comprehensive customer persona framing

At first customer reviews can seem a lot to you, but after thorough analysis, you can form a customer persona based on them. By understanding your customers ‘ pain points, demographics, and preferences you can tailor products, marketing campaigns, and even review responses to resonate with their persona. In fact, 56% of customers change their perspective about a company based on how the company responds to a review.

Collecting valuable data from reviews

Leverage positive reviews and feedback, turn them into statistics, and use them as powerful social proof for potential customers. People trust other people’s reviews and when you present the reviews to potential customers in an appealing way you are out to get their attention.

Partnership and integration possibilities

A Capterra dataset can reveal many potential partners and integration options. By reviewing data about these companies you can find a business that you would never think to collaborate with. You can save your business from a bad collaboration by simply evaluating company reviews and analyzing them so that they won’t affect you. 

Identifying new trends and opportunities

You can thoroughly analyze customer reviews to spot new opportunities for business and the latest trends in the market. Capterra offers a platform not only for average users but also for industry professionals and thought leaders.

This means you can find a detailed review with unique perspectives and points. It can be very beneficial and point out opportunities that were not clear before. A customer’s negative review can lead to further innovation, just like a rise in reviews for certain software can show that it is trending at the moment.

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With Capterra data you can build a comprehensive B2B leads database for marketing and sales efforts, market trend and competitor analysis, consumer behavior changes, and more.

As you can see leveraging a Capterra B2B software review dataset is crucial for businesses that are seeking growth, new opportunities, and an adapted approach to customers. By having access to this data, companies can optimize their product offerings, customer support, partnership opportunities, and overall business operations.

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