How to Boost SEO Results for a Higher Return on Investment (ROI)?

Getting better SEO results from a given campaign produces a higher ROI. It’s certainly important for every company or website owner to create improved performance over time. We’re all in a race against our nearest competitors. Doing more things right can deliver that better ROI that we’re seeking.

Let’s look now at some ways to boost SEO results.

The Challenges of Prospecting

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Guest posting can be done well or poorly. The poor approach is to spread yourself thin by gathering up the details of hundreds or even a thousand likely prospects and firing off a template email to each of them. Maybe you’ll add the name of the contact, if you can find it. But most likely the email will just be addressed to “Sir/Madam” or “Hello” to try to avoid the obvious awkwardness.

Delivering on a mass email campaign is tough because trying to do it through Gmail, most of your emails will get marked as spam after the first 5-10 emails. That’s especially true if they’re all virtually the same email with little or no personalization.

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A Better Guest Posting Approach for High-quality Links

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What’s needed instead is a more careful approach seeking out high-quality links. These don’t come easily. Webmasters and site owners don’t give them away. Relationships must be cultivated to develop a genuine rapport.

“To find guest posting opportunities, you should reach out to some of the top bloggers, publications and news outlets in your industry and ask to write for them. Be open and let them know that you’re launching a service and why you’re an expert in the field. If you truly are an expert, then most publications will be jumping over themselves to speak to you. Even if you’re not, some smaller websites will let you guest post because they don’t want to write long and detailed posts themselves.” – as mentioned by Snap Agency in their blog post.

Traffic Leaking to Drive Referral Traffic


Traffic leaking is a concept of going where the traffic is and siphoning some of it away to your site.

The approach is a pro-active one that involves providing something of value on the secondary site. When doing so, some visitors will be impressed with the value of the content provided and choose to visit the author’s site. When done right, this can generate a healthy stream of new visitors who didn’t come directly from Google or Bing.

There are different ways to go about traffic leaking:

  1. The first way is to create valuable pieces of content that are certain to be of interest to likely visitors. Then post about them in Facebook Groups, Reddit, message forums and other suitable places where you’re allowed.
  2. The second way is to find people posting about wanting certain information or how-to guides and being unable to discover them. At which point, whip up a quick article that covers the topic and then post a link to it as a way of helping them out.

The backlinks generated by posting about your site in a measured, useful way are good for SEO. However, they are also specifically focused on producing referral traffic too.

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Traffic Generation for New Sites


For a newer site, gaining any traffic is a waiting game. Six to 12 months is required for Google to pay attention to the site. What do you do in the meantime?

It’s a good idea to build a solid foundation of links over the first few months. It doesn’t matter whether Google is paying attention to them right away. But it could help encourage them to remove the site from the Google Sandbox a month or two sooner.

Creating activity on social media with shared pins on Pinterest, posts on Facebook or tweets can drive traffic in and also some ‘Likes’ too. The activity often triggers Google to pay more attention to young sites as well. Then once they sit up and notice it, there’s a solid foundation of links in place to give the site an SEO boost a few months’ later. It’s a far superior approach to link building than just sitting on your hands for half a year waiting for something to happen. Be proactive!

Getting the SEO right is only part of the battle. By using other methods like aiming at higher quality guest posting that really provides value to the readers or using traffic leaking to get initial visitors to a site can indirectly boost SEO by hurrying Google along when the search engine is taking its sweet time to notice your site.

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