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The modern age has made it very popular for individuals as well as legal persons to have their own unique websites and the market for such web sites have created an environment for website design companies to flourish and offer services to make websites suited for all purposes. Larger companies have the technical know-how and manpower to make their websites whilst others hire companies to create websites for them. Websites are sometimes for profit and deal with e-Commerce while others are purely informative or for entertainment purposes.

The first consideration to make is cost and flashier websites require a lot of money to make as they will require extensive coding and animation. The web design company should be reputable and their products can be accessed online, hence the prospective client has the opportunity to do extensive research and then choose a company.

Actual Design

The best professional option should be chosen. Entertainment websites do not require extensive coding and the focus should be on animation and visual effects. E-Commerce websites require a different approach as payment portals and other important monetary details have to taken down so security is also a concern. Websites benefit companies immensely as the world has now gone online and it essential for every firm with aspirations of a wider audience or client base needs to have an online portal.


After the website has gone online, creating and regulating traffic is the most important part of the website post production. Internet marketing firms often work with such challenges and search engine optimization done by professionals is an option that is being widely used. The website can be promoted through other websites and forums, blogs or back links. Using print and broadcast media in local communities to advertised information on web sites is a novel method of generating traffic which is information-seeking in nature. As classified ads can be gotten easily, advertising domain names on a wider platform is a simple task. Commercial television or radio advertisements can also be used but they often are more expensive than the cost of making the web site and hence become impractical unless the firm is a large one and is ready to make the investment.

Registering additional domain names is another way of generating traffic. Extensions such as .info or .biz can be registered to broaden the audience. Accounts on social networking sites also create further traffic. Businesses can also create outlets for their stores to sell products on eBay and other e-Commerce sites.

Perhaps the most novel way of generating traffic is to create video advertisements and promote the site on YouTube and other video hosting sites. The goal is to create a buzz and to do so, web designers can use podcast and synchronize them to RSS feeds. Those who subscribe to such feeds get regular updates about website content. Creating XML site maps which respond to Google and Yahoo search requests also ensure that the latest information is displayed on searching for something related to the websites content.

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