BABAKA Over-Ear Stereo Gaming Headset with Noise Cancellation – A Complete Review

A great set of headphones with a mic is what gamers need more than often to play multiplayer games on their PS4 console. Even those with simple laptops or Android devices have to use headphones with a mic to play simulating and interactive games with their friends.

With gaming becoming more and more about interactivity and immersive environments that simulate the user experience, the need for advanced and high-quality headphones with mics has also increased. These have become essential today for gamers who want the latest technology available to them to play fast-paced and action games on their consoles. BABAKA Gaming Headphone with mic is such a headphone with mic and it is built for gamers’ needs in mind.

Let’s find its features below:

Multiple platforms support


These BABAKA gaming headphones with mic are the best Over-ear headphones that go with most gaming consoles like PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One. They are also compatible with playing on a PC, Laptop, Computer, iOS device, Android device, and handheld platforms like Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii. Users who are using an old Xbox One console, have to use an extra Microsoft Adapter.

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Ergonomic Over-Ear Gaming Headset

The BABAKA gaming headphone with mic is an excellent over-ear headphone. The ear cups are designed keeping in mind the ergonomics of your ear. The ear cups cover ears totally in such a way that gamers do not complain of earache. Even if gamers use them over a long period, they feel comfortable with the BABAKA gaming headset.

Surround sound stereo effects

The BABAKA gaming headset with mic features surround sound that creates an immersive audio experience for the users. The over-ear design of BABAKA gaming headphones produces 360° surround sound which is based on 7.1 surround sound audio technology. This technology is best for gaming headsets like the BABAKA over-ear gaming headset.


Noise cancellation headset

The BABAKA gaming headphone cancels out ambient sounds and noise so that gamers are not distracted. A noise reduction chip inside the gaming headset gives crystal clear sounds. Users can adjust the mic angle and communicate with others in the team.

Adjustable Volume control

The USB cable provided with the BABAKA gaming headphone has an adjustable volume control. Users can control the volume easily. The USB cable is designed especially with anti-winding material preventing it from getting entangled. One-key mute allows users to mute their sound.

Immersive audio experience

The BABAKA gaming headphone with mic comes with trendy 50mm drivers and Neodymium Magnets. The drivers produce better and powerful sound output with the high pressure of the magnets. It captures the sound coming from every direction so that users can immerse themselves in the game and play naturally.


Multicolor RGB Lighting

The BABAKA gaming headphone comes with multicolor LED lights. The RGB light effects make the gaming experience even more fantastic and build the atmosphere of the game.

Memory foam earmuffs

The BABAKA gaming headset comes with soft earmuffs with memory foam. The earmuffs make the user more comfortable with the headphone and do not feel pain after removing the headphones. Special materials are used for making the earmuffs, and it offers complete sound to pass through the ears.

Benefits of BABAKA Over-Ear Stereo Gaming Headset

  • Best for all platforms: The best thing about BABAKA Gaming Headphone with mic is that all can play video games with it. Users don’t necessarily have to use PS4, Xbox, or Nintendo to use BABAKA Headphone with mic. Even users using their laptops, computers, or Android devices can play multiplayer video games using these headphones.
  • Best sound design: Users can use BABAKA Headphone to get full and rich sounds during their gameplay. With the high-quality microphone, they can chat with other users and play the game together. Rich sound design included in BABAKA Headphone with mic ensures crystal clear sounds.
  • No wire tangling: Users can use the BABAKA Headphones without annoying wire tangling issues. The USB cable is built with an anti-twist braided design, that prevents the cable from tangling itself during prolonged use.
  • Reduces ear fatigue: The BABAKA Gaming Headphone can be used for a long time by users. The earmuffs are built with ultra-soft memory foam, that reduces listener fatigue. Users can play games using the BABAKA headphone without any discomfort to their ears like pain and loss of hearing.
  • Adjustable headband: BABAKA Headphones with mic come with adjustable headband. Gamers can adjust the headband of the headphone to cover their ears when playing games. When they are not using the headphone, they can adjust the headband and store the headphone conveniently.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Let’s find out the answers to some frequently asked questions relating to BABAKA Over-Ear Stereo Gaming Headset:

What is the price of a BABAKA Gaming Headphone?

Users can buy the BABAKA Gaming headphones for a price of USD $25.53.

Can users play multiplayer games with BABAKA Gaming Headphone?

Yes. Users can play multiplayer games with BABAKA Gaming Headphone.

Do users have to own special gaming consoles like Xbox, PS3, and Nintendo with BABAKA Gaming Headphones with mic?

No. Users and gamers who are using PC, laptops, Android devices, and iOS devices can also use BABAKA Gaming Headphones with mic.

What purpose do the multicolor LED RGB lights serve in BABAKA Gaming Headphone with mic?

The multicolor LED lights in the BABAKA Gaming Headphone make a fitting atmosphere for the gameplay.

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Final Words


With the BABAKA Gaming Headphone, users can play multiplayer games using any platform or device. They get a rich audio experience using the BABAKA Gaming Headphone. Rich bass effects balanced audio is what players can hear when they use the BABAKA Gaming Headphone with mic. With an adjustable headband and comfortable earmuffs, users can use these headphones for long hours. They can mute their audio with an adjustable volume key.

When users will use this BABAKA Gaming Headphone, they will get crystal clear audio output so that they can easily communicate with their friends over the game. Surely, this BABAKA Gaming Headphone with mic is the best gaming headphone users can use for their games.

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BABAKA Headset - Review Breakdown

Ease of Use

Thumbs Up!

When users will use this BABAKA Gaming Headphone, they will get crystal clear audio output so that they can easily communicate with their friends over the game. Surely, this BABAKA Gaming Headphone with mic is the best gaming headphone users can use for their games.

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