Attract New Customers Using These Amazing Strategies

The process of starting a business is very similar to that of planting a new tree. We wait for both to reach a certain age before success starts blossoming. A seed cannot sprout and grow without the right amount of water, light, and warmth; any startup business will go up in smoke if the initial investment is not met with time, money and patience along with a foolproof business plan. Lastly, a tree needs food for all its parts to grow, and that food, for a business, is its customers. Do you want to bring in new customers to your business? Read on.

Know your customers

Customer Client Relationship

Find out the ideal customer and cater to his/her need. Instead of trying to sell your products to everyone, narrow it down by matching what your product or service is offering, and build a target audience. Find out how those targeted customers feel, and how your product can provide a solution to a particular problem that they are facing. By addressing these ‘who’s and ‘how’s, you will attract new customers who will end up being lifelong patrons of your brand.

Create synergy

Become partners with businesses who provide complimentary services. It will increase your customer base – the ultimate advantage of synergy. Do not hesitate to partner with organizations from an unrelated industry or with a contrasting mission statement. Team up with them to advertise a common goal and reach a diverse set of potential customers. You must know your business inside-out to answer questions coming from outside the target group when you associate yourself with other businesses. Partnerships and creating synergy is a relatively inexpensive way to expand clientele.

Use social media marketing and eCommerce

5 Things Every Ecommerce Business Should Invest In

Compose messages that speak directly to your customers. You must use direct response marketing techniques and make a potential customer feel that they are obligated to use your product and your product is the best possible option for them. Best practices include having a website that has all the information a customer might need before making a purchase decision. But in many cases, the website is far from being an unapologetic sales pitch and ends up being confusing and leads to a bad user experience.

Be ubiquitous on social media. Social media marketing is the most popular of interacting with your customers right now. Posts on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. can easily bring customers of similar taste together and engage them in conversations, creating an exclusive community benefiting your business. Apart from being available on social media, make sure to be a part of retail sites such as Amazon and eBay. These big sites get millions of visitors each month.

Show effort & create great customer experiences

Give your customers reasons to come back to you. Getting repeat customers are not easy to achieve. Show your customers that you care about them – provide samples and ask for feedbacks or even send them a simple birthday card. Constantly keep reminding them that they are a part of your business and you exist to make their lives significantly better. This will help you retain customers and bring more in through word of mouth and good will.

Coupon up


Coupons are a great way to attract new customers as well as remind existing customers to come back. Backed by a well-planned distribution strategy, coupons are very efficient at winning over existing/potential customer and inciting repeat purchases. Digital Sales analyst Andrea Boffo from Piu Codici Sconto says

“Distributing coupon offers to new customers can increase their retention rate up to 30%. To choose the right coupon offer, you need to figure out how much you are willing to pay to retain your existing customers and to bring new ones.”

Keep in mind that it has to be attractive enough for the customers.

Final Thoughts

Attract New Customers Using These Amazing Strategies - conclusion

Often businesses fail to deliver their 100 percent because they fall short when it comes to initiating a follow-up routine. Remember to do follow ups as frequently as possible. It is not mandatory that you follow mainstream trends and techniques. Hold on to first-time customers and convert them into repeat and loyal customers with authenticity, skillful and a mission to help them live a better life.

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