10 Super Valuable Attendance Apps for Small Businesses

If you are managing a small enterprise, then you are already wearing many hats. It is difficult to handle all the things alone. Using modern technology in business management is one of the secrets to success. You can use technology in almost all aspects of the business. It includes different tools, cloud-based software, and mobile applications. Here we will explore how attendance apps are involved and help businesses manage staff attendance effectively. You will also get the list of top tools that help you find the best for you.

The Emergence of the Attendance Apps


Traditionally, organizations used to manage the work timing and presence details manually. For example, organizations maintain a separate register to note the employee’s timing, leaves, and other details after the end of the month; accountants calculate the salary manually. Due to the lack of technology, this method works for an extended period of time. However, this method has many disadvantages like lack of data transparency, human error, etc.

After that biometric attendance system came into use; in this method, biometric machines are set up to mark a presence with the figure prints or through face recognition; even though this method is advanced, it also has many drawbacks like you need expensive biometric machines, lack of automation, etc.

As time passed, innovations took place in every industry, New HR tech trends were introduced, and they changed the workplaces. In addition, new software, tools, and mobile applications emerged.

Workers can mark their presence from phones with the digital time clock app. Features like geo-fence, punch with selfie, and QR code scanning prevents duplicate punches and give accurate data about your workforce. It can be integrated with different payroll platforms for payroll automation. These mobile applications are providing excellent features in the market. The organization didn’t need to spend more money on adobe and maintain this technology.

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Invaluable Attendance Apps for Small Business


However, many apps are offering similar features, and getting the right and suitable tool for your organization could be tough. So here we are providing a list of the 10 best apps.

We point out the best 10 apps for tracking employees’ attendance and time. Here we go…

1. Sling


If you are searching for an advanced app for tracking employees’ timing, the sling might work for you. It converts a mobile phone into a time clock machine with the sling by providing a present marked punch from a mobile feature. However, sling offers more than just an attendance tracker; it includes employee schedule and time tracking features.

Moreover, it notes down employees working hours and notices when your staff members are running late. These functions help build a healthy work culture and stop overlapping shifts and double-booking. It will take some minutes to schedule shifts and check the employee’s presence details.

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2. Inch


If your workers forget to mark attendance punch regularly, you should surely try this mobile app? Inch gives voice reminders to the workers to mark the attendance punch. However, the functionality is not limited to the attendance features. But it also offers other features like communication and payroll. Not only that, if you are using the Inch no more, you need task management apps; It becomes easy for you to manage the tasks of the group or individuals.

Inch helps in counting the total work timing of the workers, communicates with the staff, gives regular reminders, and many more. It is specially designed for SMEs. Inch provides all data about the employees to know the insights of your workforce. In addition, it makes workforce management easy for the manager.

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3. Alora


Alora is for digital presence marks, collaboration with your staff, and scheduling for SMEs. Whether you are a teacher, coach, or manager Alora is also useful in noting down the attendance of your students or workers. It simplifies the attendance and payroll process for your organization. These can be accessed from Android and iOS devices.

This mobile tool captures work timing and leave-presence and generates comprehensive reports and statistics of their details at the end of the period. In addition, the tool provides cloud backup facilities for the employee’s data to ensure the data is secure and easily available.

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4. factoTime


Like the other apps in the list, factoTime is a valuable business tool for managing staff’s timing reports, tracking time, and calculating salaries. factoTime comes with an easy interface and the best UI to manage the workforce’s time and payroll management.

This mobile app comes with a unique feature called selfie punch with the location. It uses selfie-and location while making a presence punch. With the help of attendance and leave data, it automatically calculates working hours and salary. It provides multiple options for the report, and managers can download reports as per their requirements. It works on android and iOS devices without any hassle.

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5. ClockIt


If you are looking for a hassle attendance tracker, then ClockIt will be the perfect system. It is a one-stop solution that fits all sizes of businesses. However, once you start using ClockIt, it will become easy for you to track the time and attendance of your workers.

ClockIt offers a great combination of features, including on-demand reporting, web clock, customized notifications, leave accruals, Slack integration, etc. Moreover, The system tracks the working hours-leaves calculated over time and helps manage the payroll process. This employee self-service portal also has scheduling and shift swipe functions to manage the workforce well.

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6. Time Clock Wizard


Time Clock Wizard is an excellent tool for tracking employees’ time, presence management, scheduling, and payroll calculation. It can be accessible by logging in and password details to any device. It offers a 30-day free trial for all organizations. After that, It provides limited and unlimited employee plans.

Staff can mark their presence from their mobile devices without hassle. The app has introduced features like geo marking and photos while punching to prevent duplicate punches and errors. In addition, employers can send notifications for uploading receipts of reimbursements, even in remote work cultures.

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7. Harvest


If you are looking for a hassle-free and easy-to-track attendance app, Harvest might be a great option. It is a multiple-purpose app that covers the functionality of time tracking, project management, and expense management. In addition, it offers affordable price plans for tracking staff’s working hours.

It offers features, including timesheet management, expenses management, shift management, reports on demand, over time and leaves management, and many others. In addition, the employees’ detailed reports help you get valuable insights about your workers. It offers a 30-day free trial to new users. It is super easy to use and requires a one-time setup for the user.

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8. TimeStation


The time station tracks the workers’ working hours details differently than any other tools on this list. TimeStation uses QR code technology to know the timing of the employees. The manager or HR department has to generate a unique QR code for each employee from the mobile.

After having a different QR code for each staff member, every staff member has to scan their QR codes from the official mobile or QR code scanner device. The employers can check and download complete timing reports from the portal. The report can be easily exported on any payroll platform for payroll processes. It might not sound as secure as others, but it comes with unique features.

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9. Attendnow


Attendnow, known as Staff presence & GPS Tracker, is a cloud-based mobile tool built to track employees’ attendance with the geo-fence feature. This tool has all the features to easily track and monitor your staff’s timing and manage your team. Moreover, you will get a powerful staff monitoring feature with this tool.

This online productivity tool helps mark attendance punch with geolocation and getting employees’ reports. The manager or owner can add their employees to the system. After adding employees to the system, they can mark the punch from the smartphone. In addition, this tool provides detailed statistics and reports of the staff’s time and work details.

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10. Zimyo


Zimyo is another app for the same purpose. It helps track the timing and mark presence punch, and also for business communication. This tool is best suitable for start-ups and small-medium enterprises.

Zimyo offers multiple functions, including shift management, leave, and payroll management. Moreover, the employees can check the working day’s calendar, leave balance, and presence report and apply for the leave directly from their smartphones.  It has a punch from the mobile feature, and you can also input the data from the biometric machine. It also gives information about the profit of the project and its cost.

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This is the list of some of the invaluable attendance apps for SMEs. Every app offers a unique Interface, functions, and plans. In addition, many of these apps provide free user trials. So, if you are looking for the best suitable app for your organization, you can try this app and decide which one will work best for you.

As a business manager, these tools can make your life super easy. No more, you need to check the data manually. It will keep all the workers’ data and help in the payroll process.

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