Top 10 Amazing Features in macOS Sierra

Likewise, old Mac variants macOS Sierra offers variety and range of new features and functions to its users. There is a list of new features added to this new Mac variant. There are a lot of tweaks made in this new version and perhaps the biggest change is the operating system name itself. It is no more called as OS X as the new name is macOS for the operating system and the name of the new version is called Sierra. Let’s discuss top 10 amazing features offered by Apple in new macOS Sierra.

1. Use Siri to control system settings:

macOS Sierra - Point 1You can command Siri to control your system configuration. You can tell Siri to make the screen brighter or darker, to turn Wi-Fi on or off, put the Mac to sleep, adjust the system volume and many other things to perform. Siri even has access to certain system information like Mac’s serial number, the speed of its processor, how much space remain on the drive, how much memory it has, etc. You can pin the Siri results in Notification Center or even drag out into other apps.

2. Share tasks:

macOS Sierra - Point 2This is one of the most exciting features of macOS Sierra. You can share your works between macOS and iOS using this feature. Continuity feature is considered to be must have for Apple products users. This technology helps you transfer your work, calls, texts, Personal hotspots between devices. It allows users to compose an email, edit a contact, browse a web page and to do other things and transfer these tasks to another iOS device or even on another Mac. You can move tasks between macOS and iOS devices. Apple is trying to refine this feature by adding a universal clipboard feature to it. Using this you can copy a block of text on your Mac and paste it on your iPhone and vice-versa. Universal Clipboard feature works when both the sharing devices are logged into the same iCloud account, and both have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled.

3. Apple Pay on the web:

macOS Sierra - Point 3You can use this feature to shop online. Apple Pay works with an iPhone or an Apple Watch to let you buy stuff online. While buying online website displays an Apple Pay button while your iPhone or Apple Watch is nearby. The button can vanish when these devices are not near to the Mac. You need to click on Apply Pay button and need to enter your Apple ID then the alert will appear on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Confirming the transaction using Touch ID on your iPhone or Apple Watch the payment will go through automatically.

4. The picture in Picture feature:

macOS Sierra - Point 4This new feature in macOS is similar to iOS 9 on the iPad. Using this feature, you can pin the running video in any corner of the screen to do something else or to watch next video. You can hold down the Command key to move and drop the picture anywhere. It pops up a borderless floating window out of the page to hover over to anything else you are doing.

5. Unlock Mac, Hands-free:

macOS Sierra - Point 5macOS Sierra offers hands-free unlock the option to facilitate user experience on Mac. It introduces hands-free auto unlocks with watchOS3. Using this feature, you don’t require to remember the password for your Mac. This feature works with latest Mac models.

6. Rich URL preview in Messages:

macOS Sierra - Point 6Using this feature you can send or receive any message that contains a URL, here message will load the name and image (if possible) of the given page and will display it in an attractive preview box. It definitely looks better than a bare URL.

7. Brilliance effect:

macOS Sierra - Point 7This is more like a photo editing tool. It helps you brighten the dark areas, increasing contrast, dropping down highlights and many more functions with this feature. It is added as a dimension in the available automatic enhance tool.

8. Create memories:

macOS Sierra - Point 8The Photo app in macOS Sierra is getting similar to Google Photos with each successive iteration. The new featured app supports enhanced facial recognition to help you search people you care most. It also helps you search photos by objects and scenes. You can add geotags to your photos to browse them by location. It offers many other interesting features too.

9. Sharing in Notes:

macOS Sierra - Point 9This iOS 10 feature is now extended to macOS Sierra. You can use this feature with your friends and family to share your valuable notes. Just click on the Share button at the top of the Notes window and select the way you want to share Notes with others. You can share the link via Twitter, messages, even just pop it on the clipboard. People who share notes with you can do editing to it, and the changes will be displayed in real time.

10. Optimize storage:

macOS Sierra - Point 10This feature offers functions similar to best Mac cleaner apps. It helps you free up space on your hard disk. Optimize Storage feature helps you clear storage space on the disk by moving individual files to iCloud, files which you are not using for a long time. Other than that it deletes unnecessary files from your disk. These unnecessary files may include cache files, event logs, files in trash and others.

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