Advantages and Disadvantages of Using WordPress for Your Next PHP Project

WordPress is one of the popular and strong content management solutions you will find today at the moment. It provides you with an invocation of easy-to-use appliances that can be employed to expedite the web design & development method.

Approximately 80 percent of websites in the digital market today use PHP; this is the heart language to deploy WordPress for development. The WordPress CMS is further powered and maintained by numerous developers, with a quickly growing following.

However, with all content management systems, you will certainly come across some of the pros and cons of using WordPress. Before you apply WordPress for your next project your awareness regarding its advantages and disadvantages is an essential aspect of WordPress Project Development.

It’s normal for you to wonder why the use of WordPress is hyped and to comprehend that we need to weigh some pros and cons in-depth.

In this post, we will explore the positive and negative parts of WordPress. We will also find why the use of this tech has taken the high road. Let’s dive in!

Hence, let’s break down the benefits of using WordPress first; it will provide us with a clear picture as to why it’s the most famous content management system and website structure software in the world.

WordPress is considered to do wonders in the world of tech!

“WordPress is a pronounced content management system for both bloggers as well as website owners. The rigid framework offers a great amount of flexibility and lots and lots of options to customize your website in the context of the design and functioning of the website. Once installed the leading CMS platform with the help of a reliable WordPress development company, it’s time to get started.” – as stated by eTatvaSoft in one of their recent blog posts.

Why Use WordPress: Advantages of Using WordPress!


For mediocre business owners, techs such as WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Wix, and Weebly will seem like foreign names. The method of developing a website draws these names into your knowledge as they’re all platforms applied to create websites.

Every one of them has its interests, while many are utilized more regularly for recess websites with particular purposes.

For example, Shopify is best when you’re working in an online store. It’s not a program you would begin a blog with then convert into an eCommerce shop; the same goes for Magento too.

Other site developers and platforms have more versatility, and those are typically the most famous ones.

And WordPress provides the exact same thing, it gives you what as a business owner you expect from your site. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages to find out why WordPress is the first choice.

Advantages of Utilising WordPress for Your Next Project!


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1. WordPress is an Open-Source Platform


One of the biggest advantageous features of the WordPress CMS is that it’s an open-source website developing platform.

This system configuration selection can preserve your time and cash, as the code utilized for developing a site is completely open to sharing and modification.

Therefore, there is no need to despair about handling authorizing charges just to practice the particular content in the making of your website.

Also, there is no requirement for you to spend as much time improving your code as per the customization and complexity of the project; you may frequently notice that the WordPress community is convenient for combination into an existing project and creation of coding resolution.

WordPress is the most comprehensive self-hosted blogging and website development program in the business. There is a bundle of open-source content that you can practice while elaborating your web design.

And be cognizant of the point that several different kinds of websites have been created with WordPress, from small individual blogs to strong eCommerce stores and Fortune 500 localities, this remarkably potent CMS system provides for differing levels of customization for all proficiency levels.

2. Benefits of Thousands of Robust Plugins


While creating your site, you may require to highlight your name while also interesting to user’s expectations by increasing the functionality of your website.

One of the simplest methods to build your website unique from others in the crowd while also giving site visitors contemporary features that progressive users these times have come to anticipate is including the utilization of plugins, of which there are numerous to choose from.

These plugins considerably increase the abilities of your website, from developing the page acceleration performance to heightening site security or even combining social media provisions to your website.

There are a plethora of plugins that can support you in the management of your websites, like Google Analytics, which follows precisely when and how users hit your web design.

A quintessential tool when you’re endeavoring to observe user performance and improve site traffic and usability.

For the owner of a business who is looking for techniques to increase and market their products online, they can use the various WordPress eCommerce plugins that will allow you these following aspects:

  • Supplement comprehensive inventory management.
  • Help with order tracking.
  • Always will get the purchase notifications.
  • Effortlessly building an online storefront eliminating hassles.
  • And hire a developer to build the site as per your requirement.

These are just a few instances as to what WordPress plugins affect and how you can profit from them.

3. Easy to Use and Manage Website


Once the website is established, you can control and develop several features of the web design with limited to no coding expertise required, this is extremely reliant on the site idea and initial implementation.

You don’t need a developer to use the various features obtainable on WordPress, such as:

  • You can update your site content.
  • Append in innovative themes and plugins.
  • Make adjustments to your web design concepts without developers or computer expertise.
  • Enable you to support your brand.
  • No need to learn new skills or bringing in new talent.

All of these help you to save your business a lot of money.

One of the main reasons that WordPress is so comfortable to exercise is because it uses a database to collect and follow website knowledge, enabling users to effortlessly search your website.

The research helps with archived sheets and posts while making it extremely easy for you as the partner to handle various sorts of content during the site.

The admin interface is extremely user-friendly, so you won’t require to consume much time discovering all the ins and outs of how to botch with the site settings or join new content to the blog.

4. SEO Friendly Platform


When you are associated with the study or management of a website in history, you possibly realize how essential it is to combine search engine optimization into a web and its content to cause traffic and ultimately, new sales for your website.

The WordPress CMS is a wonderful platform for SEO, as it employs premier semiotic coding applications that let the user efficiently manage the SEO features of a site that influence its potential for listing on Google and other search engines.

There is a broad assemblage of SEO plugins to choose from to facilitate your technique to increase your website rankings on search results, including easy plugins that escort you within the best SEO practices for every post and page.

These plugins also present you with the possibility of supplementing basic H1 tags encompassing keywords along with meta titles and descriptions.

With a top ranking on Google, site traffic will expand drastically, heightening your odds of turning these leads into faithful customers.

5. Several Premade Themes to Pick From Site


These canned explanations may be used by several other website owners over the internet, there are several pre-made themes to pick from, empowering you to implement them in unprecedented ways that will retain your website sharp and innovative.

And if you have a certain budget, then these avant-garde solutions will enable you to handle different aspects of your website.

Tailoring the idea to meet your exact specs without requiring to create every aspect of the sites from scratch. This is profoundly dependent upon the theme as not all themes are built equal.

The archives of themes obtainable on WordPress involve themes for all applications and examples of websites; starting from eCommerce sites and real estate to restaurants and medical management templates; you’ll be ready to discover the themes that work most suitable for your business.

When you’re seeking the best WordPress theme, your opportunities are granted to you by design, features, and subject material, expediting the website theme research process.

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Disadvantages of Utilising WordPress in Your Next Project!


It’s essential to perceive that not all websites are designed equally as we stated before. While developing some of them you might hit the block and face some of the drawbacks.

As websites can encounter technical difficulties and may require a lot of management from a company, particularly if it is designed on WordPress.

So far, we have explored the pros. Now it’s time to see what downside we might face while developing a PHP website using WordPress.

1. You Require Loads of Plugins for Extra Features


When your company buys a design template, they usually prepare thoroughly created website pages that have to be modernized with your marked content such as images and text.

But, if you want to continue features to the website, your company would have to seek plugins on WordPress.

Few of the plugins are available and others attain payment. Seldom, the plugins attained are outmoded and are no longer transpiring practiced.

For instance, if you aspire to combine your Instagram feed with your website, then you need to download InstaWidget.

Your company would require you to establish, manage, and modernize the plugins. This can be challenging to maintain and infrequently happens with companies.

2. Frequent Theme and Plugin Updates


It is an unwritten rule of the digital era that you need to be updated with the technology; you can’t fall behind and use outdated techs for your business.

Things are constantly changing. If you are not adaptive to improve the user experience, you would never succeed in this cut-throat software world.

Your company would have to invariably log on to your site to evaluate the dashboard to comprehend if your theme or plugins require to be renewed.

And if the team misses it with other projects progressing on because they regularly need to be reviewed and updated, then all the hard work will be drained.

Don’t overlook all technology improvements, glitches and mistakes do happen. You can undergo broken links or your site can break.

3. Slow Page Speed


WordPress is one of the slow platforms because of all the extra plugins, databases, and codebases.

Though, those are not the only elements that can reduce and crash your website. Enlarged images, a lot of content on a page, and unpredictable hosting can affect your website speed.

Page speed is important to your website. You crave a speedy loading website so your viewers don’t get anxious and choose to leave. This can affect you to lose business because they won’t perceive what you have to give.

4. Bad SEO Ranking


WordPress only allows restricted SEO optimizing features in its combinations, which is not sufficient to support your position in Google.

If you need to definitely maximize your SEO attempts, then you require more powerful software and technology to exceed other applications in a competing market.

Besides, you will necessitate a company that will target a plethora of related keywords versus exclusively some of the keywords.

Most companies only do a few keywords, which isn’t working to create an impression on the search engine rankings.

With more related keywords, it will improve your practice to be located in the search engines by possible and contemporary clients.

5. Website Vulnerability


Same as all information on the internet, your website is responsive to acquiring hacked and spammed.

Because of the prominence of WordPress, it is the foremost objective for hackers and spammers. Even if your company downloads all the safety plugins WordPress proposes, it is not sufficient to preserve your website.

Your website will probably get spammed if you have a blog segment that enables comments or with a contact us form. It is time-consuming to work within the comments and emails.

Each website vulnerability can harm your reliability and could conceivably disseminate viruses to your users.

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Wrapping Up


WordPress has an influential audience all over the world. Some developers would willingly practice other platforms. But that frequently has to do with acquiring several coding languages and submitting themselves in abrupt user-friendly circumstances.

And for bloggers, business owners, programmers with clients, and eCommerce experts, WordPress is the best choice. In this post, we have considered WordPress’s benefits and drawbacks to providing you with a skimpy purpose of its features.

With these advantages and disadvantages of utilizing WordPress, you must be equipped to make the appropriate choice! To get an interactive and user-friendly website created, you require an experienced WordPress developer.

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