6 Great WordPress Theme Frameworks for Theme Developers for 2019

Most of the WordPress themes are created from the base while some of them are developed using the framework. These frameworks are used as a foundation for any theme and they normally possess core code that takes care of various features along with important design elements. Here we have listed 6 easy to use WordPress theme frameworks that you can consider using and take your website to a whole different level:

1. Genesis:


Building extraordinary websites has become very easy and fast with Genesis. With this framework, you can enjoy unlimited power and total control at your fingertips. Genesis provides a highly secure and SEO oriented platform that takes your theme to the level you have never thought of. The theme customizers offered with framework lets you customize the content, color and entire setting of the theme. Genesis offers a responsive theme which means your website can be viewed on any device or browser without losing its real magic.

Live Demo: The website Fire Stick Tricks are using Aspire Pro, a child theme of Genesis, on their website. You can check their website to see the live example.

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2. Divi:


Divi brags about its extremely quick font editor named Divi Builder. This framework lets you see the changes in real-time so you can achieve perfect design without losing much time. Whether it is size, colors, font or spacing, you can customize every element using Divi. It also boasts about 46 diverse content elements that let you build simply anything your brain can imagine. Synchronizing global elements across different pages has also become extremely easy with Divi.

Live Demo: To see a live example of Divi, you can check the website of Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute. They are currently using Divi on their WordPress website.

3. Storefront:

Storefront - WordPress Theme

If you are running an e-commerce business or planning to enter into the online marketing then Storefront is for you. With this framework, you will have no worries about integrating the WooCommerce plugin and theme at the time of the update. If you have Storefront, it means that you have a well adaptable grid system, responsive layout, and upgraded SEO perfectly in place. This framework sticks to key guidelines thereby making sure your website is accessible to a maximum audience without any limitations. If you feel that there are some features missing in the core framework then you always have an option to opt for Storefront extension.

Live Demo: The eCommerce website Central Market is using this theme along with a child theme on their website. You can check their website to see how customizable it is.

4. Avada:


When compared with other themes, the unique thing about this framework is that it lets the developer produce any typical style of design without making any changes to the code. You get more than 50 panels that allow you to get total control of your website with ease. If you are choosing Avada that means your need for multiple themes is served in a single theme. The framework is highly flexible which means you get more than a responsive layout. The framework also offers a wide range of intuitive tools such as shortcode generator, fusion builder, Megamenu and much more.

Live Demo: The very popular company Alexa Internet is using Avada on their website. You can understand how effective this theme is by reviewing their website.

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5. DMS:


DMS offers you an option to take control of your website layout without the need of any coding thereby avoiding the technical issue. This framework is extremely quick, pixel perfect and ideal for promotional websites. In short, DMS is designed for users who are perfectionists and don’t want to do any compromise in their finished product. Whether you want to change font, color or edit anything, you can customize everything with ‘point and click’ feature offered in this framework. DMS also brags about other important functions such as WooCommerce capability, preloaded templates, SEO performance and much more.

Note: DMS is actually a part of the product called PageLines Platform Builder. You can use DMS by downloading and using the Platform Builder.

6. Themify Builder:


Themify Builder is recognized as one of the highly powerful and user-friendly page builder available for WordPress. With this framework, you can go beyond your imagination and create a layout of your choice. When it comes to animation effects, you will get more than 60 unique options with Themify. The framework also features a unique cache system that controls service resources and process pages very quickly. The core code of Themify is localized. You can translate it into any language of your choice to understand it better. All in all, this framework will provide you with all the exposure that you expect from an ideal website builder of today’s time.

Live Demo: All Themify themes are developed by using the Themify Builder. They have a showcase page where you can find many live example websites who are using their themes as well as their Themify Builder.

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The Bottom Line:

6 Great WordPress Theme Frameworks for Theme Developers for 2019 - Conclusion

For developers, getting a head start to the project is a key benefit of using theme frameworks. Website owners also find it handy as they can switch from one theme to others, without compromising with the key functionality and features of the website. Above mentioned WordPress theme frameworks will definitely help you to make a smooth transition if you are planning to consider a framework for your website.

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