30 Great Ways to Make Money Online – Free, Easy and Fast

In this article, we will know 30 great and legitimate ways to make money online which will be free, easy and fast. There are several ways through which if you want to make money you can, because “if there is will there is a way”. So keeping that belief in mind I am going to share with you 30 legitimate ways of online money making the process.

1. Become an Amazon associate:

To become a successful amazon associate, you will need a very popular SEO friendly website or blog. First of all, you will have to open an Amazon associate account but if you already have an account then you can log in into that or you can open a separate account for doing this job. Then add the links of any products from the website of Amazon to your website along with your affiliate id, and whenever there will be clicks or purchase through that link you will receive a commission against that. It is very easy and free to make money online with Amazon.

2. Sell Online Handmade Items and Crafts:

Selling your handmade products and items on which you are specialized and are best, is a very good way of making money online. Online handmade items have lots of demands. So you simply need a store or a website where you can showcase your handmade products to your customer on which you will receive money.

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3. Design apps for Mobile Devices:

Designing useful apps for mobile is very much in demand. And believe me, it really became interesting money-making way especially for those who are having the interest and knowledge in doing this. Now a day everyone uses mobile for their own reasons. So making it your profession is a very good idea. For starting this, you should have the passion and love for doing this job. So go and start your day by researching more on this topic.

Design apps for Mobile Devices

4. Do Surveys for Earning Money:

Earning through doing online surveys is another interesting and demandable job now a day. It is found most of the time especially in the online market that people goes for searching other customers review and comments who have already experienced the product they are planning to purchase. So it’s another good way of earning money online.

Many a time it is found reading that most surveys actually have proven to be scams, but there are also many original sites were doing a survey and getting payment against that is proved. You can visit EliteSurveySites to find legit surveys for building your confidence label so that you can build your professions in this particular field.

Do Surveys for Earning Money

5. Sell Your Products or Items on eBay or a Similar Outlet:

Selling products on eBay is also a good way of making money online. For that, you will have to open an account over there and will have to list your selling products or items over their selective categories. And whenever there will be any sell they will notify that through email or SMS. For creating an account, they do not require any fees. When you will list products or any sale occurred they will take a commission out of that listed product value.

6. Sell Your Older Electronics:

Sometimes it is found that we have some unused old electronics goods stored due to its replacement have been done with the new one. In that case, those items get missed because in general nobody comes to you for purchasing those old electronics products. So now you can do a great job. You can simply sell those items online and get paid against those. So do not worry thinking where shall you sell those products online. There are many websites where old electronics goods are brought against money. You can try Amazon Trade-In, Best Buy Trade-In, eBay Instant Sale and many more.

Sell Your Older Electronics

7. Create Niche Websites by Featuring Google AdSense Ads:

By creating a popular niche website you can simply supply important information’s to your visitors or readers and, as a result, you will earn money against that. But for that, you will have to place Google AdSense advertising links on your website. If any of your visitor or readers click to that links you will get money for that.

8. Upload YouTube Videos and Get Paid Against Ad Views:

By creating YouTube videos you can spread information’s towards the mass of audience and by doing this if people like your videos they will subscribe to your YouTube channels making it popular and making your idea hit. And as a result of that, you can receive ads against your channels and videos, which in return will help you to earn money.

9. Sell Your Own Time and Talents Online:

By just investing your time and talents online you can do lots of works. Like you can provide services or you can showcase your talents to your visitors, which in return can bring you money. There are lots of websites who can assist you in doing your works easier. You can visit Fiverr, there you can create your talents and works in the name of GIGS. If someone purchases your GIGS and you deliver it correctly, you will receive money for that.

10. Sell your Photos, Videos, and Other Media Online:

You can earn money by selling your homemade photos, videos, your own music, and illustrations on the website. And by doing this you are selling your own licensed rights to them, and against which you will get royalties whenever your products will be sold. Please visit iStockPhoto for getting more of the knowledge.

11. Sell Your Own Knowledge on a Website:

If you are good in any of your work like education or music or anything else, simply sell them online and get paid for that. There are many students or knowledge collector available over online who are waiting for this kind of help and knowledge, and for that, they are ready to pay you fees. So do not wait for showcasing your knowledge and just earn money against that.

12. Become an Online Freelance Writer:

If you are good in writing then you can utilize that potentiality in writing article as a freelance writer for your clients. You can register in any of the sites who are in needs of freelance writer get register over there and get paid for that. Visit PeoplePerHour for working as a freelance writer.

Become an Online Freelance Writer

13. Become a Third-Party Seller on Amazon Website:

If you are interested in selling your products or items in Amazon then you can go and registered over their website and get started selling over there. In return, you will get the sale and can earn money over their by becoming their third party seller.

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14. Buy Local Products for Reselling Online:

In this way, you can buy products and items from the local market at a wholesale price. You can sell them online at a retail price for making extra profit.

15. Design Websites:

Having a website for any online business is very important. So earning money by designing a website is a good way of earning money. So please visit UpWork or any other site like that and become a member for getting work from there.

Design Websites

16. Buy Domain Names for reselling it:

Buying good domains names and making it popular can bring you money in the future. Many people or business owners want to purchase those types of popular and SEO friendly domains. Flippa is one of the platforms where you can buy and sell domains.

Buy Domain Names for reselling it

17. Promote Affiliated Products on Your Website:

This is a very good earning method for those who are having their own website or blog. For that, you will have to simply affiliate your website or blog with other businesses and website. If any sale occurs through your affiliate links you will receive a percentage of that sale amount from that company or websites. You can visit Commission Junction or Click Bank to get more details.

18. Online Part-Time Jobs:

There are many websites available online where you can do a part-time job sitting at your home without any investments and experiences. You will have to just open an account on those websites. You have to become their member for doing the job. There will be many jobs requirements available like data entry work, article writing jobs, programming jobs, designing jobs and many more.

19. Selling of Your Important Educational Notes Online:

Sharing of important educational notes online can bring you extra cash. There are many websites like Notesale where you can upload your important notes, if any students download your notes, you will receive money against that.

20. Become a Virtual Assistant Provider:

On the market, nowadays lots of freelance websites have been developed. Their work is to submit or post jobs on behalf of different service receiver from different fields for requiring help from online virtual assistant’s provider. And your job will be to provide them that virtual assistance online and getting paid for that.

Become a Virtual Assistant Provider

21. Provide Online Tutoring:

There are many sites available online like Tutor or TutorVista who will help you to connect with people who are seeking help for learning particular subjects like science, geography, English and many more. And for that, you will have to apply there. If once it gets approved you will get the license for providing them an education in return of money.

22. Can Teach an Online Course:

Teaching online course in this way needs some different approach. Like if you visit Udemy they will help you to connect with those people who will pay you to learn from your own made complete course videos. So by this process of you can earn a lot of money as soon as one of your course videos gets sold. So it is a noble way of earning money online.

23. Events Management:

Events management is a big word that we have already heard earlier. But enhancing it online is also a good way of promoting your business. So go online and make publicity of your website, so that you can increase the number of your orders from different customers throughout the world.

24. Make Themes:

Making themes online is a very demandable profession. Everyone who does business online always needs a website. And where there is a need for a website there is a need for designing theme. So go and get started by either registering with any reputed website like ThemeForest, or you can make your own website. Then you can promote it to companies personally for getting orders for making their company theme.

Make Themes

25. Making Money by Becoming a Social Marketing Consultant:

By visiting any job site like UpWork you can give consultations to many companies who are genuinely looking for qualified candidates, who will help them by telling the ins and outs of social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and many more.

Starting in May 2019, freelancers will be charged anywhere from $0.15 and $0.90 to submit a job proposal, as opposed to being free. To help freelancers and employers alike prepare for the transition, here is a comprehensive guide to the Upwork Connects pricing changes with everything you need to know.

26. Provide Support & Service Online:

Providing support and services online are also a better way of earning money from home or office. This support and service can be a 24/7 live support on behalf of any company. Or it can be your own related works like giving any solutions over your knowledge or against any of your used products.

Provide Support Service Online

27. Stock or Forex Trading:

Being a full-time share market merchant is a great way of making money in a short time. But do not hurry first do lots of research and then make a step. It is always advisable to know your job before heading for it. But it is assured that in stock or Forex market there are lots of profits if you are having the knowledge of what is stock market and how it works.

28. Selling your Own Brand:

This is the process where if you can make something of your own like designing a customized T-Shirt or designing a customized Coffee Mug or anything like that, then for these types of unique concept there are huge market demands. Just use your imagination power and get started implementing it in your own way. If it once clicks in the market than making money from it will be just nothing for you.

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29. Doing Researching for Others:

Doing research jobs for others who are in need of these types of research will definitely hire you for doing their works. Thesis writer, scriptwriter, data entry worker, market researcher and many a more sometimes needs help from them who are ready to the research job for them.

30. Rent Your Home to Traveller for Homestay or Filmmaker for Filming:

Having a well-maintained home in a good position can be a source of income. You can promote your home in websites like Airbnb for renting purpose. Lots of travelers love the peaceful house to rent instead of hotels. Also, filmmakers keep on spotting good looking houses for their shooting purposes.From the above 30 tips of making money online, I hope you will get an idea of how to start and from where to start earning money for yourself from today onwards. So all the best, hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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