Why a Video is Worth a Thousand Business Conversion?

The human brain has a special affinity for images as 90 percent of the information that our brain gets is from the images as it is said that it process visuals more that the text. These stats were about the impact of images and speaking of videos in which there are 120 or more still pictures (as per the latest technology) running in front of users will surely create a resonance. Though a minimum frame rate is achieved so as to get an illusion that the images are moving.

Moreover, people now prefer to watch videos and look how the product will look rather than waiting in long queues of trial rooms.

1) Search engines are obsessed with videos


It is not just the human brain that has an amplified effect of videos, but even the search engines have a liking for videos. Though there are separate sections for images, video, maps and others, it has been noted that there are 70% of the videos on the top hundred search results.  Now this is quite an obvious thing that if you have to gain a good SERP, you automatically get a good traffic as well as a good conversion rate for your business.

Just write a simple query on the net and you can find out yourself.

2) 64-85% of the buyer have a strong chance of buying from videos


I guess no one can deny the fact that videos have a great impact on the users, but they also penetrate deep into the buy-ology of the users as well. The very first reason for this is that an image which is a 2-D object do not clearly specifies how a product looks in real life. Wherein a video helps to render how actually a product looks like this is just equal to trying the garments in the trial room of the brick and mortar store.

“Save your time and energy wasted while trying out individual products.”

Well, what better one can expect now.

Wherein videos render quite a comfortable experience as generally people shop online to save time and energy. So while that gorgeous model who is walking down the aisle you can run an audio in background describing the qualities of the product. This is just icing on the cake for people who are want to make their shopping experience smooth.

As per StacksAndStacks.com, the likelihood of visitors increases by 144% if they watch a video of a product.

3) 71% of Consumers are inclined to videos to understand better


It has been noticed that online buyers can easily grasp the products when they see a video, and this increases the chance of spending more money. Video helps to clear up all the minutes of the details and project all the qualities of a project.  You can further make exciting buyer and seller videos as well in which sellers answers all the plausible queries of the user.

4) Can do wonders with your Marketing.


As per a report from Statista.com, Video Advertising revenue is a whopping 18,948.8 million USD in 2016. Which is certainly a jaw-dropping stats. This certainly accounts for the fact that the industry is proliferating as people are taking a keen interest in video marketing looking that it is a greener pasture.

Video advertising is growing luxuriantly; the reason is that a lot of professional/editorial video content is available on the Internet today. This comprises of in-stream video advertising that included pre-rolls, mid-rolls, and post-rolls and along with that they have in-page videos featured on websites that are rendered on desktop Personal Computers or even on handheld enabled sites or applications (including YouTube).

5) 58% of online Shoppers rely on companies that showcase Product Videos


Online sellers who incorporate videos on their stores are deemed to be more reliable than the ones who do not and a considerable 58% of the people have backed this argument. This is because they understand what they are purchasing, and this makes them contended while purchasing the product. Once people bestow their trust on you, their trust matures with the passage of time.

Earning the trust of your users pays off all the investment and efforts put in while achieving the process. Further, it has been anticipated that the revenue will soar as by 2020 the market volume will be 37,679.8 million USD and the growth rate will bloom to 18.75%.

All in all!


There is no magic wand that can boost your conversions overnight using a video as the process extends more and is not just restricted to adding a video your landing page or YouTube.  Though videos have a very role to play in adding creativity to your marketing campaign as it now plays a crucial role in improving the shopping experience of the users.  This is quite a happening trend for online apparel stores as one gets to know how the attire will look after sporting it.

From all the above-stated facts we are can certainly figure out that videos do play a major in alluring and edifying your product to the users. Thus, it has become a growing development trend in the coming future.

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