Month: April 2018


6 Best Investment Apps for 2018 (Available for Android & iOS)

The stock market isn’t just for those employed on Wall Street anymore. With the use of mobile app development, anyone with a smartphone has the ability to invest in stocks. The most significant decision to make is which app to you commit to and finding out what are the differences between different investment apps. The six apps below are all popular choices. All have various benefits to use them whether it’s their ease of use or the return on investment received. 1) Robinhood: Free Stock Trades Offering minimal risk on your investment is the Robinhood app, the name is influenced …

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For Universal Reach of Your Business, Design Your Site Right

This is the time of internet and internet has pervaded the world’s combined conscience like it is never done in human history before. There is not a single day which goes by without the majority of us get in touch with the online world.  We are constantly and increasingly flooding the information with every passing day. The significance of the internet for modern societies is unprecedented, but have you ever wonder how does information get online? The answer to this question is by the website design. The website has all the things, information, services one can expect and website design …

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Should You Include a Product Comparison Charts on Your Site?

If you’re a tech company looking for a relatively easy way to give your visitors more detailed information and increase your onsite conversion ratio, there are few better tools than a product comparison chart. The idea is to compare multiple products within a category, side-by-side, indicating differences in features and pricing in one convenient area—and if you use it correctly, it could become one of your site’s most valuable assets. If you’re just getting started on optimizing your website for audience interactions, we recommend you first read about how to make your website more interactive for visitors. Why Comparison Charts …

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How to Market Your Brand – The Trends to Follow in 2018

If you’re looking to market your brand in 2018, good news! You no longer need to spend a large percentage of your budget on paper-based advertising or TV advertisements. In 2018, it’s easier than ever to market your brand. Due to advancements in consumer data collection online, businesses can now profile their customers and target their marketing strategies to the right audience at the touch of a button. However, although marketing and getting access to the right clientele is easier than ever, it also means that it’s even more important to be promoting your brands values and maintaining a good …

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3 Ways to Scale Enterprise Content Marketing in 2018

As expectations from clients feed personalization efforts, enterprise management must support content creators in producing more content for different context segments and permutation, as well as find ways to repurpose existing content. When an organization can scale its content marketing, it gets itself into a position where it can strengthen its brand affinity, expand its audience, and ultimately generate sales and leads by appealing to other organizations. However, those looking to scale content are likely to find themselves in a complicated situation as they won’t be working with a blank canvas. As content shifts from desktop screens to smartphones to …

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9 Tools Every UX and UI Designer Should Have in 2018

In thiѕ inсrеаѕinglу noisy wоrld whеrе еvеrу day a nеw brаnd оr product lаunсhеѕ еvеrу second оf a dау, what wоuld it take tо make people rеmеmbеr you аѕ a business or аѕ a brаnd? A stunning, сrеаtivе аnd memorable dеѕign with impeccable mаrkеting tасtiсѕ. UI and UX Designs is аll known fоr ѕuсh hеftу jоb when it соmеѕ to dо it аll. Thеrеfоrе, kеерing уоur branding ѕtrоng, modern аnd bаѕеd over lаtеѕt trends such as creating user-friendly websites will nоt оnlу givе your buѕinеѕѕ a соmреtitivе еdgе but will also реrfоrm еxсерtiоnаllу tо attract mоrе customers tо уоur dооr аnd …

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Best Ways to Anticipate Customer Needs (Infographic)

In the perfect world, businesses can anticipate the needs of their customers early on in their interactions and avoid issues like complaints. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, so optimizing the customer experience remains a huge challenge. The price for failing this challenge is a number of unwanted outcomes such as undermined image and customer loyalty. Despite this, many marketers and business leaders are ignoring or downgrading the importance of working with customers before and after the sale. Yes, the fact that a customer came to your company and bought something doesn’t mean that your product is great …

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HUAWEI P20 Pro Smartphone

HUAWEI P20 Pro Smartphone Feature Review – All You Need to Know

In last few years, you may have observed tremendous evolution in the Smartphones of HUAWEI. The recently launched P20 Pro has definitely allowed the company to look forward to some record-breaking sales. The credit goes to its modern features, extraordinary build quality and awesome technology used in the camera. If you have enjoyed the earlier models such as P9, P10, and P20 then hold your breath for P20 Pro. Here we have listed some of the key highlights of that will help you to discover what this Smartphone is packed with: 1) Design: HUAWEI P20 Pro comes with scintillating glass …

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HUAWEI P20 Smartphone - 2

HUAWEI P20 Smartphone Feature Review – All You Need to Know

Are you aware of the influence that has made in the smartphone market when it launched for the first time? Well the follow-up of HUAWEI P10 will be known as HUAWEI P20. This makes everyone excited as skipping sequence from P11 to P19 means this new device would take a great leap forward. Probably, even twice as great as P10? Here is an all-inclusive review of that will help you to unravel the unique features and functionality of this device: 1) Display: HUAWEI P20 is packed with amazing colored glass on rear side, while the front side is blessed with …

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5 Best Trending ECommerce Product ideas to Sell in 2018

Is eCommerce here to stay? The listless positive potentials of eCommerce are about to unfold in the year 2018. Groundbreaking eCommerce product ideas will dominate if not monopolize the global market in the current decade. The eCommerce trends in the recent past speak volumes for it. Statistics from 2017 have shown that nearly 1.66 billion people all over the world purchase goods online. Also, the projected eCommerce share of total global retail sales of 2021 has come out to be 17.5%. This clearly indicates the distinct niches eCommerce has carved out for itself in the bygone years. Considering the year 2018 …

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