Month: October 2013


How to Increase Social Media and Organic Visitors

Traffic on the website is considered as one of the best and appropriate ways to know the performance of your website on the web. We can measure or scale the success of the website via the amount of visitors coming on your website receiving in a day, a week and a month. This is also considered as one of the best ways to decide, which marketing strategy is more effective and is giving the best results to your website. It is necessary to conduct both on-page and off page optimization frequently for your website, so as to get the organic … Continue Reading…


A Google Update Killed Me – Can I Make a Comeback?

It’s the worst-case scenario that millions live in fear of every single day. You open up your analytics account, check out the traffic from last couple of days and notice a drop of 50%, 75% or even up to 90% – literally overnight. And once you establish that this wasn’t a server problem, you come to the terrifying realisation that Google has worked its magic with another update and sent your site spinning into oblivion. So of course, this is the moment when doom and gloom takes over and proactivity goes out of the window. Your link building ‘efforts’ and … Continue Reading…


Rethink Before Considering Responsive Web Design

Forrester Research Inc., has estimated that the US e-retail sales will observe a compound growth rate of 10% in the next five years. According to the source (Forrester), it will be $370 billion by 2017. This is an encouraging figure for the eCommerce industry. According to the projection of eMarketer Inc., the mobile devices will play an important role behind this growth. The forecast data shows that the US retail mobile commerce sales will grow up to $39 billion by 2013, which is 56.5% up compared to 2012, and has tripled in 2013 (Source: eMarketer). Both sources (Forrester & eMarketer) … Continue Reading…