10 Reasons Why WordPress Rocks

When it was first introduced, WordPress became popular as a blogging platform. Now it has evolved from being merely a blog developing tool to becoming the most widely used content management system and website building tool. Today, WordPress is used for creating all kinds of websites, and the user guide is easy enough for anyone to understand it easily and create an absolutely functioning website quickly.

WordPress brought with it one of the most comprehensive and easy to use Content Management Systems, effectively changing the outlook for businesses. Now, almost everyone owns a virtual office! If you are not already convinced about how great WordPress is, we have a slew of reasons why you should choose it for your website.

We love WordPress, and here we tell you why:


WordPress is free

Point 1WordPress is free to use and offers more than 18,000 themes and 35,000 plugins – a lot of which are free, to get you started with your website. It also enables you to customize or modify your site as per your requirements. There are hundreds of preloaded WordPress free themes which can be used to develop excellent sites within a matter of a few minutes.

Easy to use and learn

Point 2WordPress is used by millions of people every day, and the number keeps increasing due to a simple reason – it is simple and easy to use. WordPress tutorials offer you step by step tutorials and guides about making websites.

Helps you make an extra buck

Point 3WordPress enables users to monetize their work through ads – in particular through Google AdSense and similar other programs. WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms utilized by various affiliates and affiliate networks.


Point 4WordPress, with its large community of problem solvers and technical savants, helps you get all the support you need for using it. All your problems will be quickly resolved, and you can also get access to user guides, tutorials and a lot of other helpful tips and literature.

SEO – Friendly

Point 5WordPress offers a lot of inbuilt as well as third party plugins that can be used to enhance your website’s search engine rankings. WordPress is inherently SEO friendly with features such as the ability to generate search-friendly URLs. SEO plugins, such as those by Yoast, can be used to optimize the search engine further.

The best blogging platform

Point 6More than 20% of websites in the world are powered by WordPress – making it the best blogging platform. Its themes, widgets, and plugins enable you to solve some of the most common problems that most new bloggers face, including that of the design of the blog.

One-click posting

Point 7WP works as a one-stop solution for website posting. It is easy to create your content, and then you can easily format it, add media and even post it with a single click. WordPress gives you a lot of options to present your content uniquely.

WP is easy to manage

Point 8WP has inbuilt updater that allows users to update plugins and themes easily with a single click. All alerts for updates can be seen on the admin dashboard. The automatic updating system enables users to manage their website more efficiently. There are several plugins such as ManageWP that makes it easy to manage multiple websites from a single dashboard.

Safety and Security

Point 9Safety and security were never this simples. With WordPress, you can safely upload images and media to the server, through your dashboard, instead of using an FTP. WordPress themes help it serve some purposes such as those of arcades, blogs, shopping stores, etc.

Extended Functionality

Point 10You can create almost any kind of website using WordPress. You will find a plugin for any feature that you find on top sites. There are thousands of premium WordPress themes and plugins which are specially designed for a particular type of website. Thus, you can get a premium WordPress theme for a travel portal, online marketplaces, job portals, live broadcasting services, and whatnot.



There are no reasons why you shouldn’t use WordPress for your next website. There are hundreds of thousands of developers out there who can fix the technical issues and provide premium support. The active community is backed by a strong and dynamic firm, Automatic, that regularly updates the core WordPress code to make it relevant and keep pace with modern times. So go ahead and develop your next WordPress site in a few minutes.

author-image-anthony-bergsThis article is written by Anthony Bergs. He is a project manager at Writers Per Hour. He always keeps an eye on the marketing sector to implement the best innovations in the strategies that he builds. He’s always open for new connections and partnerships. Follow him: Twitter | Google+.

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