9 Best Identity Theft Protection Apps

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In this article we will learn about the best identity theft protection apps and why are they very important to adapt in our daily lives.

Identity theft protection service providers are basically doing the job of protecting our credit and public dealing records from the hands of fraud people who do malfunctions for their own negative reasons. These types of protections are also needed for doing the job of cleaning up the mess and rebuilding your credits which in return can cut off all kinds of negative plans.

Before choosing from the companies given below, please visit their websites for more of their service details, their updated fees, and upcoming discount promos against which they can provide you with the best satisfactory services.

And nowadays theft and crimes are increasing day by day. At all times it is not possible to resolve all the credit-related crimes of our own. Because it is a full-time job and it is not possible for our own to keep an eye on all those matters. So it’s better to keep a professional team or company to do the job on our behalf.

1. Identity Force


Identity Force is basically working in four steps. Firstly they will monitor our personal identity by keeping a strong eye on our credits. Secondly, they will alert us if they detect any sort of mischief in our credit score by phone, or we will get an email or SMS. Thirdly they will help us to take control over our personal data and information from getting further damaged and so we can prevent our personal information from getting into risk. And fourthly, they will make us relax by keeping our personal credit information secured, updating our paperwork, and doing everything to save our personal data safe and secure.

The identity protection pricing comes with two plans. One is UltraSecure+Credit and UltraSecure. The first one is the most popular and the price is just $23.95 per month and the second one is $17.95 per month.

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2. Surfshark Alert

Surfshark alert logo.

The largest online menace comes from a data breach where cybercriminals acquire unsanctioned access to databases having personal details such as email addresses, credit card numbers, and even social security numbers. These credentials are then sold on the dark web or used for identity theft which causes financial loss and damage to reputation.

Surfshark Alert utilizes cutting-edge mechanisms to keep an eye on such databases and alert you if any of your data is spotted. This allows you to respond in real-time and protect your accounts before any harm happens. It also enables you to change passwords or cancel credit cards that might have been leaked promptly.

With the help of machine learning algorithms and human insight, this tool checks sources such as different public leaked databases on a regular basis. It can then compare this data to the information given by its users at registration. In case a match is found, you will get alerted through email or on their easy-to-use dashboard.

What makes Surfshark Alert a unique tool in its class is the large scale of coverage – it searches through over 2 billion leaked records on more than 1 million websites every day! This implies that if your details were leaked before, but appeared in public databases only now, you will still be notified.

Surfshark Alert is a must-have for any individual who wants to oversee their level of online security and privacy. Its integrated product coverage, timely alert, and additional functionality differentiate it from the competition. Don’t put it off until your security is compromised; sign up for Surfshark Alert today and have peace of mind that all the supplied details are secure!

They have 3 plans, Starter, One and One+. Each plan has buying options for 1-month, 12-month, and 24-month. If you wish to opt for the 12-month plan, use the promo code “ALERTDEAL“. This will give you an additional 4 months free.

3. Identity Guard


The work style of Identity Guard follows a three-step rule. First, they will monitor our personal credit; secondly, they will protect it from various types of negative attacks and thirdly they will recover our personal information from getting hacked and malfunctioned.

They have three plans one is Identity Guard Essentials, the second one is Identity Guard Total Protection and the third one is Identity Guard Total Protection. The first one comes at $9.99 per month, the second one comes at $19.99 per month and the third one comes at $24.99 per month.

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4. Lifelock


Lifelock is an American-based identity theft protection app provider. They can provide services to all sorts of customers. Their budget and plans of services are unique and reasonable. They can avail or reach all kinds of customers with their different plans. The pricing system starts from $10 to $27 and their different plan stock generally suits everyone. They have three types of plans: Lifelock Standard, Lifelock Advantage, and Lifelock Ultimate Plus. The three plans differ from each other. However, some initial features are common to themselves. But as we increase our fees and subscriptions we will get better service or advantages.

Basically, they work in three processing systems, first is detection, the second one is alert system and the third one is protection.

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5. Credit Sesame


Credit sesame works in ten stages. It comes in the fourth position. Firstly it will monitor our credit and will secure our free credits. Secondly, they will give us total free theft protection. Thirdly will monitor us timely if they detect any sort of problems or fraud with our credits. Fourthly they will give advice on how to improve our credit score to make our financial conditions better and powerful. Fifthly they will help us to manage our every debt and free credit limits in one place for our better understanding. Sixthly they will help us to make a chart of our every financial issue and will help us to track our loans and payments properly for our easy dealings. Seventhly they will guide us on how we can save money from our existing loans and debt. Eighthly they secure our data and information through the strongest encryption methods from getting misused by third parties. Ninthly we can access our credit sesame account from mobile and from a desktop. So wherever we are we can access our bank accounts and credit limits securely without any tensions. Tenthly they believe that personal credit and debt information are a consumer’s right and so they have kept their services completely free.

6. Equifax


Equifax basically focuses on the main key areas like they keep a daily monitor on our credit reports so that we can improve our credit score. Secondly, they keep an eye on our public database and social security numbers. So that in the future if they find any sort of fraud or problems they can inform us in advance. Thirdly they will give us an idea and measurement of how to measure our risks and problems so that we can take important measurements in the near future. Fourthly and fifthly they give us family protections along with 1 million dollar theft insurance.

They have two types of plans one is the family plan and the other one is the individual plan. In the family plan, if we go for the annual subscription process we will be charged $25 per month. And if we choose a monthly plan we will be charged $29.99 per month. That means in the annual subscriptions plan we will save a total of $59.88 in a year. And moreover, they are also saying that if we are not satisfied with their services they will refund our money and anytime we can cancel the deal with them.

7. PrivacyGuard


PrivacyGuard claims to be the Award-Winning Resolution Team who will assist us 24/7. PrivacyGuard generally focuses on credit reporting, credit monitoring, and identity theft protection services that will help us maintain and control our most critical and privatization information. So with their constant support and assistance, we can keep our goodwill safe and secure.

For their constant help and support, they will charge us only $19.99 per month. But first, if a new customer comes they will get a 14-day free trial after which if we are satisfied then we can continue or otherwise we can give up their plan.

8. AllClear ID


AllClear ID has different alert tools through which we can get an instant alert from fraud and malfunctioning. Not only these have had several alerts for us in whom we will get Identity Theft Monitoring, Child Scan, and Credit Monitoring. So with their constant help, we can help we can easily safeguard our identity from getting misused.

For their constant support and help, we will have to pay them just $14.95 per month.

9. Credit Karma


First and foremost Credit Karma will help us to understand our credit limits so that we can improve our financial status. They will help us for free so that we can get our free credit scores, reports, and monitoring. Not only that they will also help us by recommending us credit cards and loans which will suit best into our credit profile.

Credit Karma has lots of financial calculators for various reasons. So go for it and enjoy this app for 100% free. There are no fees required to become a member or to enjoy their tools of credit karma.


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There is a lot of information mentioned above regarding the best identity theft protection apps. You can go and research more for your own personal reasons and suitability if you are really planning to go for this sort of app.

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