10 Great Marketing Ideas for Businesses with a Limited Budget

Let’s face it. Investing heavily on the advertisement for traffic, or investing anything on marketing at all is often tough for early stage businesses. But just because you don’t have money to spend doesn’t necessarily mean that you will do nothing about it. Simon Cuthbertson from City Print Design has some excellent business marketing ideas small businesses can execute without breaking the banks. 1. Create instructional videos It can really be expensive if you’ll ask for professional help, but you … Continue Reading…


How your Slow Website Burns a Hole in your Pocket (Infographic)

A mammoth 16% hit to your customer satisfaction rate is supplicating, to say the least. Consider an example of an eCommerce start-up that usually sprouts with a handful of employees or the founding members; every single penny spent would be with a view to generating desired value to its business. A wonderful team of technicians and top brains is the driving force towards putting together that unique product arising from a novel idea. The process that follows afterward and which … Continue Reading…


A Comprehensive Guide on How to Setup a Limited Company in UK

Aside from the sole trader option, the most popular business structure in the UK is forming a limited liability company. Setting up your own limited company is actually one of the smartest ways for you to get paid to work. Having your own limited company gives you the power to own everything, define your brand, run your business efficiently and be able to try things you couldn’t do as a sole trader. When you decide to set up a limited … Continue Reading…

Niche Highlight Focus Stand Out

What Makes Your Brand Stand Out in 2016?

A brand is the direct reflection of your business, its purpose and its existence. Yes, definitely it’s existence. Imagine an Adidas shoe, preferably a high-end one. Now picture it without the Adidas logo or the name. Are you going to be convinced by the built-quality, shape and fabric of the shoe and make a purchase with mere confidence? Most probably no, you won’t. This means even though the shoe is exactly the same; instead of grabbing your interest, it is … Continue Reading…

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management in 2016 – Why and How?

There is a lesson in all of this. Reviewing, and the consequential reputation has become a quintessential need for companies in this day and age. Beyond the realms of entrepreneurship, lies a kingdom where consumers tick the right boxes, signaling your next potential customer a positive go, and who does not want to acquire new business? Therefore, it is imperative to manage your reputation and make it easier for new customers to find you and all the good things about … Continue Reading…

Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

7 Mobile Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Use

An entrepreneur truly has a remarkable job, but it can also be trying at the same time. The major challenge is at arranging everything in a systematic order so that the proper files and documents are within the hand’s reach when required. The uses of apps are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a kickass way to organize everyday tools and monitor daily business pursuits. Whether you’re in need of a health maintenance regimen or having a tech inquiry, there … Continue Reading…

Digital Data Technology Cloud Computing

The Revolutionary Applications of Digital Data Technology in Logistics

Ever since humans started to trade, goods have had to be moved from one place to another. In the modern world, this is still the case but the process has become ever more complex and demanding. Logistics is the planning, implementation, and management of moving goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption and it requires a great deal of precision and timing. Clients and consumers expect to receive orders within a given timeframe and logistics service … Continue Reading…


Software Solutions for Tech Startups

Starting a new business can be daunting, and can feel like something of a minefield; with so much to think about how do you make sure that the right jobs are being prioritized, and the most important tasks fulfilled? With paperwork and other legalities taking up precious time the software side of things can often take a back seat – big mistake! It’s essential that you don’t assume the right software will just leap out at you, or that your … Continue Reading…

Business Analysis Data Social Media

4 Businesses Killing it on Social Media

I bet you are like most people who are out there in social media trying to get seen in the midst of millions, but you are not exactly seeing the results you want.  In the ocean that is the internet today, you do not have to spend tons of money on advertising or post outrageous articles to stand out, highly successful companies are taking very simple steps to increase lead generation and traffic on their websites. The most important thing … Continue Reading…

Why a Video is Worth a Thousand Business Conversion?

Why a Video is Worth a Thousand Business Conversion?

The human brain has a special affinity for images as 90 percent of the information that our brain gets is from the images as it is said that it process visuals more that the text. These stats were about the impact of images and speaking of videos in which there are 120 or more still pictures (as per the latest technology) running in front of users will surely create a resonance. Though a minimum frame rate is achieved so as … Continue Reading…

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