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Android vs Windows Phone – The Smartphone Battle

June 6, 2013


android vs windows phone

Introduction (Android vs Windows Phone Battle): Smartphone market has become a highly contested battleground where pitched battles are being waged by the giants from mobile manufacturing segment flexing their muscles and wielding the different models loaded with several warheads called features and apps. These wars are making news in the smart phones arena for quite […]

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6 Current Best Large Screen Tablets

April 29, 2013


best large screen tablets

All over the world, needy users are in pursuit of best large screen tablets that can easy to carry and meet all their needs too. We have identified six such large screen tablets that are widely popular, come with some unique but many common features and carry different price tags that would match with the […]

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6 Current Best Small Screen Tablets

April 26, 2013


best small screen tablets

Looking to purchase a Tablet? Here is the list of 6 best small screen tablets currently available in market. Long time back desktops were replaced by compact and versatile laptops. These laptops have provided the user with more mobility, flexibility and comfort. But even these gadgets were being perceived as a “baggage” that demands for […]

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Why Can’t Google Help Android Mobile Owners To Find Their Lost Ones!

April 23, 2013


anti theft

I am starting this article by giving some facts of Google: Yeah, the last one is quite strange for anyone who is possessive about Google and its unabated enthusiasm to bring out or take over new innovations, more often than not. It is true that Google did pay some attention towards this topic but the […]

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iPhone 5 – Features, Specifications & Comparison with Nearest Competitors

September 24, 2012

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iphone 5

It is that time of the year when speculations and months of waiting culminates into the launch of a new Apple product. When that new product is a brand new Apple iPhone, the anticipation and expectation can skyrocket to unimaginable heights. As expected and speculated for some months, Apple has finally come out with the […]

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