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Web Design

Web and Graphics Design is one of our core expertise field. If you wish to design cost effective visually perfect website related products, we are here for you.


Web Development

Web Development is our main working area. If you wish to build one website which is technically and visually perfect and also cost effective, we are here for you.


SEO & Content Writing

We provide services for SEO & Content Writing. A good website stands well only if the content of the website is easily understandable to visitors with well planned SEO.

:: Our Most Popular Products ::

rsmonialsRSMonials is a Joomla Component that works natively in Joomla environment. This is a very simple and user friendly testimonial component. Using this component you can easily able to accept comments / feedback / review / testimonials from your clients or visitors. This is a free component.

rscoolmp3player-logoRS Cool Mp3 Player is a flash based minimalistic Mp3 player with a twist, perfect for your website. It supports the basic functions of an mp3 player- play, pause, draggable volume bar, sound visualizer. It includes a special sound visualizer that changes when you drag the volume bar.

rs-flashmaticRSFlashMatic is a Joomla Module works natively in Joomla environment. This is a highly customizable XML Image Rotator with more than 35 XML options, including the masking size and speed. You can use this module in any size you need. This is a free extension.

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