WordPress Blog Headline Tips : Don’t Stuck with Traditional Headlines

WordPress powered blogs have become the topic of discussion among bloggers residing in different corners of the world. With enhanced readership and engagement, WordPress blogs have become the number one choice of writers who are intending to start their own blogging website. Headline, being one of the most crucial aspects of a blog needs to be framed in an intelligent manner. Taking chances with the quality of your WordPress blog’s headline can adversely affect the site’s overall performance. In this post, I share a few handy tips that work wonders for writing blog headlines that stand out from the crowd and have the potential of grabbing the attention of targeted readers. So, let’s get going!

WordPress Blog Headline Tip #1 – A Tabloid Headline is always “IN”

WordPress Blog Headline 01If you’re an avid magazine and tabloid reader then you’d be definitely familiar with the headlines that are being used for different stories covered therein. On carefully observing these headlines, you’ll find the usage of some common phrases, words and subjects that can turn to be an effective tool for choosing a great WordPress blog headline. I’m not asking you to copy the tabloid headlines as it is. You can choose to go through them for getting an idea about the writing style that needs to be followed for penning down an out-of-the-box blog headline.

WordPress Blog Headline Tip #2 – Insult headlines do work for your WordPress blog

WordPress Blog Headline 02Although I might sound crazy saying this but it’s true, insult headlines do work for your WordPress blog. Some incredible examples for insult headlines include:

  • “10 Reasons your blog sucks”
  • “10 of the Dumbest Mistakes WordPress Bloggers Make”
  • “5 Reasons No One Is Sharing Your Posts”

It’s in the human nature that people who’re being insulted for a thing are likely to invest their time and energy into knowing the exact reason behind the insult. The same thumb rule applies to writing blog headlines as well. Just make sure not to overdo it, else you’ll lose even your regular readers.

WordPress Blog Headline Tip #3 – Don’t miss the “Issue Resolved” Headline

WordPress Blog Headline 03Although it’s a bit challenging to come up with an “Issue Resolved” headline, if done in the right manner it can help you gather maximum traffic for your site. The entire idea behind writing such headlines is, knowing about the issues faced by your blog readers and letting them known that your write-up has the perfect solutions to their problems. Here are some examples for headlines created using the “Issue Resolved” headline writing technique:

  • “How to Get Your WordPress Blog up and running in less than 24 Hours?”
  • “How to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog?”
  • “How to add widgets into your WordPress Blog?”

WordPress Blog Headline Tip #4 – Instant Gratification concept does magic for blog headlines

WordPress Blog Headline 04The instant gratification concept is supposed to be an effective tool for writing headlines that are successful in making many eye-balls roll. People love the promise of instant gratification and if your blog comes with a heading that delivers such a promise, you grow your chances of getting noticed over the web. While using the instant gratification concept for writing headlines, make sure not to mislead the people because at the end it is you whose reputation is at stake. Here are some examples for blog headlines that are based on the instant gratification concept:

  • “Quick tips on monetizing your WordPress Blog”
  • “Learning C Sharp in just 6 months”
  • “Simple guideline for attracting visitors to your website”

WordPress Blog Headline Tip #5 – Collaborating Curiosity and Controversy

WordPress Blog Headline 05Unlike the plain curiosity-based blog headlines that fail in gathering the attention of readers, the ones built using the Curiosity+ Controversy concept fare well with the blog readers. Well, nowadays winning the confidence of readers isn’t easy. By incorporating a tint of curiosity into your blogs, you can’t expect people to read your entire post. You also need to suggest the readers that the information delivered in your blog are capable of sparking a debate or challenging the world opinion on a particular subject. One of the most effective advantages of using controversy in curiosity-based blog headlines is that our current society is full of commonly accepted myths that need to be busted on an immediate basis. People are living in a world of illusion which contains tons of socially accepted beliefs. Writing blogs on such topics serves as the best way to challenge such beliefs in an intelligent way.

WordPress Blog Headline Tip #6 – The “Breaking News” Headline will never be out-of-fashion

WordPress Blog Headline 06People are always tempted to read blogs that come with breaking news about a particular industry. Choosing headlines that reflect particular breaking news can be really effective in grabbing the attention of readers. In order to come up with an impressive “Breaking News” blog headline, I recommend you to set Google alerts for all the latest happenings in your blogging niche. This will keep you abreast with all the topics that you can choose for you next blog post.


Hope the aforementioned tips would’ve served as a handy guide for all those who’re stuck with the age-old techniques of writing blog headlines. I’m sure these tips would help you come up with a WordPress blog headline that is 100% unique and worth gathering the attention of readers.

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