Pros & Cons of Wireless Security Systems Over Their Wired Counterpart?

The viewpoints may differ! Both, the wired and the wireless security camera supporters have their own long list to justify their choice. However, there are certain pertinent points that may make your selection a little biased towards the wire free version, specifically, if you are planning them for your abode.

Before we move further, the user has to understand one thing that every technology that comes up has its own pros and cons. Similar is the case with wireless systems too. ‘Wire free’ ones are not faultless; but, they come with certain features that CAN’T be ignored too! Streamlined installation, remote monitoring, easy integration, and extension, are just some advantages of these systems. There are more to ensure that these systems will start paying for themselves from the day one.

Let’s take a look at all the trump cards of a wireless security system:

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Less Vulnerable:

Wireless Security Systems - Point 1Nothing could give away the presence of a camera more easily than those black wires running around the wall. For thieves, it is a matter of a few seconds to sniff out, cut these wires and break into your home or office.

However, with wireless camera systems, there is no fuss of wires at all. As much as this facilitates these systems to hide away, it also liberates you from the complex process of installation. Thus, with a ‘no-wire’ equivalent, no matter how many wire cutters the burglars bring along, they will be still be sitting in the back of a police cruiser and enjoying the free ride at the end.

Power grids and phone lines, which are an essential part of wired security systems, make them vulnerable too. But, the same does apply to their wireless counterpart. Power outages or phone line issues don’t disrupt the working of these systems. They use batteries to keep you safe even when the power is out and most of them are able to alarm monitoring stations/concerned departments in case of any malfunction (or damage).

The best part is there would be no wires running all around your place and hence, you don’t have to compromise on the aesthetics of your home/work area.

Small ‘n’ Compact:

Wireless Security Systems - Point 2The not-so-substantial size of wireless cameras as compared to wired cameras will complement the interiors and exteriors of your home very well. But, don’t go by their size! These small gadgets have big things to offer. Cameras that belong to this group is good enough to keep an extra eye on your employees to ensure that everything is working as it should be OR to check out if your children and elder family members are safe and sound. The small size of the cameras helps the user to conceal the devices easily too.

They can fit in anywhere and everywhere flawlessly!

Easy to Set Up:

Wireless Security Systems - Point 3The ‘no-wire’ surveillance equipment is as easy to set up as it can get. Just take it out from the box and place it wherever you want and that too, yourself! Even for people who are not very good with gadgets, setting up a wire free hardware is a child’s play. No complicated pins, no color particular plugs, no drilling of holes, no modifications, no long wires – just no fuss at all! All of this saves money of a professional installer too.

With the systems under discussion, you also enjoy the freedom to install your cameras at any location without worrying about the connections and long stretches of wires. The only thing that will limit you for picking a location of your choice would be your imagination.

This advantage makes these systems most apt for places like the ones with historical significance, old age homes, and the ones that have substantial marble or any other stone construction.

Simply Portable:

Wireless Security Systems - Point 4Wire free security systems are no longer only property owner’s pride. The renters can equally enjoy their benefits. These systems are easy to put up and equally simple to remove as well. The ease of portability empowers the renters and owners alike to take the equipment along with them when they are moving into a new abode/workplace. Now, people having rental properties can also give a serious thought on investing in the wireless security systems.

After all, installation and reinstallation are so facile!

Easily Expandable:

Wireless Security Systems - Point 5Thinking of hiring a pet-sitter as you have to go out for a few days? Or wondering about adding cameras to a new room, the room redecorated for your newborn? Or want to add more sensors to your kitchen? None of this is a problem with the wireless option. Just go ahead and do it.

Thus, you need not buy the whole system at once; you can expand gradually as per your needs. Also, you can keep up with the upcoming technological advancements. With without wire systems, be assured that you can expand them when the time comes.

Now, let us discuss a few things that might hold you back from buying such systems.

CCTV Cameras - IP Cameras

Some people are of the opinion that wireless systems are subject to distinct interferences (such as remote controls, household appliances, or other electronic devices) however, this is very infrequent. Moreover, the newer models of these security systems are more advanced and eliminate the problem of interference to a great extent. So, don’t lose your sleep on this issue.

Although to keep these systems functional at all the times, you may need to change their batteries timely; but then, these batteries make them work in power outages too.

Talking about cost; lately, the prices of wireless systems’ have dropped down a lot. In monetary terms, these are now comparable to their wired counterparts. So, this can’t be considered as a downside anymore.

With upcoming models, all the limitations of ‘without wire’ equipment are diminishing away and their attributes are shining more brightly.Wireless Security Systems - conclusion

To conclude, I would just like to say that the more you explore these devices, more would you be convinced that these gadgets are all-rounders. They fit in every place, every need and every situation!

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