Top Web Technology Trends to Watch in 2016 (Infographic)

As the web keeps on growing at a very increasing rate, there has come up a number of new trends especially with regard to web development for mobile websites, web applications, and so many other web assets. Here are some of the top trends in web design according to the experts in this field.

1. Responsive Design

Point 1Responsive design is all about making website content fit and adapt to any device that a user is accessing the web from. Responsive design usually has a fluid layout which can modify to fit device specifications for the best performance.

2. Material Design

Point 2The design team from Google recently came up with a new set of design guidelines that quickly rose to fame and immediately got to be used by mobile and web developers all over The material design is a mix and match of elements, rules, and layouts to create realistic UI objects that do not behave outside their nature. This comes with easy animations and smooth transition for the best visual effect.

3. Card based interface design

Point 3When working to design an application that offers multiple functionalities, then you will need to make use of cards to determine the layout or order of UI elements as they fade into view. This trend was the initial concept by Twitter and is the UI they use for their apps as well as third-party applications.

4. Parallax Scrolling

Point 4Scrolling in parallax brings about an effect of objects being so far apart they almost appear to be in 3d. It is a great trend for photography and art websites where the most eye-catching content is put in a position where you definitely won’t miss it.

5. Typography

Point 5Fonts need to be smooth and clean enough to be readable on devices. With clean, outstanding fonts for your website, your readers will have an easy time reading your content and will tend to spend more time on your website.

6. UI and UX

Point 6User interfaces are the basic elements that work together to create an intuitive experience for the user. UX is all about optimizing these experiences to create a personalized experience for the website or web app user thus increasing engagement.

Top Web Technology Trends to Watch in 2016 (Infographic):

Top Web Technology Trends to Watch in 2016 (Infographic)

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