11 Awesome Photoshop Fonts You Need to Try Out (FREE!)

You see it on posters. You see it on banners. You see it on magazines and book covers. It’s practically everywhere.

Text is the simplest and most commonly used tool to deliver content. But plain text could easily get boring. So how do you make a simple text extraordinary? Use an awesome font. In a world of text and people with short attention span, the power of a unique font can make a huge difference.

For graphic artists and web designers, choosing a standout font is all too important. Indeed, the kind of font you use can have such an impact on the look and overall outcome of your work. Whether you’re working on logos, banners, headings, packaging or just about any creative project, you have to make sure it looks striking yet professional.

If you’re a designer or artist who’s on the lookout for some of the best fonts around, below are some you should check out right now.

Photoshop Fonts FREE!


Elegant and geometric, Dense is the brainchild of Canadian artist Charles Daoud. The font is simple yet its clean thin lines make it perfect for professional projects. Dense is currently only available in Regular but the creator has said that more weights (thin and bold) will be added soon.


This classic font is simply elegant. It is noted for the distinctive K and R tail and its tapered serifs that flow naturally. Quattrocento is formal and professional-looking which make it suitable for headlines and huge displays.


With its smooth bold strokes, Brusher is an artsy brush-lettered font that is great for printing, lettering projects and branding. Its uneven look give it a naturally hand-written appearance. Designed with precise strokes, Brusher looks just like a masterpiece of a calligraphy expert.


Bellico is an elegant script typeface with many alternates available making it perfect for various creative projects. The best thing about this font is that it comes with bonus ornaments and underlines. With its alternates and ornaments, Bellico is a great choice for posters, logos, headlines and a lot more.


Balqis is a fantastic example of calligraphic style with its feminine smooth strokes. It’s casual yet classy. This font is noted for its high contrast and legibility. Balqis is the font of choice for greeting cards, wedding invitations, logos and book covers.


Those who are aiming for a naturally hand-written look will find just what they need in Claire Hand. This font is neat, clean and fun. Claire Hand is great for infographics, posters, greeting cards and other sorts of creative projects. It comes in three different weights: light, regular and bold.


Stellar is slick and legible. Its personality brings life to galactic ideas and celestial projects making it a useful tool for designers and graphic artists. The stylish font comes in four weights: regular, light, medium and bold.


One of today’s most popular grunge fonts, Soul Mission is widely used in blogs, magazines, posters, videos and logos. The good thing is that the font has been made available for free by the artist and creator himself. This cool font can be used for commercial and personal projects.


Compared to the other fonts in this post, Kilauea has a different look and feel. Its serifs and corrugated lines can easily remind you of Hawaii or the surf culture in general. The font’s outdoor vibe makes it a superb choice for projects involving travel, beach and adventure.


Yeah Papa is that font you can just have fun with. Its bold uneven letters make it look like it’s hand-written. This cool font has a certain summer feel to it, reminding you of a day out in the sun or a music festival, carefree and fun.


Ansley Display is a retro-inspired font that is an excellent option for commercial and non-commercial purposes. With its smooth and solid lines, the font is suited for branding, headlines, infographics and large displays.


Now that we’ve given you a lowdown on some of the finest fonts around, go and try them out on your next project. Share your work and find out what other people think.

Haven’t found that certain kind of font you want? Don’t worry, there’s a lot more where these came from. Fortunately, the internet has an almost infinite wealth of resources where you can get the tools you need. Even better, they’re free! Check out some of the newest featured fonts that are all cool and useful.

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