5 Best Ways to Implement Chatbot for Your Business that Saves a Lot

Chatbots are in trend now since few years and day by day new businesses are implementing one for their business. There are many reasons for chatbot implementations as chatbots have proved its usefulness in many automation tasks and there is no doubt that it helps to save a lot of bucks for any kind of business.

It all depends on how you want to implement bot in your business to get the maximum out of it. If implemented properly then definitely it turns out to be a good decision.

Here are few ways in which a business can implement bot so that it helps in saving.

1. Bot to provide information about your business

Implement Chatbot for Your Business that Saves a Lot - Point 1Whenever a user or your customer visits your business, they want to know about your services or products.

You display all business information on your public profiles, but there are chances that people have questions regarding your services, people might not get the complete idea about your business and much more.

Mostly business prefers to hire representatives that can connect to the users and customers on regular basis.

If you automate the task of representing your business by implementing a fully conversational chatbot then it is capable to answer all your business-related queries and as it is one-time work of getting a bot ready. This definitely saves a lot of time and money for maintaining online reputation.


2. Bot to give 24/7 Customer Support

Implement Chatbot for Your Business that Saves a Lot - Point 2When it comes to chatbots, then how can we skip their implementation to give customer support.

Business spends billions on providing customer support and according to insightsquared $41 billion is lost by US companies each year due to poor customer service.

Customer support plays an important role in customer satisfaction. This becomes a very important aspect of a business.

To provide support, mostly brands hire trained individuals who can provide professional customer support. But if this process is done by bots then it not only saves money & time but also able to provide support for 24/7. Human support has limitations of working hours that is not the case with bots, hence your customer will get instant replies every time when they talk to your bot.

With bots, it is easy to give support on all platforms as they can be integrated on all platforms.

For business, it is also necessary to stay active on all channels, as people want to stay in touch with their favorite brands where they spend their time. And the bots can be easily integrated on all platforms even without technical skills.

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3. Marketing automation Bot

Implement Chatbot for Your Business that Saves a Lot - Point 3Marketing is a term which cannot be ignored by any type of business. Automating your marketing efforts with the help of bot is certainly a good idea.

It may be in the form of scheduled broadcast regarding new arrivals or it may also be in the form of user survey to get to know your customer pain points so that to improve their experience with your brand.

Getting this job done with ads and popular marketing software is obvious for a brand. But if done with the help of chatbots then definitely there is a huge difference in the cost comparison.

Nowadays many platforms give the option to make bots public and can be self-hosted so that you can directly share URL with your customers. This eliminates the need for any kind of application or getting them to your website, or any extra efforts.

smartphone chat user chatbots

4. Appointment Booking Bot

Implement Chatbot for Your Business that Saves a Lot - Point 4For varied industries, the process of appointments and timings differ. For example, if we talk about the healthcare industry, then booking appointment depends on the department, doctor, location, etc. whereas booking appointments for corporate businesses only depend on available time slots.

In Traditional way hiring HR or secretary is common for a business for appointment management, but if this work can be automated by a bot then it is surely one to be thought of.

5. Bot for internal Team management

Implement Chatbot for Your Business that Saves a Lot - Point 5Team management software and tools can be considered as one of the big spendings for a business.

This includes team communication & collaboration, time tracking, project management and much more.

If we consider a scenario where every team member wants detail regarding its tasks, projects etc. then there can be a bot reminding them their project details every day.

Also, there can be a bot addressing team members issue with the resources on daily basis and keeping track on whether it is resolved or not.

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There are plenty of chatbot platforms available out there, also chatbot developers are available to implement custom requirements if needed. Hence, business should give it a try on getting a chatbot for work for themselves as applying a new tech will always be profitable.

This article is written by Dharmi Gohil. She is Digital Marketer at Floatbot who is passionate about chatbots and marketing. When she's AFK(away-from-keyboard), she's chilling with friends and having good food. Follow her: Twitter | LinkedIn | Google+.

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