7 Local SEO Tips to Help Business Dominate Search Ranking in 2016

Local Business plays a great role in ecommerce business. Most of the local business will focus only on a particular region. In order to get your business targeted in particular area, you must use few local SEO tips to be ranked in the first page of Search Engine results. The statistics shows that about 73% of Google Search comes only for local business. By using the local SEO tips, you can easily rank your business and get the targeted audience.

Optimizing your website locally is quite a hard task. The ways of Local SEO are different from that of traditional SEO. But by performing Local SEO, one can easily rank the website in the higher Google listings.

Google Pigeon Update

Local SEO Tips - google pigeon update

Google Pigeon update is an algorithm which is helped to rank the local business much similar to the traditional methods.

The few factors which the Google Pigeon update will consider while ranking local business are

Domain Authority: The website with higher domain authority will be given the first priority.

On-page optimization: Other than these updates, a good on-page optimization will help to rank easier. Highly optimized websites with huge keyword density will make the website to come down gradually. Only the proper methods will help you to rank permanently in the Search Engine Results.

Local SEO tips for 2016

The following tips will give you a helping hand in making your website visible in the organic search results.

1. Make your website responsive:

Local SEO Tips - Make your website responsive

We all know that no person is without a mobile phone. Google statistics says that, people around the world are spending more than 15 hours per week on internet in mobile for searching several services and products. This will be growing in the future. So any business who likes to have a strong online presence must have a responsive website design.

By having a responsive website design, your website will adapt according to the screen size. This helps to broaden your audience.

There are few tools to check whether the website is mobile friendly. You can try this: Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

2. Impressive Content:

Local SEO Tips - Impressive Content

The content is the main thing in your website. Only the content will talk about you to the visitors. If your website content is not relevant to the people search, it will create a bad impression with the visitors. This will not help you to have the repeated visitors.

Give a brief description about your business with at least 250 words similar to a blog post. This makes the users as well as the search engine bots to crawl the pages and make it worth for further reading.

3. Local Keyword Optimization:

Local SEO Tips - Local Keyword Optimization

Local keyword Optimization is the best way to rank your website easily in the higher pages of Search Engines. Keywords help to bring organic traffic to your website.

Besides this, you should also add the business area mentions in:

  • Title tags
  • URLs
  • H1 headings
  • Image Alt tags
Alt tag is very important for images as Search Engines unable to read them. Search engines can read only text. Including keywords as Alt tag for images is a basic SEO practice which helps in local optimization of website.

4. Avoid Keyword Spam:

Local SEO Tips - Avoid Keyword Spam

Many companies are still stuffing the keywords in the content. This is not the right way to optimize the website. Google have announced these types of practices as spam and will ban you from the search results.

By giving more keywords will not give good readability to users. So search engines won’t find your website relevant to the query. Avoid keyword stuffing and use only which are related to the content.

5. Register in Business Listings:

Local SEO Tips - Register in Business Listings

Include your business in all the major business listings. Getting listed in the local business directories will help you to have many visitors to your website.

Some of the major business listings are:

6. Social Media Presence:

Local SEO Tips - Social Media Presence

Social Media helps to get the wide range of visitors to the website. Through social media, you can keep in touch with your customers by sharing the updated information and to attract new customers. A research has stated that about 50% of adults are using more than one social media daily. So the presence of business in social media will fetch you more organic traffic.

7. Check Analytics:

Local SEO Tips - Check Analytics

Finally, you must monitor your website analytics regularly. By analyzing, you can find which practice helps you to get more traffic to your website. Google Analytics is the well known tool for analyzing the website.

Checking Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for keywords is also very important. Don’t think that SEO is not useful. This will surely help you to attain success in your business both by getting online and offline enquiries.

This article is written by IswaryaRam. She is a well specialized in digital marketing and have keen interest in SEO. She has 6+ years of expertise in integrated digital marketing and web designing and had worked in Zuan Technologies, one of the reputed web design company in Chennai.

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29 thoughts on “7 Local SEO Tips to Help Business Dominate Search Ranking in 2016

  1. Hi Souvik,

    Excellent SEO tips to get the best ranking on search engines. It will really be going to help newbies. Can you please give us some suggestions on my website? How can I get more traffic to my site? Thanks for sharing this great article.

  2. Hey Souvik,

    Indeed an amazing piece of information. It will definitely help other aspirants. On the other hand, if you install an SSL certificate on your website, it can be helpful for search engine ranking. But, it is a wonderful article for sure.

  3. Excellent article post here. As SEO perspective that everyone should follow each and every tip to maximize traffic on the website as well as it is the right direction to attract with the genuine user. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nowadays, Local SEO plays a huge role to develop the business. Thanks for sharing this impressive piece of guide with us. I shared it on my page.

  5. Mr. Souvik,

    Thanks for sharing this informative article. Just to add on, making backlinks is also an important factor in SEO. Linking to other reputed websites helps in the ranking of the site.

  6. This is a very nice article about Search Engine Optimization. Its tips are very helpful to me. This is a great tutorial to wrote a useful blog post. Thanks for this article.

  7. I definitely agree with tip 1. Even still, there are many websites that I audit which do not have a mobile friendly design. I believe Google has even now removed the “mobile friendly” tag on mobile search results because it expects everyone to be mobile friendly by now. The trouble is, many small local sites are still not, so they will be pushed even farther back in results over time.

    Good content is also important. And entering keywords naturally is even more so. Most companies don’t forget to add their keywords but some still don’t have much on page content. This leads to them accidentally raising their keyword density to the point of over-optimization. So a good practice is simply more content and watch keyword density just as was mentioned in the article.

  8. I have one question If I and my friend have the same content and both publish in the different website so which will be penalized?

    • If Google Bot finds the same content on 2 different websites, then it tries to find which content is older. In most common cases, the newer content does not get the rank and the older content gets a higher rank.

  9. Excuse me, sir, Avoid Keyword Spam: If my content had so many keywords, but different words, that’s spam also?

    • An article may contain more thank one keywords. But make sure not to place your keywords irreverently in your content. Do not stuff your content with keywords unnecessarily.

  10. Wooww… Awesome post. Thanks a lot for sharing. I’m planning to build a new website for my local business. These tips will help me get good rankings. I won’t approach any SEO company and these would save lots of my money. Thanks again

  11. Hey, Souvik.
    Excellent post! Great SEO tips to get good ranking on search engines. Great insights and will help SEO newbies to learn a lot. I like the point #3. Local keyword optimization is a must for a small business. Can you please give me some suggestions on how I can optimize my local keywords so that i drive more traffic and conversion to my website?

  12. Hmm. An amazing post especially amazing picture on point 4. Interesting how many websites are still using keyword stuffing like shown in the picture. As Slovenian furniture SEO blogger, I have also some tests and evidence to rank my articles in top 5 without using any keyword at all. It’s usable content that counts. Regards.M

  13. 1.SEO is the Techniques of promoting and ranking website in order to boost the number of traffics the site receives from search engines.
    2.SEO is the easy method of ensure your site is structured in a way that search engines understand.
    3.Search engine optimization is not only a engines. It’s making your website better for visitors too.
    4.SEO involves changing website code, content and presence in order to boost rankings in search engines.
    5. Almost 1.5 billion searches are made worldwide on a daily basis.
    6. If your website is ranked at the top of a search engines, you are essentially starting a free marketing campaign.

  14. Tips are really good, startups really follow these tips for local marketing. Also in additions to “Point 5- Register in Business listings”, use websites like Hotfrog, Bizidex and Brownbook. These websites contain interesting features. Hotfrog and Brownbook have features where you can update new updates about products and services regularly. Bizidex act as your online business card as it also contain google map. Listing websites with map perform better on the search engine. Find more similar website like these and increase more presence.