4 Bygone Technological Trends that Happened in this Decade

The world that we live in is far more complicated and fast compared to the previous half centuries or decades. The development in this world is so fascinating and lightening quick that we hardly get time to recover and learn from the previous decade or so. The age that we live in is all about technology and this is why the focus on innovations is so high due to all the possibilities that we have with the support and facilitation of various technological devices. From smartphones to social media like Facebook, everything that was introduced as part of the technological revolution has completely changed the world and transformed its dynamics. Things that we used to believe in and had used so ignorantly are no more the part of the present and for the future, they have absolutely no space at all. Let alone things, companies who denied the reality of the technological revolution have now become old pages of history and no one really cares about them.

4 Bygone Technological Trends that Happened in this Decade 2

These things have affected the way we live, walk, talk, eat and sleep. They have changed everything about us and to some extent, even our personalities. Who knew people in a large social setting will still be glued to their mobile phone screens? No one imagined that the internet would become so cheap that even the wrist watches will show internet connectivity and smartphone internet will penetrate almost a quarter of the first world country’s population. In the light of such extravagant development, today our blog will shed some light on the things of the past. We will mention four technological gadgets or services that have become completely obsolete this decade and are now a part of the history.

On the go phones and personal messaging devices, also called PDAs

On the go phones and personal messaging devices, also called PDAs

We all remember personal messaging devices like PDA’s and talk across the room phones like Walkie Talkies. They were once a very important part of our lives. PDA’s were used so frequently and with amazing services through Blackberry more so in the professional world. The people from large corporate companies relied on PDA messaging just like we rely on email messages today. However, now the trends have changed, children born recently do not even know the existence of such gadgets unless they come across it through some old movie or collection.

Paid email accounts and messengers

Remember, America Online? No, that is because paid email accounts and messaging services are the things of the past now. Hotmail, to some extent, completely changed the email scenario by giving out huge amounts of space to save your files and send free emails across the world. MSN changed the trend of paid messengers and now GMAIL has taken over the world like a storm with huge amounts of virtual drive space and messenger attached with your email addresses. The paid email accounts have long become the thing of the past and not a single company can dare to re- introduce this trend anymore. As we move into the technological world from one decade to another, the cost of using such services is constantly coming down and consumers are on the benefitting side of it.

Dialing connection

Dialing connection

We all remember the frustrating wait of one minute and then the weird sound of the dial tone while connecting to the internet. As times passed by, the wired internet changed this scenario and now a complete satellite internet or Wi-Fi has made our lives even easier. One cannot imagine going back to the age of the dial-up internet anymore.

Movie rental stores

Movie rental stores

When was the last time you rented out a DVD? With the introduction of programs and streaming technology, like NetFlix and Torrents, you can now download movies, buy them online and watch them whenever you want without renting them out. Companies like Netflix who only had a niche presence in the areas of the United States and the United Kingdom are now rapidly expanding their services in the name of both localization and globalization. This means they are not only extending their basic services to more countries around the world but also bringing in the local content to each particular country.Like, for example, if NetFlix is operating in Asia, then it will have some Asian content to entertain that form of the market as well.

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