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After the thrill of purchasing a new PC, the challenge of making it yours sets in. You must now find a way to transfer all of your old files from your old computer to your new computer. However, this is a task whose solution isn’t immediately apparent to everyone. Of course, there are well-known ways of moving data such as through network transfers, creating data disks and the use of removable storage such as flash drives. However, transferring tons of data is not only tedious but can take up a lot of our time, causing many headaches in the process. Luckily, data transfers can also be accomplished through the use of software many of which require only a shallow learning curve. The best programs used to transfer data from one PC to another are efficient, do not require much monitoring and are easy to use. Here are a few ways you can transfer data between computers using software.

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1. Folder Transfer

Data Transfer - Point 1Folder Transfer is free software that allows you to transfer files and folders from one PC to another either over the internet or a local network. Folder transfer can be used to send files to one PC or multiple PCs simultaneously despite their location. Folder Transfer also allows users to identify files and folders that can be shared with other users and downloaded at any time of their choosing. The program also supports breakpoint transmission and CRC32 verification during file transfer. Folder Transfer is available on all versions of Windows from Windows 10 going back to Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0. The company has also created paid “Professional” and “Enterprise” versions available that allow you to send files greater than 1GB and allow you to download more than 3 shared files from others in addition to a number of other features.

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2. Dropbox

Data Transfer - Point 2Dropbox is a cloud storage service from Dropbox Inc. that allows users to upload files and folders to the cloud as well as to synchronize files across devices and share files with other users. Dropbox is freemium service that offers paid services for greater storage capacity. The free version of Dropbox allows users to transfer up to 20GB of data a day while paid users are allowed to transfer up to 200GB per day. The service allows users to synchronize files and folders across devices. For instance, a user whose primary device is a desktop at home but also uses a laptop when on the go, can install Dropbox on both devices in order to synchronize files across both devices. Whichever files are stored in the designated Dropbox folder are automatically uploaded to the cloud and can be downloaded to any other device on which Dropbox is installed and the user logged in. Dropbox is also available on a wide range of platforms including OS X, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux.

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3. EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free

Data Transfer - Point 3Whereas Dropbox and Folder Transfer can be used to transfer only files, EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free is a tool used to transfer both data and applications to other PCs. After acquiring a new computer, it is a hassle to move all of your data to a new computer so that you can begin using your new computer seamlessly. There are lots of files to be moved, applications to be installed and settings to tweak before you can enjoy the same functionality from the new computer as your old one. However, EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free makes this transfer a lot easier by automating a great portion of this transfer. After installing the software on both computers, users can identify the source and target computers. Next, they can choose what they wish to transfer from the “Applications” and “User Data” sections. Under Applications, users can select one or all of programs that already exist on the source computer. The windows will even show you which of your programs are compatible with the target computer’s operating system. Under User Data, users can designate which of their files and folders they wish to have transferred to their new computer. Finally, after selecting “Transfer” the data transfer proceeds seamlessly.

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4. Zinstall Easy Transfer

Data Transfer - Point 4This is yet another program that seeks to help users ease the tedious process of moving from PC to PC.  Zinstall Easy Transfer helps users to move all of their files, settings, preferences and favorites from their old PC to their new machine. The program boasts that users do not need to have any technical knowledge in order to accurately use the program. With just basic computer skills, users are able to perform the data transfer they need. However, unlike EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free, Zinstall does not transfer programs. After installing the Zinstall Easy Transfer on both new and old computers all that is required of users is to identify which is the new and which is the old computer. Clicking “Go” initiates the transfer and that’s all that is required of users. After the transfer is complete, the program offers a number of perks. For instance, users can open their old desktop on their new computers. Users can even open programs on their new computers that will ordinarily be incompatible.

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The thrill of acquiring a brand new PC is very often mitigated by its unfamiliarity and the time commitment required for the new owner to transport all of their files from the old PC to the new machine. While the process has still not been rendered completely painless, there are many ways to eliminate much of the anxiety involved in the migration. There are a lot of programs available on the market that aim to make data migration less of a headache it has been. Not all programs offer the same amenities. While some programs will move only files, others programs will look at the bigger picture, helping users to migrate data and a variety of settings. Of course, the onus is on the user to investigate the features to see which program will suit their purposes.

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