Top 10 Programming Languages for Web Development

It is spot on that the technology world is getting higher and growing immensely every day. The modern technological world is coming up with new trend tablets every day. So, the competition too has full-fledged in the technological world. A lot of technological developments are combating each other to arrive at the top position. In this, technological world, web development is a very important thing. In the present day, programmers and web developers are in huge demand in the field. It has become an important thing to have a good knowledge in programming languages.

What are the top programming languages? Most of the experts in the field say that it depends on many criteria. With the fame and developments in web technology, it is necessary for each business to have a website and it has to be visually striking as well. The most important facets of web development are web programming and it can be accomplished with the assistance of programming languages. Web development languages are very imperative since it is the base for communicating instructions to a machine and following its actions.

Observably, a number of programming languages are now obtainable. Programming languages have dissimilar functions to play and web developers must choose the best programming languages to make their venture successful one. It is simply a matter of selecting the language that best suits your needs. There is a list of the most popular languages used in the industry at present. Following are the top 10 programming languages for web development.

1: JavaScript

JavaScript Programming Language

JavaScript is one of the well accepted and forceful programming languages employed for developing websites. JavaScript is exceptionally useful as this language can vastly aid you in making communication for your website.  JavaScript is able to accomplish quite a few things including managing the browser, edit content on a document, let client-side scripts commune with users and also asynchronous communication. Generally, JavaScript is used for including animations on the web pages, loading new images, scripts or objects on a web page, and make vastly receptive user interfaces.

2: Java

Java Programming Language

Java is regarded as the perfect language for web development. At the moment, it is said to be the top most programming language in the industry. Java is a class-based, OOPs language. Java is planned to function across various software platforms including Mac OS X and could on Windows.

3: PHP

PHP Programming Language

PHP means Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is one of the most generally used languages for web development. PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language and it is employed to form dynamic pages promptly. With the assistance of PHP, you can expand a web app very swiftly and easily. PHP is directly fixed into an HTML source is rather than an external file. PHP controls lots of websites that are WordPress, Digg, and Facebook.

4: Python

Python Programming Language

It is an advanced, and it is one of the server side scriptings for websites and mobile applications. It backs up many programming paradigms such as OOPs, structured programming, and even functional programming. A lot of web developers are using this language as a result of its flexibility and the broad range of application. Python can effortlessly run on LINUX and Windows based servers.

5: Ruby

Ruby Programming Language

Ruby is a powerful and object-oriented scripting for developing a website. It is used for the formation or programming of mobile apps and websites. The language effectively balances vital programming with functional programming and is a greatly scalable language. Ruby is recognized for its simple and effective writable techniques and it is a user-friendly language for beginners.

6: Perl

Perl Programming Language

Perl is a well-acknowledged programming language in the web development field. The language presents unique tools for different vague setbacks such as system programming. It is an interpreted script language and compilable into a dual executable or platform-compatible Bytecode.

7: C

The C programming language is a standardized programming language. It is one of the most broadly exercised programming languages. C is appreciated for its efficiency and is programming language known for writing system software. It is also used for writing applications. The language was shaped in order to easily compile by employing a simple compiler. It presents minimum possible run-time support and supports cross-platform programming.

C-CPP-C++ Programming Language

8: C++

C++   offers facilities for low-level memory manipulation. C++ is an intermediary level language with object-oriented programming facets. It was initially designed to boost the C language. C++ influences chief software like Firefox, Winamp, and Adobe programs. Acknowledged to be the powerful language, C++ is used in very important operating systems, such as Windows.

9: C#

C#-csharp Programming Language

C# is considered to be a multi-paradigm programming language. It includes imperative, functional, generic, object-oriented and component-oriented programming disciplines. The language is enunciated C-sharp and C# is a general-purpose language utilized to build up software for Microsoft and Windows platforms.

10: SQL

SQL Programming Language

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is a necessary part of web development. When the web developers implement on databases such as Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, etc, they have to know about SQL programming language because through this language they can accomplish the knack of obtaining the required data from large and multifaceted databases. It is usually used for its Query purpose, which seeks informational databases.

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