Tips for Outsourcing Your PCB Design Layout In 2018

Sometimes, your company might have a Printed circuit board (PCB) design layout done and you suddenly discover that there is something that you need to change. Your engineers are involved in another project and you can’t divert them from that project. What do you do? You outsource. Yes, you can outsource to get changes in PCB design done.

In the business and technological world of 2018, outsourcing has become mainstream. Lots of companies turn to outsourcing to get changes in PCB design layout done faster while spending less. Outsourcing any change in PCB design layout will give your engineers the time and resources to focus on other major tasks. Plus, it could be expensive to have a large team of PCB designers in-house. You’ll need to pay their salaries, allowances and buy expensive software for them. When you outsource, you can benefit from the latest technology as good outsourcing firms update their technology regularly.

But outsourcing could be difficult. You don’t know who to trust. You don’t know the firms that are dependable and the ones that will waste your time. Also, PCB design involves a lot of intricate work. There might need to be adjustments to the designs. You need to find a good firm that you can communicate well with. A good firm will understand all the intricacies of your design and will give you what you want, not what they think is good for you.

The following tips will help you when outsourcing your PCB design layout.


1) Determine how much you want to pay:

Tips for Outsourcing PCB Design Layout In 2018 - Point 1Before you begin the outsourcing process, have a budget in place. Then, look for outsourcing firms that meet your budget range. A budget will help you narrow your search. But bear in mind, that quality is more important than pricing. Do not go for a cheap job that will be poor.

2)  Ask for samples:

Tips for Outsourcing PCB Design Layout In 2018 - Point 2When you want to outsource in order to make changes in PCB design, ask for samples of previous work. Check out how creative and innovative their designs are.

3) Look for recommendations:

Tips for Outsourcing PCB Design Layout In 2018 - Point 3A lot of companies have been outsourcing whenever they want to make changes in PCB design for some time. Meet these companies and ask for recommendations.

4) Check reviews:

Tips for Outsourcing PCB Design Layout In 2018 - Point 4Check for reviews of any firm you want to outsource too. Are their reviews glowing? Have there been complaints about late delivery or other issues? Be thorough and take your time.

5) Explain what you want clearly:

Tips for Outsourcing PCB Design Layout In 2018 - Point 5A lot of times, misunderstandings and unclear descriptions lead to poor jobs and complete redesigns that will waste time, money and cause a lot of bad blood. Be clear with your explanations. Give the outsourcing firm any necessary details that they need to know.

6) Have a clear agreement:

Tips for Outsourcing PCB Design Layout In 2018 - Point 6Before you outsource to any firm, ensure that there is a clear agreement between your company and the firm you want to outsource too. Have a lawyer around to go over the fine print. Ensure both parties are clear and there is no unresolved issue on ground.

7) Protect your intellectual property:

Tips for Outsourcing PCB Design Layout In 2018 - Point 7There have been cases of IP being stolen after jobs were outsourced. Keep the outsourcing company on a need to know basis. Supply them adequate information but do not give them more information than what they need. Have them sign a non-disclosure agreement before you commence the outsourcing process. Engage the services of an IP lawyer if needed.

8) Ensure your communication process is smooth:

Tips for Outsourcing PCB Design Layout In 2018 - Point 8Communication is very vital. Ensure that you keep each other apprised of any development. If there is a need for changes to be made in the design of the PCB design layout, inform the outsourcing firm. Keep up with them every step of the way and ensure that they are on track and their design is coming up in line with what you what.


conclusion-thumbs-up-final-thoughtsOutsourcing is a good step to take when you want to make changes in PCB design. Outsourcing is an effective strategy when done the right way. Prepare adequately for outsourcing and follow all the tips listed in this article. Ensure your management and engineering team work hand in hand to make the best decisions. Remember that there are several firms that you can outsource to. If a firm disappoints you, move on to another one.

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