Technology – GPS and Smart Collars to Keep your Pets Safe

There are all kinds of devices out there when it comes to improving your pet’s health. In this day of cutting edge technology, people are turning to wearables and smart devices to:

  • Enhance fitness levels.
  • Keep track of medication.
  • Stay in touch with friends and family.
  • Track locations.
  • Increase personal security and so on.
So why not invest in the right kind of technology for your pet as well? By enrolling your furry friend in pet insurance, you can invest in some great financial plans, and you can invest in technology too.

Why invest in tech?

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The unfortunate reality is that pets can go missing at any time. This could either be because the pet has run away or because of someone ‘kidnapping’ them. Either way – the pet owners will be in a state of high anxiety to get them back. An implanted GPS chip can go a long way in tracking the pet within a short time. Technology can also help in:

  • Monitoring the food given to pets.
  • Fostering better health.
  • Checking the fitness levels and activity of your pets and a host of other things.

Location tracking

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There are two ways to go about this:

  • A GPS device that gets attached to the collar of your pet.
  • A microchip that gets inserted under the skin of the pet.
Both offer distinct advantages of course. A GPS device that gets attached to your pet’s tags can be your go-to device when you are confident that the pet does not leave your sight. But if your pet is an outdoors animal, then a microchip may be better since it cannot be removed easily. Both can be monitored efficiently and continuously with the help of a smartphone.

Why are people opting for geo-tracking?

With a chip or a GPS device, your pet’s location can be monitored to the nearest meter with a little effort. Furthermore, a chip can be scanned. Many countries have started a national registry of pets and so even if your pet has been found by someone else, that person can just scan your pet and read the details of the chip or device. The registry will have information on your pet and the address or contact number and so on. Within no time at all, you and your pet will be reunited.

Activity levels

Lots of pet owners have to travel – whether it is for work or errands of various kinds and this may keep them out of home for long spells of time as well. Inevitably, being away from their pet can cause a lot of anxiety regarding the monitoring of what the pet is up to and even feed times. Here is where many devices can help.

For instance, installing a Wi-Fi camera can help an individual monitor the pet’s movements. It can also assist in having conversations with the pet via a screen. While nothing can beat actual human interaction for your pet, technology can certainly play a huge support role for our relationship!

Smart collars


The growth of wearables has been significant when it comes to the human world. Wearables of all kinds, shapes, and sizes are helping people in many different ways. This is true even in the pet world. A collar for a cat or a dog has become a thing of intelligence indeed. There are plenty of manufacturers out there who are creating smart collars which can do many things all at once. These smart collars sync up with a mobile app so you can check on your pet via your smartphone.

Deliverables of smart collars

A smart collar can:

  • Measure the active time of your pet.
  • Sleep cycles.
  • Help in healthcare.
  • Track your pet.
  • Also, come with illumination to identify your pet’s location in a bad light.
  • Serve you reminders for pet appointments.
  • Help in audio communication with your pet.
  • Track vitals – temperature, respiration, pulse rate and so on.
Again, nothing can take the place of constant interaction and attention towards your pet, but with a smart collar, you get an extra helping hand that goes a long way intending to your pet’s needs.


Pets love to run about and live it up! Cats are almost always trying to run out their homes. Dogs can allow a new smell to define uncharted routes for themselves – whatever the reason- your pet is mobile. With the help of technology, so are you! More specifically, your mobile device can help you immensely in being smart about monitoring your pet. With the right combination of gadget or device and the right app, you can enjoy a lot of peace of mind on your loved pooch.

Indeed, GPS trackers and smart collars have gone a long way in helping many pet owners rest much easier when it comes to the health and well-being of their furry buddies.

author-image-pippa-elliott - Technology - GPS and Smart Collars to Keep your Pets SafeThis article is written by Dr. Pippa Elliott BVMS, MRCVS. She is a veterinarian with over two decades of experience treating cats and dogs. She is also a research contributor to and gives pet insurance reviews and compares coverage to decide which options will keep your pet healthy. When she’s not working, she’s relaxing at home in London with a house full of her own beloved pets.
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