Awesome Tech Inventions You Should Know About

Creative minds are always looking for new ideas to fill the gap between existing products and our expectations. In some cases, the products already exist but we do not know about them. Inventions in tech industries have especially proven valuable by serving the entire world.

The latest tech inventions target social life, students, parents, businesses, and children, among other areas. Here are awesome tech inventions that you probably have not heard about.

Robot Birds


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What you saw outside your window this morning could be a robot and not an actual bird. As robotics takes a new dimension, developers have settled for birds that look real. The birds fly and even produce a sound similar to the birds you find in nature.

Robot birds have been deployed in various areas. Some are used to guard airports and sensitive installations against the interference of real birds. For instance, birds in airports damage engines and may bring down an aircraft. The developers release a robot bird in the form of a predator. It chases the birds away, clearing the sky for aircraft to land and take off.

Robot birds are also being proving useful in security surveillance. The birds come with such striking similarities that you cannot distinguish them from the real ones. They serve as spies in enemy territory or when pursuing suspects without being detected.

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Math Clock


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Mathematicians will love this invention. It is a clock that pushes you to remember calculations or a particular topic whenever you want to know the time. The math clock does not display 9.00 o’clock or 4.00 am. Instead, the screen will feature a calculation that you have to solve in order to know the time.

The Math Clock is perfect for students who want to learn and memorize math formulas. As you are forced to find the solution, you will be revising different topics. Eventually, you understand math better by virtue of knowing the time.

The Math Clock is unique in that the equation will change every time you look at your clock. The first answer may be drawn from calculus while the second comes from trigonometry. The aim is to help you revise as many topics as possible.

The Math Clock is also available as an app. It is available on android and iOS devices. If your life is heavily dependent on math, this is the clock to use. At the same time, you customize the clock to determine the topics that will display time. It is an opportunity to cover as many topics as possible.

Bike Light


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Do you love bicycles? Does it feel unsafe riding in the night? Then you will love Bike Light. The aim of the invention is to illuminate the rider when he is cycling in the dark. The bike creates a circle of red laser light around the bicycle, to allow drivers using the same road to see you.

The light is not permanently on because it can distract your vision. The lights are automatic and will come on when the vehicle is tens of meters away. As the light comes on, the driver will see you clearly and avoid accidents in the process.

The light will keep drivers meters away when they are driving behind you. When the light comes on, it indicates that the driver is too close and will need to keep a safe distance. It is an invention helping bicycle riders to enjoy safety.

Military Mind Control Helmet


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The use of helmets in military assignments has evolved tremendously over the years. At the initial stages, the idea was to protect the head from arrows and spears. As technology evolves, helmets are bullet-proof for protection. Technology is now helping to create a helmet that can control the mind of the soldier.

The helmet is manufactured with the assistance of Arizona State University in collaboration with the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The idea is to regulate the brain of the soldiers so that they act in a particular manner. The technology is referred to as ‘Transcranial Pulse Ultrasound’ and is designed to deliver high-frequency waves to particular regions in the brain.

The signals manipulate how a soldier reacts to particular events on the battlefield. For instance, the waves could influence the reaction of a soldier after extensive hours awake. The waves eliminate fatigue, helping the soldier to work long hours. The technology may even allow soldiers to avoid stress and pain when injured on the battlefield. That way, the soldiers will not need to take morphine or such pain-numbing medicines.

Technology has raised a lot of questions over how far technology should be allowed to interfere with the human brain. While a commander can be yelling orders at the barracks, it is a different idea to control the brain to that extent. The side effects of running such external waves over the brain are also a cause for concern.

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Pencil Pusher


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Each American uses 175 pounds of paper each year. Once the paper is used, the remains go to waste, polluting the environment in the process. The Pencil Pusher is an office recycling program aimed at turning these papers into pencils.

The Pencil Pusher works in a very simple way. It comes with a feed slot where you insert the waste papers. It also has a repository for lead pieces that are used to write in pencils. The small hand-held machine compresses the paper using glue, later rolling it into a pencil.

The invention received a lot of attention during Lite-On Awards that seek to nurture innovations. It was discovered that an office can produce several pencils a day using this method.

The challenge, however, was the number of pencils each office required. You must consider that people today are writing on tablets and laptops. All these pencils will be useless, resulting in more wastage. It will also require glue and lead to piece the pencils together.

Perpetual Printer


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Admittedly, the printing tradition has come a long way. The daisy-wheel printer was a predecessor to the dot-matrix printer and eventually the inkjet as well as LaserJet printers. The challenge with all these printers is that they require paper for you to see the work. The paper is then disposed of in pursuit of a new paper. The papers come from trees that take years to grow. The entire process of printing on paper results in environmental degradation.

What if someone would come up with a printer that was inkless, toner-less, and one that allows you to reuse the paper? The Perpetual Printer comes to mind. The idea is not new but has been perfected over the years. The original developers were Xerox who came up with the Gyricon paper in the 1970s. The paper uses a two-colored bead that is manipulated using a laser to reveal text and images. Once you pass the paper again on the laser printer, it will create a new image. The PrePeat Rewritable Printer uses plastic paper. The process of heating and cooling the paper results removes and adds images on the paper. You can reuse the paper up to 1000 times.

The challenge with this technology is damage to the paper that might affect its printability during the second round. The price of the printer and printer papers is also a huge concern. For instance, it would cost $6,000 to buy the printer and $3,000 for 1000 leaves of paper. An ordinary computer user will find a problem making such huge investments.

Seed Racer


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There is no doubt that Mercedes is a perpetual innovator. It has been a park leader for decades. In keeping up with this reputation, Mercedes has developed a vehicle that emits pure oxygen when it runs on the road. Once it has outlived its usefulness, the remnants are recycled into building materials.

The car design came up during the Los Angeles Design Challenge. The aim was to deliver the safest and most comfortable car. The car should accommodate four people and remain as light as possible. The Seed Racer weighs only 1000 pounds. It is made from ultra-light BIOME material to guarantee safety and keep the vehicle within reasonable environmentally friendly parameters.

The design is yet to hit the market because it is considered a futuristic product. However, it will be as common as a Toyota vehicle in 20 or 30 years to come.

License Plate Flipper


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The movie Goldfinger by James Bond features an Aston Martin with unique capability. It can flip vehicle number plates to conceal your identity. Such stunts are no longer the work of fiction. The License Plate Flipper does not, however, allow you to change your identity. Instead, it allows you to tilt the plates to an angle and reveal a message.

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Final Words


Many other tech inventions are making life easier for people in different sectors. Some are already distributed widely while others are exclusive for military use. The world is not yet done with an innovative mind and will, therefore, witness groundbreaking products.

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