SSL: The Backbone of Doing Business over the Internet

To know whether SSL is a backbone of an online business over the internet, let’s understand what exactly is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It optimizes your website for security and trust. It establishes an encrypted link between a server & a client and offers secure transaction to customers during online shopping. To use the SSL protocol, a web server requires the use of an SSL certificate.

Today, eCommerce is the most demanding businesses in the market & millions of e-Business providers use the SSL protocol to protect customer’s online transaction information. SSL is really important on the eCommerce websites, specially, which provides online products or services. It handles sensitive information of your customer such as customer names, phone numbers, addresses, credit or debit card numbers, etc. and assures customers of their data security.

People are looking for such indicators on the website because they are aware of cyber criminals, hackers, and online fraudsters. Therefore, they like to purchase from the store where they find trust indicators such as SSL certification. We never prefer to buy from where we do not trust. Hence, it is very important to add a trust indicator such as SSL on the site. It is an effective way to prevent a visitors from suffering ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ and hackers.

How Do SSL certificates work?

Providing data security is the biggest challenge for an online entrepreneur & building customers trust on your website is another. So, the best solution to such woes is SSL certificate. An SSL Certificate authenticates the identity of a website. After the SSL certificate installation, the padlock & http protocol is activated in the website. It provides secure connection between server & browser and transmits secure data.

The Key Points that describe benefits of using SSL trust indicator on your eCommerce site:

1) Increase Customer Trust on Your Product & Services:

ssl-secure-sockets-layer-01Did you know that providing a trust indicator helps you gain more consumers on your site. Almost every buyer knows about the cybercrime. So, it is pretty obvious that they would want to keep their personal information secure. In that case, SSL indicators are the best way to assure the visitors about their information safety & provide them a secure buying experience.

2) Ability to Convert Visitors into Paying Customers:

ssl-secure-sockets-layer-02Converting visitors into customers is the most challenging aspect of an eCommerce business. SSL is one of the important factors that inspire visitors to buy from your store & relieve them of their personal information security worries. People would love to buy from the store which offers complete payment & personal security when shopping online. On the other hand, if visitors don’t see the trust indicators, they prefer to leave that site immediately without wasting their time to check the product. Displaying the trust seal on your website can increase the visitor’s rate on the site and decrease shopping cart abandonment.

3) Increase Conversion Rate & Revenue:

ssl-secure-sockets-layer-03The business revenue increases automatically, if people love your products & services and buy from your store repeatedly. The buyers purchase a product, only when they find it secure. Approximately 63% of online shoppers do not purchase from a website that does not display a Trustmark.

4) Prevent Website from Credit Card Fraud:

ssl-secure-sockets-layer-04Have you ever imagined that you can be termed scam, if you don’t consider SSL on your website? This is how. In online shopping, when a customer submits his personal information like credit card, personal details on the website which is not protected, he can be dragged along the wrong plans of hackers. So, in such a situation, the customer’s first suspect is your website. It will decrease customer trust on your website & will eat into your precious time resolving such issues. Hence, if you are an online merchant, so it’s your responsibility to maintain the customer’s data secure. How SSL is important to prevent website from hackers?

  • Before the information is sent to the server/receiver, decodes all the information with a hidden key on the user’s computer.
  • Sends the encrypted key to the computer/receiver to decode the information safely.

5) Offers Added Brand Power:

ssl-secure-sockets-layer-05The business owner, which uses SSL certification on their online website can show certain images or offer site seals easily it represents the brand power and depicts that the website is secure and safe to use.

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