Smartwatch Development – Is it True that Smartwatches Means of Problem?

With the launch of a number of smart watches recently, wearable technology is expanding its feathers and there will be no wonder if our coming generations will completely be dependent on such wearable and performing their daily tasks through them. However, is it true that despite their wide usage and bright future, predictions reveal that there is still some hesitation in embracing these wearable. Does this indicate any fear? If yes, then what are they? Let’s find out.

Wearable Tech Smartwatch Development

Battery Drain

Be it any watch, brand or price most of the watches come with a battery life of one or two days maximum even with a minimal use. Feeble battery life is one of the most irritating parts for a user in such watches. LG G watch, which came sometime before, carried the same battery life and it still not being resolved even with the launch of Apple Watch.

Coming on the Android Wear versions, there are watches such as Alcatel One Touch and Pebble Time that come with a battery life of 2-7 days. Nevertheless, large batteries are not really the solution; in Alcatel and Pebble Time their GPS module utilizes less power and an e-paper display to enhance the battery life.

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Extremely Costly

Most of the watches, available in the market at present, are extremely costly and what’s the use if the battery of a so-called smartwatch, which is although comes with a high price tag, lasts only for a few hours. However, Pebble Time Steel is the answer to this as it offers a 10-day battery life. This watch is yet to hit the mass production. As far as Samsung Galaxy Gear S is concerned, paying a premium price for a watch with a weird look is ok to some extent. It’s geeky looks make users go without noticing it. In addition, smartwatches at present seem more like being compared to smart looking conventional watches that are a fine display of quality, class and durability.

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Brief Life Span

In regard to smartwatches, we will see some new advancement in their technology; however, nobody is interested in paying such a huge cost of over $300.00 (except apple fans) and the reason is quite simple –it will go outdated pretty soon. Therefore, people still love to go for a traditional watch that will keep on giving fine services for decades with no issues at all and will stay a great mechanical masterpiece forever.

For instance, a highly priced Apple Watch will become outdated approx in a year or will be called ‘a slow device’ as soon as the maker announces its improved version. Therefore, you can get understand the value.

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Complex Operating Systems

One of the biggest issues with such watches is the complicated operating systems used which further becomes a big trouble for the users. At present, Pebble Time Still seems to be the most convenient smartwatches to use. Navigation, touch and functionality are all a treat for the users. Its gradual learning curve and no gestures give it such liberty. However, the functionality of this device will be limited by this; therefore, it too looks pretty pricey than what it offers.

Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch uses rotating bezel to navigate the smartwatch, but it has a touch screen as well. Thus, a user gets more than one way to interact with the UI, meaning that it is going to be complex.

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It Needs Your Smartphone as a Support

At present, there is no branded smartwatch that can function on its own, therefore, you need your smartphone to connect to the web sync, download and access app data and shows contextual information. Now, you must have got that why do you need and additional device to spend money on, carry and charge when you already have one and surely a better one.

Wi-Fi capabilities have been introduced by Google in some of its Android Wear smartwatches. It is to consider that Bluetooth consumes more power compared to Wi-Fi; therefore, by using Wi-Fi your phone actually do data synching.

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Smartwatches are still not able to attract a big part of the masses and with the introduction of a number of other smart devices; the future for them will be tough. Maybe they can get success, but there is a long way to cover and offer users something innovative.

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