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The feature of domain sharing makes the user split his domain into more than 2 or 4 servers, This process allows you to have a domain server which works in different location and then in the last redirects you to the home page, they all use the main name of the domain but operate at different levels. There are 2 or more domains which are called the extra added domains. But they are entirely depended on your budget and the requirement of your computer software. But what would you do, if you wish to add more domains, how will that be possible? Just start paying more amount of money to your hosting company; it is one easy way to make an addition to increase your domain capacity on the account of your web hosting. What’s more you don’t have to pay a single buck for that. The process is completely penniless. Just take a look at the technique.

  • There are multiple domains with one website and hosting account that is shared. They come in .net, .org, and .us or .uk or .in. Just add your domain name the redirect will take you back to the main site.
  • Again there are multiple domains and the amount of websites that they handle are less in number, there is just one account of share host which has its particular domain name which lies in the main account, that is the main domain’s homepage. You can also create a website of your own and take a look at how this process works. Make it like,,,, or you will have the parts of this website in different locations. It is one surprising and interesting fact of Internet.

How to start Building the Website for Incurring this Process?

What you need to do first is, sign up for a website which helps you to build your own. There are sites available which help the user to make their own desired website. Find that particular site and sign up for it. Create an account in that if you are new to the site. The particular website would host your domain name system which translates domain names into IP addresses, your emails etc. would be hosted i.e. forwarded free of cost. Only thing you need to focus on, is to direct your domain to the DNS of that website.


Looking at the above diagram you will understand that this is the process of multiple domains hosting, a single website is focused on one account of shared hosting. Let us assume that you have made 3 or 4 domains of your website, say for example and And the website maker will redirect you to the main homepage of the website you have created.

These means that every single domain that you open will lastly guide you to the main home page. You can click on the Add domain type in the new domain and then click on the Add zone. There would be an IP and the 2 name server hosts. Give your desired name and then by opening another browser you can log into the control panel of the domain.

There you would find ample name servers and choosing from that you can replace the ones you kept before. After finishing this process, go back to the website maker. Click the edit button and lastly the new domain name which you chose from the website, just click on that.


The process is not yet over. After getting a new domain name click on web forward, then it would ask about your destined URL which you will type. Here one thing to keep in mind is your domain if has www attached to it, or it is without the www will nevertheless take you to the destined URL and unless you want it to move to some other page.

Finally you are done with your multiple hosting website process, this may take some time or even 1 or 2 days after that you can try it out. If you wish to try then just type your name which you had opted for your domain. Try typing or wildlife .org as you had desired. It will immediately take you back to the

We have discussed it before that, if the user already has the account in the shared hosting process and also have got plenty of gigabytes to use then he can wisely continue the process of making two or more websites again with the same process as before. Sometimes the company of web hosting will allow you add only 1 extra domain and not more than that. You can make your website in another folder and can name it to the Author’s Website. It would help you to remember that you have stored your website here. After that you will get the direct URL to your page. Take the example of mammals and reptiles. Now the direct URL would be then use the particular website’s steps which are given in the multiple domains and single website and one shared hosting. Be careful of changing the destination URL. As the task is completed now, you can open up the browser anytime and it will fetch you the content from wherever it has been kept by you. Keep adding the domains but at some point you would be restricted because the capability of hosting is limited to certain extent. Make sure that you have enough space for your websites and the website in which you made all this can allow you up to 5 domains. However there can be a variation found.

Also make sure that the domains that you have created are kept safely inside your folder .Take care of all the extra details that you have saved in the folder so that next time by default if you forget the process you can visit the folder.

This article is written by Christopher. He works in a website hosting company. He has keen interest in writing blogs. Here he gives some guidance to the net users to make their own domain named website.

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