RS GlassySlider – Flash-based innovative slider module for Joomla

Please Note: This tool is no longer available for download.

RSGlassySlider is a flash-based slideshow module. This is an innovative slider with a replicated background. The style is smart so the entire focus is on the displayed picture. You can easily modify the dimension. The dimension of the smaller picture is also customizable from the module parameter, and you can use two different pictures for each transition, but we determined to go with the same picture, for creating a better effect. It can handle an endless number of pictures, and each picture is packed only when the individual communicates with the navigation buttons. This is a free extension. The features are:

  • Customizable width, height, background color, and background transparency of the slideshow.
  • You can specify the main module dimension as well as the dimension of the inner highlighted images.
  • Slideshow can display two different images for each transition. Or it can display one single image as the main image as well as the background image.
  • It is also possible to manage the slideshow time.
  • Slideshow can display all images from a folder. Or if you wish you can able to set individual images also.
Please Note: This tool is no longer available for download.