Road Way Mapping System

For the movement of commuters within the city or cities nearby roads is the best mode. People find very convenient and easy to move within the city or intercity via road. They can use their own car or vehicle or use other modes of transport for the movement. Tourists who travel from other parts of the country or from the world also find it easy to use the same mode of movement within the city or intercity While moving within the city or another city people face difficulty in searching any part of the particular and they ask other local people to reach a specific location.

With the development of modern technology and new era of modes of movement a need to have online map of cities was urged by the local commuters and visitors to the cities. This thing was not only needed or required for the commuters living in developed cities of developed countries but for the developing and undeveloped countries as well. People are using modern technology at their best to move within the cities at their ease. They don’t want to disturb other people to ask them about the location to reach.

Google has provided an easy of reaching a destination by using Google Maps software that is available online. Different kinds of free online software’s are being developed by different companies to provide such kind of facilities to their valued customer. Most software’s that are being developed are using Java as their language or we can say that they are built on Java language.

The main thing on which they are being built is they get information from satellites that have been sent in space by different countries. All the main Roads and highways of all the developed countries are being linked to this Map developed by Google. Google has also developed the same Maps for another operating system they have developed for Mobile phones commonly known as android. Using (General Packet Radio Services) GPRS all the mobile users can remain in touch with the current updates with the maps and find it easy to reach at their destination rather than asking number of people to reach somewhere.

Google has not only developed this main feature on their own but are also focusing how to increase the reliability and readability of this commonly available software. Google has moved this thing to the next level and have introduced Global Positioning System commonly known as GPS which shows your current position and shows the path where you are intending to reach. An advanced version of GPS has also been launched for the valued and loyal customers of the product. The advanced version of GPS not only shows the path and also provides the shortest way to reach any location. If there be any hurdle or any problem that can be faced by the customer, it also shows that.

To use GPS or A-GPS from the mobile phone devices the data rate of the network that is being in the mobile phone should be higher. This technology has also evolved over a period time. The data of normal GPRS system or services has been 32-48 (kbps) kilo bits per second but with the introduction of 2nd generation of communication or Enhanced Data rate for GSM Evolution commonly known as (EDGE) this speed has increased to 256 kbps.

The technology hasn’t stopped their and 3rd and 4th generation of technology has launched for the mobile phone devices and data rate speed has been much more higher than this has been over the past few years. Mobile Phones navigate through this data rate of services that has been provided by the GSM network. Initial mobile phones that have been launched or technology that has been built were also thanks to Java language. Currently available general devices other than android enable operating system are being based on Java language or java enabled.

Navigational systems have been developed over a period of time. GPS has been the foundation of the digital mapping navigation system. There should have been two co-ordinates one from where the route has to be started and a destination point where we have to reach. GPS receives data from the different satellites that are circulating around the earth in their specified orbits. Then GPS receiver calculates the position of the destination with the help of three dimensions. GPS received utilizes the position with the help of these co-ordinates in both latitudinal form and longitudinal form. With the help of these points an exact position with an approximation of 10-20 meters becomes the output of this receiver. A real-time map is being used by the GPS receiver with the help of those co-ordinates give the path to the driver to reach the destination. If the driver drifts out from the path to reach the destination, the navigation system follows the same procedure to keep the driver to reach the destination.

This is the main course of action that is being adopted by GPS received for the road way mapping system adopted by the developed countries. This system is also being adopted by the developing countries. To implement this mapping system, roads of the cities are needed to be properly mapped and co-ordinates to give the desired output. This thing has not only been developed for the desktop systems or laptops. Technology has make advancements in the system and has become able for the mobile phones as well.

The advanced stage of GPS as described above i.e. Assisted GPS has proved to be very good for the calculation of the destination and is giving a approximation of mere 4-5 meters which is more accurate than to its predecessor. A-GPS is also using street views of the roads to make the calculation more powerful and helpful to the user so that neither it drifts away from the path to reach the destination nor have to get worry to come back to the original path to reach the destination.

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