10 Best Reasons to Select BigCommerce as Your eCommerce Platform!

If you have a retail store then you can start your own online business. Today, anyone can start an eCommerce business and he or she can sell different products from various sellers. As a mediator, you can earn some cut-off from sellers and customers. But to create an online eCommerce platform, you need to select the right content management system. In the present market scenario, there are ample eCommerce platforms available, and you can choose the best one according to your requirements.

It has been noticed that many eCommerce sites generally face some issues in their loading time, and order processing, and customers are often not able to make their purchase from these websites further. In this regard, you need to choose the best eCommerce platform like BigCommerce because here you can handle heavy traffic, process million orders at a time and you can also make your customers satisfied by engaging with them 24×7.

With over 95,000 live sites currently using the BigCommerce system for selling items and processing payments online, there’s a strong reason to believe that BigCommerce provides a viable and powerful interface for your eCommerce needs.



To open an eCommerce platform, you need to bear some costs like for design, development, hosting, application support, system administration, security measurements and lost more. So, you need to add such services in your cart when you start an eCommerce platform and it is really an expensive deal. But in the case of BigCommerce, you do not need to bear any additional cost because BigCommerce provides you some built-in templates for your eCommerce site. This is extremely cost-effective and you just need to work on the existing frame designed by BigCommerce. It requires minimum customization, and you do not need to pay huge amounts to the developer.

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Prepare your cart:


Users can face some technical issues like (UX) faux pas during their purchase and fluctuation in the speed of an eCommerce platform is very dangerous. So, you need to fix such technical problems with shopping cart abandonment. BigCommerce is the only platform that offers automated cart recovery emails, and they can help you to generate more sales as well as increase the revenue of your business. So, if the customer leaves the page due to any technical issue then he or she will receive follow-up emails instantly from BigCommerce, and the customer will also return to your eCommerce site to make his or her purchase successful.



To attract more customers, you need to generate some offers on your eCommerce platforms, and you need to make some emotional bonding with the customers through your platform. This can be possible through some attractive designs, and you can express your uniqueness through BigCommerce designs. They have some flexible designs for eCommerce websites, and you can change the design of your site anytime to attract more customers.

Traditional systems:


Earlier, retailers did not require any online platform to sell their items. But today, without an online transaction or online payment gateway, people cannot run their business. Still, if you are a newcomer in the online market, then you can try SaaS eCommerce platform like BigCommerce because this is the only online platform maintain legacy through its designs and trustworthiness.



You need to make your eCommerce website secure and you must include a secured payment gateway for your customers. Plus, you should maintain all security measurements, and install a proper anti-virus scanning system on your website. In this case, you can choose the most trusted PCI compliant BigCommerce.

Less user adoption:


Software support is very important for eCommerce sites, and if you use any legacy software then the team of the software may keep the secret keys on hold and you will not be able to use them in the future. Even software companies can force you to stop using their software due to low user adoption on your site. In this case, you need to choose some software that can work for a lifetime and you do not need to renew them every year or month. BigCommerce is the only platform that comes with all integrated software, and it does not decrease the productivity of your website at any cost.

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Development and maintenance cost:


According to multiple market research, it has been found that the maintenance cost of an eCommerce site should be reduced after a certain time. You can start earning from your website, and you can use the same technology to maintain your site. So, you do not need to pay much in the future. But in reality, developers or engineers can charge you double after a year. Because they will ask you to upgrade your software with some new ones. In this regard, you can save your maintenance and development costs by using BigCommerce. BigCommerce allows you to invest your capital in goods rather than in the development of your existing website.



Stability is very important for your eCommerce website. Outages during peak sales can be affected by the infrastructure of your website. Especially if they do not support the sudden demand for products. In this case, you can lose seasonal revenue. BigCommerce can make your eCommerce site stable and it can reduce the chances that such outrage might cause.

Save website from fraud:


According to the Global Fraud Attack Index in 2016, millions of online eCommerce websites lost their revenue due to fraud, especially during their peak sales. Online merchants are not aware of the advanced tools that can protect their site from hackers. They usually do not install any fraud detection technology in their administration. BigCommerce comes with ample hosting security and it offers all kinds of protection to the customers. Even you can take on-time supports for any issue from BigCommerce to maintain the security structure of your eCommerce website.

Unlimited visibility:


There are some online tools on markets like Google Analytics where you can configure and translate the data of your website. If you do not track the visibility according to the geographical locations, products, and interest of the customers, then you cannot increase the sale of your eCommerce platform. In this case, you can choose BigCommerce. Because, all kinds of data related to visibility, traffic, and performance of the website are available on your BigCommerce dashboard. So, it will give you the best ROI by increasing your sales. You can focus on your business by collecting the right data and tools from a single platform like BigCommerce.

You may think that advanced eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce are designed for large businesses and you can run your small online business with some plug-ins. But external plug-ins can decrease the bandwidth speed of your website and you can lose your sales as well as customers. Plus, recurrent updates are needed for such plug-ins, and you cannot even track such plug-ins through your dashboard. In this case, you must rely on a well-integrated eCommerce platform like BigCommerce. It is suitable for large, medium and small-scale businesses.

What are the advantages of the BigCommerce platform?


  • To run an eCommerce platform, you need to add thousands of products. You can use a few external plug-ins to list your products. But in the case of BigCommerce, you do not need any external plug-ins. You can add more products with the ultimate bandwidth speed in BigCommerce.
  • In BigCommerce you can find more than four dozen payment processors. You can compare these options to choose the best one for your eCommerce business. Plus, BigCommerce does not charge any transaction fees.
  • Every eCommerce platform has some restrictions and you can receive a limited number of orders through these platforms. But, with BigCommerce you can receive a thousand orders in a day. There is no limitation in receiving the orders. In this case, the enterprise plan is recommended.
  • Scalability can block your website traffic after a certain period of time. Because, when you reach high revenue, your traffic will be decreased automatically. But, BigCommerce is an open-architectural platform where you cannot face such problems. You can process high volume orders by managing your online traffic.
  • BigCommerce API is capable to process over 400 requests per second. API means Application Program Interface. This comprises custom software applications that help you to modify your shopping cart, catalog, and logins.
  • BigCommerce is a trusted eCommerce platform where you can find bank-grade security measurements. BigCommerce is the only platform that is secured with various tools including level-1 PCI hosting, DDoS protection, Intrusion detection software, firewalls, and 24×7 human monitoring systems.
  • Maintaining the account in a strategic way is very important for every eCommerce business. BigCommerce assigns a manager for your business. Your manager customizes your account and provides custom strategies based on major current market trends.
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Final Words

10 Best Reasons for Selecting BigCommerce as Your eCommerce Platform - Final Words

If you do not want to lose your business online and want to make your customers left from your website without making a purchase, then you must choose the BigCommerce eCommerce platform. It can design your website with some useful templates. It can increase your ROI, protect your customers, keep your website safe from fraud, increase the visibility of your site. BigCommerce will also make your eCommerce site reliable for the customers. So, make your decision today, and go for a renowned brand like BigCommerce for your new shopping site. Else you can redesign your existing sopping portal with BigCommerce. Here are some steps to help launch your first eCommerce site.

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