How to Make your eCommerce Startup Stand out in the Crowd?

Today, almost everyone who owns a traditional business wants to start and try their hands at eCommerce Business as well. But as we all know that everything at the start takes a while to set-up and get going. And since we are talking about eCommerce startups there are lots of factors affect the growth of it.

Today in the 21st century, the IT world is oozing with the various eCommerce Businesses and everyone wants to survive and dominate their respective area of interests. But, the most common and chewed-up approach of boosting the eCommerce Business is to stop at omnipresent agenda of “Add these two items and take this much of Discount” and “Customers who purchased this item also bought…”.

If we think about conquering the eCommerce market Amazon and Google both are considered as Titans and standing proudly at the top of the mountain. To dominate this eCommerce mountain, one has to incorporate some tactics and strategies. So, without further a due let’s talk some business, eCommerce startup business to be specific and jump right onto tactics that you can incorporate to boost your eCommerce presence:

Exclude Slow-Selling/No-Selling Items:


It is not necessary that every product that you have listed will get sold. There are some products that might not do great compared to other high-selling products and you have to make a decision that whether to keep those low-selling products or not.

This way you will have more room for products that are doing good and make-up for those slow-selling/no-selling products. And off-course there are several ways you can boost the sales of the low-selling product as well or at least get rid of them so you can consider new items to add to your inventory, those items could be excluded by using one of the following ways:

  • Remarket it.
  • Offer Discounted Prices on them.
  • Use them as an Enticement.
  • Donate them.
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Go for a Mobile-Friendly Web-Store:


It is observed that in today’s trends a mobile-optimized and responsive web-store is necessary for any eCommerce startup web-store. In the US alone online buyers via a smartphone is increasing and the buyer from a desktop in decreasing drastically.

According to the Google Survey, 72% of people want a site to be mobile-friendly. Here’s a list of things that needed to be considered:

  • Optimize the site-search and improve mobile-store.
  • Simplify the Checkout Process.
  • Make sure the mobile-store loads faster.
  • Make your store responsive.
By making your eCommerce store mobile-friendly, you can have below-mentioned advantages to your sides:
  • A wider market ranges.
  • SEO Benefits (Google Ranks you Higher to be specific).
  • Easier Content Management.
  • Lower Maintenance
  • An added advantage over Market Competitors.
  • A ‘Future-Proof’ solutions.

Offer Free Shipping:


Amazon was first to introduce the idea of Free Shipping several years ago. At that time free shipping was not suitable for many eCommerce merchants, especially smaller ones.

But, as the businesses grew, the idea of free shipping became necessary for competitive advantages. The very obvious thing is that offering free shipping will make an impact on your business but, the strategy of offering free shipping came with several long-term advantages and they are given below:

  • Free Shipping increase in Sales and Revenue.
  • In most cases, free shipping boosted average order value.
  • Free Shipping costs are controllable.
  • Free Shipping increases the Loyal Customer base.

Consider going Global:



For many start-ups, it might not feasible and/or applicable to fulfill global orders. Reaching new customers along with providing great support to the existing and/or loyal customers can help boost sales and increase revenue as well. Below is the list of advantages a global eCommerce startup could provide:

  • Global Expansion.
  • Increased Revenue.
  • Brand Awareness.
  • Increased Access to End Customer.
  • Increased Business Sustainability.
  • Maximizes Selling of Low Demand Domestic eCommerce Products.
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Personalize your eCommerce Store:


For the better user experience and understanding your customer better, online fulfillment is a bit harder but achievable through personalizing the eCommerce store in such a way that the overall shopping experience seems intuitive and seamless.

Customers are attracted more when they are provided required attention and are treated better. And the only way you can treat them better and give them attention online is by personalization.

As the eCommerce business always welcomes and adopts new technologies, personalization is a winning technique to gain new customers and retain the existing customers. Personalizing your eCommerce portal will help you in some rather pragmatic ways and it helps you with several advantages:

  • Positive customer experience.
  • Alleviating Information Overload.
  • Giving Your Customers Control.
  • Improves Customer Loyalty.
  • Gives you a Competitive Advantage.
This article is written by Ronak Meghani. Ronak is a serial entrepreneur who has worked with small-medium-large companies. He is having an 8+ Years of expertise and closely working with eCommerce ventures since 2009. He is a Co-Founder of Magneto IT Solutions, a full service of eCommerce Development in USA, India, and Bahrain. You can follow him on LinkedIn.
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