How to Increase the Success of Print Commerce with Latest Marketing Strategies?

The print industry has seen tremendous growth over the years, and web-to-print has come as a revolutionary solution to this business. There are amazing benefits one can reap from this single business if implemented in the right way. But, since we have been used to old marketing and advertising style will we be able to succeed using the new strategies. Marketing is basically planning and execution of the products or services development, promotion, distribution, and pricing.

The Print Commerce is revolutionizing the entire print industry to a great extent, as it brings a lot of benefits for the growing print providers. But did you ever ask what the customers benefit from this will? What strategies do you need to follow so that you can sell this and make your print commerce a success?

In NAPL Digital Services Survey, when we asked, “has web-to-print increased sales?” we found that 52% reported ‘yes’, 20% said ‘no’, and 28% stated that they were ‘not sure’ or that it was ‘too early to tell’. The 52% that reported yes is what you need to target, and you need to plan your strategies along those lines.

Here’s a list of the benefits of W2P

  1. It allows you to do business off hours too.
  2. It helps to strengthen your relationship with the customers.
  3. W2P ensures to give you Brand control.
  4. It helps to expand your market reach.
  5. It has centralized Administration to make sure everything works in a flow.
  6. W2P helps to maximize the work efficiency.
  7. It saves a lot of time on proofreading and re-printing.

So, now that you the benefits, what strategies you follow and how do you ensure the success of your Print Commerce business? Well, using the latest marketing strategies. Following the below points will result in a successful w2p solution provider.

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Have Pride in Your Products

Having faith and pride in your print commerce solutions is important. Utilize your own web-to-print to talk about your services, by talking about its features, result and how sales will increase with its help. You can arrange for a workshop or a webinar where you can tell people about how your solution will help to ease their printing work.

Use past customers feedback or case studies

Use the case studies of various projects you did for your clients that helped them ease their work. Giving real-life examples always build trust in the other customers. This will give them hope and give them the courage to try the solution for their own print business.

Research is Important


You need to as company finds the potential areas which will benefit you the most. This way you can target your marketing activities along those lines. You can then market your products and printing services accordingly.

Focus on the Customers Need

Earlier the main focus was always the brand and its image, but today everything has to be customer-centric. If you cannot sell what the customers want, you cannot succeed. In order to make your Print Commerce business a success, you have to adapt to the new marketing strategies. You need to focus on the customer’s complaints and feedback that you can get through the survey, meeting them in person or understand the current business trends that are most successful.

Use the Social Networks

You should be active on all those social networks where your clients are expected to be. Try various ad campaigns that will benefit a lot in the printing industry.

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Train the Staff and Sales Team

A well-trained staff and sales team can be beneficial. If your employees are trained with all the functionalities of the Print Commerce business, then they will be able to tell the customers the benefits they will have to implement this in their current system.

Keep a close Eye on Your Competitors

It’s essential to do a regular study of the cases and project of your competitors. Try and find out what features they are offering that make them better. Never ignore any competitor, small or big. One little piece of information can help to improve your business, and you can use better marketing tools to grab more customers.

Give More than Expected

It’s always good to have more cream on the cake; it brightens your day. Similarly, if you give your w2p customers more features than expected, then you are sure to succeed in a better way. To kill the competition, you need to offer more than the others are giving.

Timing & Audience are Important

Any marketing activity you are doing you need to be sure to hit it at the right time. Now just imagine you see a summer camp ad in the monsoon or winters, which is actually going even to read. It will hold a place in the trash bin. Similarly, if you want to succeed you have to decide the group, you wish to target and the right time to send them offers or updates on your solution.

Know Where the Niche is

This is the most important. You need to spend a good enough time in the results after the marketing like you spent on planning the activities. You need to know where are you getting the leads and what has been a hit to grab their attention. Not everyone will be buying a Print Commerce Solution. Not all will enquire those already in this trade for years and now want a solution to ease work and increase revenue will be your leads. This will help to decide what strategy to use the next time.

Getting success in web-to-print solutions requires dedication, partnership, and ongoing training to keep track of the latest strategies. You need to work harder every time to give the best solution to your Print Commerce customers.


How to Increase the Success of Print Commerce with Latest Marketing Strategies? - conclusion

Using the right strategy for your Print Commerce can be a way to get the success you never expected. You need to understand the latest trends in print commerce and understand your customer’s needs, based on that you need to highlight your features and promote your business to grab the right people for this business.

Author-Image-David-SingletaryThis article is written by David Singletary. He has completed his education in IT and started working in the web to print research & development segment at Design’N’Buy. He is having more than 5 years of experience in the web to print, Print commerce & product customization software development. Fond of writing about print commerce and related industry. Follow him: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn.

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