How Online Design Tools Can Help You Win the Hearts of Customers

Today, good marketing is all about personalization. By lending a sense of individuality to what was once mass marketing, companies using customization and design tools can cater to customers who want to feel seen and heard by the brands they frequent. Because of this, online design tools are quickly becoming the go-to for brands who want to promote brand recall and increase customer loyalty.

What are Online Design Tools?


Online design tools vary in function and form. Some online design tools allow clients to create custom graphics while others allow them to create custom products. A great example of an online design tool is on Cafe Press’ site.  The tool allows a customer to add their name, initials, and other personal details to some products.

And not just that. With the click of a button, they can see their name right there on their future item. Pretty cool, right? These types of companies cater to “specified content” – content the customer creates for themselves, by themselves. In giving customers this level of control and autonomy, brands succeed in driving more interaction and providing clients with a sense of identity.

And some may say, Customers, are more likely to buy if they can add their own personal touch to an item that they will use in their daily lives. Think about it. How many times have you been online shopping, and thinking, ‘if I could just change this one thing, this product would be perfect?’

With online design tools, this becomes possible. Whether that be with fully custom items, or with personalization, the perks of these tools are endless.

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The 5 Biggest Perks of Using Online Design Tools

Online Design Tools

Today, online design tools are applicable for companies in virtually all industries. Here are some of the biggest perks for using them in your business.

1. Increased Responsiveness

How Online Design Tools Can Help You Win the Hearts of Customers - Point 1Today, it’s tough to stand out from a crowd when your offerings are stagnant. Modern clients want brands they can interact and participate with. When you use online design tools, your entire site and all your products become more responsive and tailored, which is attractive to consumers.

2. Personalization Driving Results

How Online Design Tools Can Help You Win the Hearts of Customers - Point 2If the results of personalization in digital marketing are any indication (email personalization, for example, boosts a company’s open rates by 26%), customers love companies that offer personalized materials. Online design tools can help deliver this, and boost your sales as a result.

3. Unique Products

How Online Design Tools Can Help You Win the Hearts of Customers - Point 3When you use online design tools, you help your customers create products that stand out from the rest. In the mind of the customer, he/she wants to break the mold of consumer products available and have something that’s completely unique to his/her personality. When a sorority girl can design custom Greek apparel from Greek U, for example, or a company can create brand shirts using a site like CustomInk, your products will break the mold and catch lots of word-of-mouth buzz.

4. Interactive Experiences

How Online Design Tools Can Help You Win the Hearts of Customers - Point 4Customers love working with companies to create cool things, and online design tools allow them to do just that. When you install an online design tool on your site, you enter an interactive relationship with your customers. In the case of Organized Living, their online design tool lets customers design rooms for their own homes with a very interactive experience. A potential customer is able to change around the organization of a certain room by seeing it on their computer screen. He/she can place shelving in different places, add accessories, and more.

Super innovative, right?! This, in turn, keeps them thinking about your brand and coming back for more!

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5. Better Customer Experiences

How Online Design Tools Can Help You Win the Hearts of Customers - Point 5When your interactive design tool is easy to use, flexible, and customer-centric, it creates a great customer experience. This, in turn, influences a customer’s opinion of your brand. It also ensures they return to your company for subsequent purchases.

The Case for Online Design


The world of marketing is changing, so your offerings need to, as well. By offering interactive online design tools for your clients and their friends, you can create a dynamic, unique experience that keeps you at the forefront of your customers’ minds. This boosts your bottom line, helps you make more sales, and most importantly, allows you to stand out from the fray of one-size-fits-all companies!

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