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This article will prove to be very informative for those who are thinking of making their website multilingual. At first, let me tell you that this article is not to give you an idea what a multilingual website is. Rather you can say this is a research which I did for one of my clients. I have researched for a couple of days regarding finding out the best multilingual service provider for my client’s website. We all know that there are many multilingual service providers available, but the challenge is there to find out the most suitable one among the rest.

After a thorough review, I have chosen the Multilingualizer, which can impress me with their unique features and prices as well as can stand out to be the best in meeting our requirements. They are great in many ways but I will try to point out the best highlighting points which will definitely help you to make your decision much easier to take.

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1) Easy to Implement and Use:

Multilingualizer - Point 1The Multilingualizer is a very easy add-on works using JavaScript and can seamlessly work on any types of websites like Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, and Squarespace. You just need to place few simple JavaScript code into your template and it is good to go.

Adding content in different languages is also simple. Just put 4 dots like “ . . . . ” at the beginning to start writing your content. Then you just need to add your content of different languages one after another by separating each language by 2 dots like “ . . ”. At the end again put 4 dots like “ . . . . ” to end it. That’s all. Check the following simple example. This can give you an idea how you can add English, Spanish, and French content:


EN: This is a multilingual content.


ES: Se trata de un contenido multilingüe.


FR: Ceci est un contenu multilingue.


Although you add all of your content one by one, at the time of displaying the content Multilingualizer only show the content of one language as per the browser language settings or as per the reader’s choice. All other contents of different languages remain hidden. Isn’t it very simple and easy to go?

2) Search Engine Visibility of your Content:

Multilingualizer - Point 2Although Multilingualizer shows the content of only one language to the visitor and hides all other, but this is not the case for the search engines. When search engines crawl your website, they can find all content of all languages. So all of your contents will remain available for crawling and get a good chance to rank higher in all locales. But if you use any other service providers like Bablic or Localize, they generally serve content of different language from their server and so the search engine visibility of your content will be not that great like Multilingualizer.

3) Pricing:

Multilingualizer - Point 3Multilingualizer pricing is very cheaper and affordable in comparison to other websites. The competitors of Multilingualizer like Bablic and Localize charge much more.

For Bablic, you will have to pay $289 per month for using unlimited languages, and also for unlimited traffic. But if you want to try up their minimum package fees against which you will get to use 2 languages options along with limited traffic permission at a cost of $20 per month.

And for the Localize, you will have to pay them $999 per month. And against paying so much money per month you won’t get the liberty of adding unlimited languages and as well as traffic. But if you still want to try up their minimum package you will have to pay them $49 per month and get the privilege of using just 2 languages and limited traffic.

Multilingualizer comes with one-time fee with a support term of 12 months on their plans. At the same time even if your support expires with them you can keep it running on your website. Multilingualizer has 3 service plans. In the 1st plan, you can add the Multilingualizer on one website. And for that, you will have to pay them £99.00. In their 2nd plan, you can add the Multilingualizer to 5 different websites in just £199.00. And in their 3rd and the last plan, you are free to add it on as many websites you like for just £399.00. In all the plans you will get 12 months of free upgrades and supports from them.


Multilingualizer - conclusion

In conclusion, I must say that I am really impressed with their working styles and ethics. And I know that after reading out my article you will also definitely give their services a try. I strongly recommend Multilingualizer as a great and hassle-free multilingual service provider till date.

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