6 Simple Rules to Maximize Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Facebook has successfully proved itself as the social media King and billions of its active users have made it an excellent advertisement platform for advertisers and marketers. Facebook, which turned out to be the biggest rival of Google ads, has introduced various advertisement features ensuring big returns on investment. Undoubtedly, Facebook’s advertisement features are very flexible and friendly but many online marketers failed to understand how to get most out of it. It simply means you just need to understand basic principles to maximize your Facebook ad campaigns. Here are some rules to streamline your Facebook Advertising Campaigns:

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Rule 1: Find and Target Right Audience

Facebook Advertising Campaigns - Point 1Facebook allows users to choose specific population for their ad campaigns and in this way you can convey your message to the right people. For example, if you teach Chinese language and try to convince Chinese people to learn their own language, most probably you will not be noticed. On the contrary, if you try to approach people living in other neighboring countries and tell them why they should learn the language you teach, the chances of your successful ad campaign would be much higher. You just need to find those who are interested in your products and services.


Rule 2: Create and Update Emailing List

Facebook Advertising Campaigns - Point 2Facebook features enable you to approach your followers, current customers as well as potential customers. There may be Facebook users on your list who have not subscribed to your page yet and now you can approach them with a new strategy to grab their attention. If you have already created an emailing list, it can be uploaded to your account and used for products and services promotion. The more users you have on your list, the more chances of success you will get.


Rule 3: Create a List with Specific Parameters

Facebook Advertising Campaigns - Point 3If your current e-mailing list is not personalized and you just created it on the basis of the number of subscriptions regardless of age, gender, and location, you better create another personalized list of Facebook users with specific parameters. This time, you can divide subscribers and other users on the basis of age, gender, and country. These parameters will help you make your advertisement campaign more personalized and organized. You can set even more parameters such as hobbies, professions, marital status etc.

Rule 4: Know What You Want to Achieve

Facebook Advertising Campaigns - Point 4Before you start your campaign, you must decide what you want to achieve through your ads. When you exactly know your goal, you will focus to achieve it or else you will never know why you are doing this all. You might want to:

  • Increase page likes
  • Get video views
  • Interact with users
  • Increase attendance at an event
  • Promote business posts
  • Introduce a new product
  • Introduce your business app
  • Convince users to sign up your page
  • Send people to your business website
  • Collect leads for your business
  • Other goals

Rule 5: Common Factors to Consider

Facebook Advertising Campaigns - Point 5An ad can be created in hundreds of ways but there are some common rules which must be followed in every ad you create for social media. These are as follow:

A) Simplicity

Avoid using difficult words or phrases in your ad because users get more attracted towards the ads that they can easily understand. So always use plain and simple language for your ads.

B) Clarity

Secondly, avoid giving a message with ambiguous meaning. You should tell the people what you want them to do and if you fail to bring clarity in your message, users would prefer to skip it than spending the time to understand it.

C) Call-to-Action

Call-to-Action is a great feature introduced by Facebook and it can really help you make your users reach where you want them to be. Therefore, you should always add a CTA button on your ad.

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D) Second Opinion

Once a draft of your ad is ready, make sure to get a second opinion about it from your colleagues, friends or family members. Don’t try to make them understand BUT let them understand. If they catch your point easily, go ahead or else you need to bring more clarity.

Rule 6: Monitor Your Progress

Facebook Advertising Campaigns - Point 6Many marketers get completely disappointed in early stages because they don’t see any good results and think they have failed in their campaign. However, they must keep in mind that it takes some time to decide what they have really achieved from the campaign. If you monitor your campaign on a regular basis, you will be able to figure out if you have achieved something or it has just gone in vain. In case you see no results, you will at least know you need to do better planning next time.

This article is written by Kaitlin Liam. In the last five years as a digital marketing strategist, she has worked for many local as well as international businesses & expert in create your own website - ENOSITE, a Canadian based IT company. She has also delivered speeches at various marketing conferences and seminars to inspire young marketers and entrepreneurs. Additionally, she writes blogs regularly to help people run their businesses successfully. You can also connect Kaitlin via her Twitter account.

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