How to Manage Storage Space on Your Android Phone

Android devices are used to perform the range of tasks. It eventually accumulates a lot of data on the device. Over time this data gets cluttered and unorganized affecting device speed and performance. Thus the requirement for managing this data arises to deal with cluttered and unorganized data. To deal with it, you can do the manual cleaning and management of your device storage space, or you can use certain tools to do it. There are many ways/steps available to manage your storage space efficiently. Let’s discuss some of these steps here.

Find space-hogging apps & files:

How to Manage Storage Space on Android Phone - Point 1To do this go to device Settings and click on Storage. There you will see a list of all apps and files and the space occupied by them. This built-in tool is helpful for visualizing the space used by different types of data. Here you can click on the specific data type (like apps, pictures, audio, etc.) to check the actual data it accumulates. There you can remove space-hogging apps, obsolete file & folders and lot more to manage your storage space in a better way. It not only displays information of internal memory space but it shows all details of your external SD card as well. Keeping a tab on the space-hogging apps and files, you can manage your storage space efficiently.

Remove unnecessary apps & data:

How to Manage Storage Space on Android Phone - Point 2Unnecessary files in the form of junk, temporary, log, duplicate, and other files occupy a lot of storage space on your Android device. These files accumulate in large numbers over time on your device. It not only occupies precious storage space but it also affects device speed and performance negatively. These files generate due to file sharing, file downloading, data transfer, data backup, etc. Along with unnecessary files, your device also stores a lot of unnecessary apps which you have downloaded long back. These obsolete apps occupy a lot of storage space and run in the background of the device affecting device speed significantly. To deal with it, you can remove them by manual cleaning or you can try certain Android cleaner apps for instant and effective results. These Android cleaner apps prove to be a complete package to deal with your all device performance worries.

Move data on Cloud servers:

How to Manage Storage Space on Android Phone - Point 3This advanced option can help you manage your Android storage space effectively. Using these Cloud apps, you can transfer any of your files to cloud servers. It allows you easy transfer and retrieval of your data anytime anywhere. Using Cloud servers to store your data you can save plenty of your device storage space effortlessly without losing your important data. Cloud server apps offer a range of features to help you store and share your data effortlessly. You can also try Android’s in-built “backup” feature to take backup of your important data. You can try external device backup as well.

Move content to an SD card:

How to Manage Storage Space on Android Phone - Point 4This is the easiest way possible to manage your storage space on your device. Look for the highest possible SD storage card your device supports and move your data to it. Along with files shift your apps as well to recover more space on your device internal storage space. Shifting your apps to SD is possible with Android 6.0 or later versions if you are running an older version you may need to root your device.  This simple step will help you manage your data efficiently by recovering storage space on device internal space. It will also help you improve your device speed and performance.

Use technology:

How to Manage Storage Space on Android Phone - Point 5Apart from manually managing your storage space, you can try different tools as well for better performance. You can use various tools like Android cleaner apps, duplicate file remover apps, duplicate photo finder apps, Cloud backup apps, etc. to manage your device storage space efficiently. You can also use Android storage analyzer apps to find and manage your data easily. Latest technology tools help you improve the performance of your device and save a lot of your time and efforts. You can use these simple tools to improve speed and performance of your device.

Final Words:

How to Manage Storage Space on Android Phone - final-thoughtsYou can try these simple steps to manage your device storage space efficiently. Following these steps, you can save a lot of your time and efforts. It also helps you improve your device speed and performance significantly.

This article is written by Ankush Ameria. He is a software analyst who loves to write on latest software and apps to boost system performance. You can use duplicate file finder apps or cleaner apps to manage storage space on Android phone.

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