Make Event Management on WordPress a Breeze

Does the thought of managing and promoting events on your website give you a headache? Forget the headache! These WordPress tools will take all the heat and hassle of their efficient management.

Almost all companies, organizations, and individuals run a series of different events online. The reason behind such a widespread popularity of organizing and promoting events on the web is their ability to engage and reach out to many more people. The types and frequency of the events vary, depending on different factors, but all those events have something in common. They all require strong organization and management.

WordPress Event Management

Actually, you cut the half of the time and hassle for creating and managing events if your website is powered by WordPress. It provides tons of easy to use tools that are developed for effectively managing various events, and are sure to significantly ease your load.

Here you have them. Great WordPress tools to streamline the events organization and management processes and help you stay ahead.

10Web Social Post Feed

10Web Social Post Feed
Download: Free | Cost: $0.00 | Rating: (4.3 out of 5)

Facebook is widely used for creating and promoting events. That’s reasonable because the number of Facebook users around the world is really impressive (around 1.65 billion users worldwide).This is a potential opportunity to spread the word about your events and get in front of a larger audience.

If you also use Facebook as a platform for organizing and promoting events, and would like to display all of them on your WordPress website, make sure to check out Facebook Feed WD plugin. It is a comprehensive tool that will help you integrate multiple profile/public group/page feeds to your website and display various contents along the way. The content may include events, photos, videos, posts, albums. The plugin features an advanced lightbox that displays photos and media files in a pop-up window.

Depending on the type of the content you want to display there are various view options available, such as album, masonry, thumbnails and blog style. Each of them comes with tons of customization options. You can filter the content by type and user roles, set content update options, define the number of the posts displayed per page, etc.

For events display you get a bunch of customization options, where you can set a maximum length for event descriptions, show the event location on the map, enable showing the date, country, city, zip code, etc.

The plugin is actually a great way to bring all of your Facebook events to your WordPress website and display other great content along the way.

It is listed under "WordPress" > "WordPress Plugins". It is developed by 10Web. It is available at WordPress Plugin Repository. It was first get published on May 26, 2016. On May 10, 2023, it was last get upgraded.

Tags: Facebook, Customizable Facebook Feed, Facebook Group, Facebook Like Box, Facebook Feed.

jQuery T(-) Countdown Widget

jQuery T(-) Countdown Widget
Download: Free | Cost: $0.00 | Rating: (4.3 out of 5)

Searching for the best way to let your visitors know about the upcoming events? I bet there is no better way than using a nice countdown timer as a widget either on the sidebars of your website, or anywhere you’ll find more relevant it to appear. With T(-) Countdown plugin you can add multiple widgets to any of your post and pages with custom configurations. You can give additional styling features to the widgets by just adding a couple of CSS code. There are multiple content placement options for the widget so that you’ll find the most suitable one for you.

It is listed under "WordPress" > "WordPress Plugins". It is developed by Twinpictures, Baden03. The publisher is WordPress Plugin Repository. It was first get published on September 25, 2010. On November 30, 2023, it was last get upgraded.

Tags: Clock, Countdown, Widget, Timer, Ticker.

Whether large all small, event organization and management take a lot of time and efforts. With the above mentioned WordPress plugins you can concentrate more on the organization processes and leave the management to them. They will surely come in handy and save you a lot of time and, why not, even nerve cells.

If you have any other plugins in mind that would help to better manage and promote events online, please share your recommendations with us.

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