5 Awesome Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds on EverBuying

Here in this article, I am going to share with you 5 awesome wireless Bluetooth Earbuds which is really buzzing well among its purchasers. So I thought of sharing out these products with you all who are not aware of these products till now. So let’s get started with their detailed features.

1) CUBE CBH30:

CUBE-CBH30 - Bluetooth Earbuds

CUBE CBH30 comes with a noise canceling microphone to answer phone calls. It as a Bluetooth 4.1 device and it can also be connected by NFC of your phone. You also get physical buttons for song switching, controlling volume as well as answering phone calls.

The battery capacity is quite good, 150mAh. This will give you a total 8 hours of talk time and music listening time. You can expect a total standby time of more than 7 days. Its weight is just 14 grams. It comes with a combination of Gray and Black color which undoubtedly looks very stunning.

The price kept of this earbud is approximate $37.00, but for now, you can get it at $26.99. The offer is valid until 31st August 2016 and the Coupon code is EBCBH30.

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2) Meizu EP-51:

Meizu EP-51 Earphone - Bluetooth Earbuds

The Meizu EP-51 earbud also has the same functionality of the previous one. In addition, it comes with anti-sweat nano water resistance. The length of the cable you will get is 0.55m. You will get Bluetooth version V4.0 which can cover a distance of around 10m without any sort of obstacles. The quality of the CSR8645 chip is also good.

The capacity of the battery is 60mAH. With the help of this, you will get a 6h of talk time or music listening time. A full charging around 2 hours will give you an approximately 400 hours of standby time. The product weight is just 15 grams. There are two color options to choose from, one is a combination of Red and Black and the second one is White.

Its price is something around $31.00. But if you use the Coupon code EBMZEP51 then you can avail this earbud in just $29.99. This awesome offer is just for a limited time period of up to 31st August 2016.

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3) MACAW T1000:

MACAW-T1000 - Bluetooth Earbuds

In MACAW T1000 is also a waterproof earbud which will protect your ear bud from any sort of sweat problems. Again, the features are mostly the same like above two. It comes with Bluetooth 4.1.

Its battery is also very good and quite capable of competing with any branded earbud. The capacity of the battery is 80mAh which will take around 2 hours to charge and will give you a total 170 hours of standby time. The weight kept for this ear piece is just 15 grams. You can choose the color of this ear piece between Brown and Gray.

Now moving towards the regular price of this earbud is approximately around $21.00. But now by using the Coupon code EBMACT1K you can get this ear piece at just $19.99. The coupon is valid until 31st August 2016.

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4) QCY QY19:

QCY-QY19 - Bluetooth Earbuds

QCY QY19 is also coming with Bluetooth 4.1 and all the features of the previous earbud. The capacity of the battery is 74mAh, which if charged for 1 to 2 hours will give you a total 7 days of standby time. The approximate talk time or the music listening time you will get is around 6 hours. Overall the battery life is quite good. The weight of this ear bud is just 13 grams a super lightweight earpiece to enjoy along with your handset. There are lots of colors available, Black, Blue, Green, and White.

The price kept for this ear bud is around $19.00. Currently, their super awesome discount coupon can give you this ear piece at just $17.99. But do not forget to use the Coupon code EBYQ194V to avail this price and the offer is just for the limited period till 31st August 2016.

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5) Moxpad X90:

Moxpad-X90 - Bluetooth Earbuds

The main feature of Moxpad X90 is this that it is having four double dynamic speakers for superior sound quality. It is very portable and comes with Bluetooth 4.1 and sweat-proof technology. The weight of this product is just 15 grams. There are two colors to choose from, Black and Blue.

The regular price of this earbud is approximate $15.00. But due to current offer you can use this Coupon code EBMPX90 to purchase it at $13.39. The code is valid until 31st August 2016.

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Bluetooth Earbuds - everbuying-net

All the above 5 earbuds from EverBuying.Net are running equally good due to their awesome features. You will have to choose according to your own taste. Otherwise, all 5 are equally good and quite competing with any branded earbuds available in the market. So go and grab this offer.

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