Kospet Hope 4G Smartwatch Phone Feature Review

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If you track latest happenings in the technology world then you may know that every day a Smartphone, fitness tracker or new Smartwatch is being released in the market. Chinese manufacturers are the ones who are highly active in this industry. Recently, a reputed technology company has released another extraordinary device in the market in the form of Kospet Hope Smartwatch. In order to make this device stand out in the competition, the company has given a strong focus on making its specification completely out of the box. Go through the following review to know everything about Kospet Hope 4G Smartwatch phone:


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The round shaped dial of Kospet Hope is mainly made from metal material. However, some traces of ceramic material are also found in it that allowed smartwatch to get outstanding resistance against rust. The device comes with IP67 waterproof rating and it weighs only 0.0700kg which clearly demonstrates that this smartwatch is a miraculous product in a compact size. This extraordinary smartwatch is available only in one variant which is black. But when it comes to strapping, you will have a couple of variations to try. If you want to get a classic look while wearing this smartwatch then opt for a leather strap. People who got sports personality will prefer silicone strap. Along with the main smartwatch, you will also get a screen protector and charging cable with this device.

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The front panel of Kospet Hope 4G Smartwatch features AMOLED display of 1.39 inches. It brags about 400 x 400 pixels resolution to give users crystal clear image viewing experience. Users have an option to change the pre-installed watch faces or they can even create their own watch face. On the right side of the panel, you will find a couple of control buttons. The camera is placed on the front panel while the back panel features a heart rate sensor along with the charging connector and SIM card slots.


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Kospet Hope 4G Smartwatch will be remembered for its unique specification as it comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. It commits to deliver a completely unique user experience to the customer which they haven’t imagined before. The MTK6739 quad-core processor makes it an extremely powerful device and you will definitely feel proud of having it with you. The device features Android 7.1 OS and users are allowed to install their favorite applications from Play Store. The list may include common apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter along with some high graphics oriented gaming apps.

Other features:

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The smartwatch let users share messages with their friends in an effortless way. You can call or answer phone calls very conveniently with this device. This fabulous device also comes with Bluetooth capability that let users listen to their favorite music anytime during the day. The device is also equipped with a pedometer that lets you keep track of the distance you have traveled during the day so you can control your fitness activities. If you are a photography lover then this smartwatch has definitely got a lot of surprises for you. It features an 8.0MP camera that lets you capture amazing moments of your life by simply doing a few clicks on your wrist.

Kospet Hope 4G Smartwatch brags about Dual 4G-LTE support which is definitely a big plus for the device. It covers 23 types of frequency bands and 5 different types of networks thereby giving the customer complete freedom to use it in any typical region or country. For sports people, this device offers more than what they can expect out of it. The smartwatch features nine different types of sports modes such as outdoor run, ride a bike, rope skipping and many more. You can simply switch to any specific mode and your fitness data such as heat, distance and time will be recorded and stored with utmost precision.

Apart from the above-mentioned functions, the smartwatch is packed with other special features such as a heart rate sensor and GPS+GLONASS dual positioning system that makes it a priceless device. The option of detachable straps and custom dials is extremely handy for people who want to try different variations.

Kospet Hope 4G Smartwatch Phone – Introductory Video

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The Bottom Line:

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After going through all the unique specification and features of this smartwatch, you will be stunned to know how this fabulous device is only priced at $139. It has definitely got something extra for fancy customers but technology conscious users will also find a lot of innovative about it.

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After going through all the unique features of this smartwatch, you will be stunned to know how this fabulous device is only priced at $139. It has definitely got something extra for fancy customers but technology conscious users will also find a lot of innovative about it.

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