Kospet Brave 4G Smartwatch Phone Feature Review

In this rapidly growing technology world, you will often see people using a wonderful Smartwatch as a replacement for their Smartphone. Within a very short period of time, it has become a trend in the market and the credit goes to the manufacturers who have worked very hard to develop such an innovative device. Here we have brought for you an exclusive review of a featured packed Smartwatch named Kospet Brave 4G. Browse through following details and explore all the features this magnificent device has got for users.


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Just like other Smartwatch devices, Kospet Brave 4G has got a round-shaped design. The body of this piece is manufactured from a plastic material which makes it a light-weighted device. The Smartwatch features Gorilla Glass 3 screen protection which keeps it away from the regular bumps and scratches. By changing the straps of Smartwatch, you can achieve both sporty and stylish look with this device. The leather strap is suitable for classic appearance while the silicone strap offers you a nice sporty look. The device has got ultimate protection from water as it is equipped with an IP68 standard.

The AMOLED screen of Kospet Brave comes with IPS technology and it features 240 x 240 pixels resolution. This is what allows you to get images in bright color and crystal clear appearance. The Smartwatch offers different ways to set up the time. You can choose an analog style or switch to digital style quickly whenever required. On one side of the device, you will find delicate buttons to turn on or off the screen. While on the other side of Smartwatch, you will find the SIM card slot. The back panel of device feature speakers, charging connector and heart rate sensor that adds real value to this versatile device.

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Software and Hardware:

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Kospet Brave 4G has got a power of Android 6.0 Operating system which lets it stand out amongst all other Smartwatch devices. You can get easy access to the entire app store and quickly install applications which are compatible with this device. You can also synchronize this smartwatch with your Smartphone. By doing so you will get all your phone notifications on your screen on a real-time basis. You can also use this device without any SIM card by simply connecting it to your Smartphone either through WiFi or Bluetooth. This way you can also keep using this device for a longer time instead of running it on SIM data which may drain battery extremely fast.

It is one of the extraordinary Smartwatch which boasts about 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. The speaker installed in this Smartwatch offers good sound quality and it is sufficient enough to make you aware of all notifications even in the crowd. If you are in a meeting then you can always switch to vibration mode.

Other features:

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You can easily answer phone calls using Kospet Brave and also manage your text messages to get in touch with your colleagues. The Smartwatch has got biometric sensors which let you conduct different fitness activities without actually carrying your Smartphone with you. It also features pedometer that tracks your steps and monitors the distance traveled thereby allowing you to keep an eye on your everyday exercises. It gives you access to eight different motion modes so you can track your entire data in real time.  The heart rate monitoring app lets you track heart rate using this Smartwatch very easily.

Kospet Brave also lets you download different watch faces using application that you can set on the main screen. You can use Bluetooth connection to access music tracks on your phone and manage them according to your own wish. This smartwatch also offers you all exposure to access the internet through Wi-Fi or SIM data without any interruption. It will be known for offering extremely fast and stable internet experience to users which no other Smartwatch has delivered before.

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The Bottom Line:

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Kospet Brave 4G Smartwatch offers everything which an average smartphone can offer you. The discounted price of around $100 makes it highly affordable considering its wide range of features (i.e. the regular price is around $145). You can do plenty of things with this adorable device from anywhere without actually touching your Smartphone. It will not only enhance your looks but will also become your perfect companion to perform everyday tasks.

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Kospet Brave 4G Smartwatch offers everything which an average smartphone can offer you. It will not only enhance your looks but will also become your perfect companion to perform everyday tasks.

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