Top 10 Joomla SEO Tips & Tricks to Rank High in Search Engines

Web site owners always strive to rank top in all search engines. Being ranked top of the search engine means that the site is visited by every person who uses their browser to search for related information. To achieve this, all site owners strive to optimize their sites such as by use of search engine optimization techniques. These include content catchy content, outstanding web- design and use of specialized words in their site identities. The most common and reliable method of self-branding in Joomla site is by use of SEO. Here are some special Joomla SEO tips & tricks to get your site at the top:

Joomla SEO Tips #01 :: Use original site set up

joomla-seo-tips-tricks-01There are tendencies of retaining sample files which come with Joomla sites. Unfortunately, this will lower the ranking of the site as the information is so common. It is advisable to delete all sample files which come with the site. The names and headlines should not be spared too. In addition, sample content may not correspond to the area of specialization of the site. This will therefore lead to irrelevant information on the site which tends to discourage visitors to return.

Joomla SEO Tips #02 :: Use a simple and captivating site name

joomla-seo-tips-tricks-02The site name should be looked at from the client point of view. The clients will easily get used to simple and related name of sites. However, the name should be retained as any registration by customers may register a different name. Always look for the most r related name to the service being provided.

Joomla SEO Tips #03 :: Eliminate PDF links

joomla-seo-tips-tricks-03PDF links will enjoy a higher ranking than the other pages. This means that if they are many and active, the user shall only visit the PDF page, which in most cases does not provide active content. Also there are no capabilities of creating links in PDF is therefore prudent to turn them off so as to achieve higher ranking in the search engines.

Joomla SEO Tips #04 :: Reduce the social links

joomla-seo-tips-tricks-04In most cases, social links are not the main goal of the page. They should therefore be given a lower priority since they may end up cluttering the pages. It is advisable to have the links on the most captivating pages, where the reader will have gotten the content of the page before going to the social links.

Joomla SEO Tips #05 :: Merge prefixed ‘www’ and ‘non-www’

joomla-seo-tips-tricks-05This is meant to direct the searches which contain ‘www.’ and the ones lacking in the same place on the site. Most people using the search engines will not remember to use ‘www.’prefix. It is done by the addition of a code in the design of Joomla website which will redirect the domain to the same place in the site.

Joomla SEO Tips #06 :: Describe all subsections of the Joomla site

joomla-seo-tips-tricks-06The organization of a site will largely determine the search engine ranking it will achieve. It is therefore recommended that the subsections all categories of the site be properly organized and their contents clearly elaborated. This will ease search of items listed on the site by the popular search engines. This also enables the visitors to navigate easily throughout the site.

Joomla SEO Tips #07 :: Turn the cache on

joomla-seo-tips-tricks-07Sites, which are small in size will enable easier searches using search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is because their reach is easy and many visitors will be delighted to visit them. To make the size appear smaller, the owner is advised to turn on the cache in the global configuration settings.

Joomla SEO Tips #08 :: Avoid irrelevant pages

joomla-seo-tips-tricks-08Sites with too many pages which do not offer quality content will score lower in the search engine ranking. It is therefore wise to visit the site which shows the categorization of the domains. It is meant to check the irrelevant pages in the Joomla site which needs to be eliminated immediately. This can easily be done by visiting the related site!

Joomla SEO Tips #09 :: Eliminate metadata

joomla-seo-tips-tricks-09This is located in the global configuration category. It adds no value having the Meta data in the Joomla site. Therefore it is prudent empty it and retain higher ranking in by the search engine.

Joomla SEO Tips #10 :: Use SEO plugins

joomla-seo-tips-tricks-10Experienced Joomla users will attest that the use of plugins wills greatly improve the experience. One is advised to look for the most active plugins and use them in their site for optimization.

You can search Joomla Extension Directory (JED) to find out your desired Joomla SEO plugins.
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